Tuesday, November 29, 2011

**Thankful Thanksgiving **

So, friends..
I know. You probably thought I didn't make it through this Thanksgiving..
But I did! (Thank goodness)

So here a couple of MAIN entertaining things:

The home computer is officially DEAD.
I took it to my step dad who can usually bring any computer back to life but he called Wednesday night with the horrible news, that it has officially bit the dust. (RIP Dell) 
The hard drive went completely out on it. 
So yesterday he ordered me another one is going to replace it as soon as the part comes in. 
Too bad I lost ALL my music, photos and documents. WOW!

Life has been CRAZY.. getting ready to leave town was a struggle.
Between packing for me, the dog, and finishing up at work I was a crazy person.
I got it all done and left on time Wednesday with my numbers completed for the month!
I headed to Henderson (which is where my dad lives) to spend the first couple of days with them.
Wednesday the CATS! #BBN were playing so my girls came up and we all watched the game!!
It was SOO GOOD! to see them! We had a blast!! 

Me & Lauren.. LOVE HER!! 

Lauren, Me & Ali
Yes, Lauren and I are creepy after drinking..
She is fish facing it, and I am laughing at her!

My girls!!

The only real pictures I have from Thanksgiving with me are as follows: 
This is where Kelsey slept at night..
In my suitcase while managing to mess up all my folded clothes..
She's so cute though!

Yes, this is my brother. In my parents bathroom.
"we had to know how heavy it was to know how long it cook it"
Yes. By this time, I had 3 Bloody Marys and thought this was hilarious!

My daddy.. Excuse us. WE looks ROUGH
But it is us.
We were playing around the house and running errands
while Micah and my step mom were productive.
Now you now I why I am a daddy's girl! 
Before leaving Lex. I thought it would be wise to get my oil changed.
(even though I was ONLY over about 500 miles to get it done) oops.
I then received some unfaithful and untrue advice from the local place that my brakes were going out and I needed new tires. 
I immediately thought two things: 1. I don't want auto repairs for Christmas and 2. how am I going to afford presents for everyone else? 
Of course, I did what any girls does, I called my dad! 
He told me we would get it looked at when I got home for the holidays (sounded great to me)
Once getting home, I found out my brakes were fine but my tires did need attention.
After getting over the initial YOU LIED to an innocent girl tantrum.. I went around and got a few tire quotes.
That is about as far as I have gotten with that situation. 
More to come hopefully about that situation.. 

The last couple of weekends...
 well more than a couple, because I hear that only means (2) I have been going out.. ALOT..
I call it livin' life.
my friend,  WHIT , calls it "single ready to mingle" 
Speaking of Whit,
She has been my MAIN wing man for the last couple of weeks.. 
talk about SHENANIGANS 
Hello, we are the definition.. FOR REAL.. 
A few examples are as follows... 
Us @ Trust.. Yes, This is Whit's attempt to
crop out an older man..
But least were in VIP right? :)

This is a for real text convo later that night.. 
In a cab on our way down town.. 

This is our AMAZING #swagged out
prizes from Gattitown Sunday night..
Yes, we went there just us two.
Yes, we used all of our credits on Skeeball.
Whit = Skeeball Ninja  #justsaying
I mean, HELLO>> Is that enough proof? 
Well, I have MORE.. but it is better to be left unspoken of.. 

>>>>> NOWW>>>> we are all caught up and on the same page!!
Hope you have a good week and hopefully, I will be in touch soon!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Because I am!! 
Today is my last day at work before the holidays and lucky for me..
It is only a half day!! 

I am heading home this afternoon to my daddy's house (yeah, I still call him daddy)
It just feels like home, being there.
The view, the house, my room, