Monday, October 24, 2011

\\ Beach Front //

Here I am.. Sitting beach front in a recliner. It is so relaxing. Listening to the tide and enjoying my cold beverage. It is the last day before our business trip officially starts. Tonight I am packing up for the last time at our condo (sad feelings) and heading to the resort to meet the other agents.

Let's be honest. I LOVE my job. I am fully aware of how lucky I am to have an income and how blessed I am to graduate college and get a job I like. But the reality is there are very few girls around compared to the all the men. I embrac jt. It gives me the advantage of the women organizations but when on trips. It's a different story. Not sure if it's because I'm younger or if it's the family name and pressure but to say least I am nervous for this trip. Nervous about everything from what I will wear to wh I can talk to.

I'll let you know how it goes. Have a good week everyone. And remember Monday is almost over!!! Let me know how your weeks are going!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Incentive trips && goodbyes

Please bare with me as I am attempting to type to you on my dad's IPad!
Unfortunately my brother forgot to bring his computer!

This week I am out of town for an incentive trip in Destin, Florida
I will be surrounded with my other fellow agents. I am excited though to get tips and strageties from them and of course have a couple of drinks. :)

The weather is in the 70's but I'm not sure I can brave the beach.
The breeze may get me. But the sun is nice and bright and so refreshing to get away and regroup for awhile.

The family came down a couple of days early to stay in the condo that we are about to sell.
It's a sad goodbye for me because this has always been our vacation get away. It looks directly at the beach and is a short walk across the street. But with the economy I understand my parents decision. I guess from now on we will just vacation in Cape Coral, Florida where they just recently bought a condo.

Well I have to go. I will type soon


Friday, October 21, 2011


Usually I would be beyond joyed that today is Fridy.. but honestly, I could careless.
I have worked late every night this week and yet I am still not where I need to be. I have called endless amounts of people, received an alarming amount of no's and today I was finally on track to be able to be stress free and attend my work trip next week.. Until my appointment last night didn't show and my appointment this morning didn't show.. and then my 12 didn't show.. and then my four oclock cancelled.. It is frustrating to say the least..

Work is Work. I understand that everything worth having or doing is means to put up a fight but I honestly do not know how much longer I can scratch and paw.. I feel like giving up. Giving up on work, and everything else. My stress level is beyond measurable at this point. Honestly, if it would be dismissed I would have a bottle of wine RIGHT NOW.. that is right.. @ 2:07 in the afternoon.. Call me a lush or call it a problem.. I call it my stress reliver. I could care less what you think..

If I had a perfect moment I would be sitting at home.. in the dark with candles and wine. and kelsey. (but only if she sitting in her chair and not on me) That is right folks, the mood I am in, I don't even want the dog to be near me... Between work, family, friends and the attempt of a love life (letting go of the past and proceeding to the future) I am overwhelmed. Maybe I should admit that I am in a bad place.. but it is more like a bad year.

Things change. I realize that. Struggles are placed before you so you can be stronger and keep going. But what if you just want to lay down. Give up. Let the struggles take over. Let everything else win for awhile. It sounds tempting that is for sure.
I realize though I have came to far, worked to hard, been through to much to let it all go but it would be easier. so much easier. Please no one mistake this post. I am NOT thinking about doing anything crazy but just thinking about benging for the weekend and not getting out of bed. That probably will alarm some people but not my real friends. they understand. they get it.

But I am going to go now. Thank you blog and blog readers for letting me get it out.
Hope you all have a good weekend. I will write when I can think again.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday Bash 2011

Grabbed those ADORABLE sayings from pinterest. (LOVE IT!)
So as everyone knows, I decided to celebrate my birthday over the 8th of October.
Opening weekend of Keeneland. Weather was perfect.
I was beyond excited.

Friday all my Western KY girls were coming in.
My LEX girls were figuring out last touches to their outfits.
My brother was premixing some of the Breakfast.
I had some unexpected personal drama during the day and was so READY to let loose!

Friday the girls started running a little late.
So I ran some last minute errands and FINALLY found my outfit.
Tanned. Saw an old friend.
Then came home to wait for them to arrive!!

Just the sound of them banging up the stairs made me beyond excited!
They were finally here and I could finally let it all out.
Please don't think I don't have AMAZING friends in LEX because I do.
Katie, Becca, Ashton, Susanna and Thurman are SO good to me.
They drag me out of the house, wipe my tears, listen to me bitch, make me laugh,
deal with my shopping habits and always include me!!
I would NEVER trade any of them!

But my Western KY girls KNOW me, the REAL me.
Inside & Out
The type of friends that you don't have to say how you feel because they already know.
And between work, my Nana, and stupid drama I was at a breaking point.
I am SOO glad they got to come up here!

The Itinerary went like this:
9:15 Get up
11:00 AM Breakfast
12:00 Leave for Keeneland
4:30 Leave Keeneland to come home and change
6:00 Dinner reservation on Sal's Patio
Then down to Drakes and OUT!

(Keep in mind that was the planned itinerary):
9:45 We all Finally Got up
11:20 Arrived at Micah's
11:25 First Mimosa
12:30 Left for Keeneland
5:00 Left Keeneland
6:10 Arrive at Sal's

So YEAH, of course we were running a little BEHIND.
But you have to LOVE  that.
That is just how we are!

Breakfast was awesome!
The brother made breakfast casserole, fruit, and whole wheat toast.
Of course with mimosas!
Keeneland was great. It was beautiful.
The club house tickets were amazing and I was so thankful!
After seeing General Admission I would have been miserable!
I won $6.55 on a race!
But didn't even break even!

Alison, Rachel, Me, Lauren

Me & Lauren

Rachel and Me

We actually arrived to dinner before I thought we would..
It helps just having to change and freshen up.
I made the reservation for 12 people and we actually ran out of chairs.
I felt bad everyone couldn't sit with us.
But the group there made my birthday!
Dinner was one of my favorite times during the day!!

Me and Alison

Katie J & Me
We headed to Drakes.
Where we had a good time but decided to migrate downtown.
Tin Roof is always my favorite.
So we stopped there, had some shots and dances!!
I  met up with an old good friend, which is always nice!
We then rode the TROLLEY (which I am sad we didn't take photos)
Got off and walked to Wildcat Saloon.
I had a GREAT time!

Katie & Becca in the back. Rachel, Lauren & Me @ Drakes

Me & Brother

Rachel, Lauren & Me @ Tin Roof

Having my friends around was great!
We had so many laughs, cries and wonderful memories!
I am truly blessed!
Thanks to all of you who came out!!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

not perfect

I have had full intention of blogging this month, pretty much everyday it has crossed my mind. The good stuff, the bad stuff and the ugly stuff... Since this whole blogging experience started, I feel like my life is in the fast lane and I just can't seem to slow it down.

This blog has turned into my activity planner instead of a place I can sit back and reflect and share some laughs with you all. But when I am rushing to just post something it is hard to get to the part of how I am actually feelings and what thoughts are actually crossing my mind. So now I have a little time and I need to get somethings out!

The worst news I have received lately, that weighs heavy on my heart, is the fact that my grandma has been diagnosed with lymphoma. My Nana is the only living grandparent I still have and to be honest, after she made it through loosing the love of her life, I never thought anything else could slow her down. They say that older spouses usually pass on in a close period of time. So after the 6 month and then the year of my grandfather being gone, I realized even more that she was the strongest lady I have ever known. I'm praying everyday that she can overcome this. They are not sure of treatment yet but I will keep you posted. Three weeks ago she shopped all day with my Aunt around Nashville, today, she can barely walk across the parking lot to go into the doctors office. The part that scares me is when is the time that you just give up? She has seen 2 out 4 grand kids get married and now has 3 great grand kids. She lives at least 2 hours from family in their old house out in the country. I pray that she is not giving up and God is giving her the strength inside that she so desperately needs.
My Nana is definitely one of a kind. She still has dark hair even with her older age, she is a little lady in height and even less in weight. Flipping through child hood memories she is in EVERY one of them. She made us Santa's for Christmas decorations, made angels for the tree, Easter bunny baskets for us to put our eggs in. She is the best cook I have ever known and I can't remember one time (even to this day) that she hasn't brought a TON of desserts to a family function and had little dogie bags already packed for us to take back with us. She made it to everyone one of my proms, my high school graduation, my college graduation, and any school/church play I ever did. My cousins, brother and I would go to her house to play outside in the barn, get dirty or go in the house and play cards and laugh all night. She was always the cool grandma who stayed up late. I can't imagine what I would do without her and I already regret ever taking her for granted. Please say a prayer for her as much as you can!

My mom moved this past weekend. I guess part of growing up is realizing that family comes first and even if it meant spending my birthday packing boxes and unloading cars, there is a time when you have to let go of what you want and help others (especially your family) Due to my mom's MS the idea of her trying to do all that alone scared my brother and I so we had to rush over. We walked in Friday and realized she had not packed a single box. I immediately got overwhelmed and I think my brother almost had an anxiety attack. Luckily, my brother is a classified mover because he has done it so many times and he went into a full force tornado and had it looking pretty good once we left Sunday night.
Half way through the day Sunday I became overwhelmed, tired and just over it. I was grouchy to say the least and started to take it out on everyone. I called my best friend and after she gave me the uplifting words I needed, I went back in the house and finished helping. After the last load we went to the car to go eat. Since we had a total of 3 vehicles there, we were all split up. My 8 year old nephew chose to ride with me, even though my brother (his favorite) wasn't. It blessed my heart over and over. The whole ride there, I just kept thanking God that he had put such a special little man in my life. He is so smart and such as good kid even with all he has been through. He talked the whole way back to the house and then to eat. That right there, made my whole birthday!!

Through life I hope to be more and more thankful for the little things. For the nice gestures from a stranger, your best friend being there for you, your nephew choosing to ride with you when he has the pick of the family, receiving texts from my dad just to let me know how much he misses me, keepsakes made from the hands of a loving grandmother or a Saturday night where my brother just brings over pizza and we watch Modern Family.

"I am not perfect. My life is not perfect. My family is not perfect. My friends aren't perfect. But all of it together is PERFECT FOR ME!! "

Have a blessed and thankful day!!



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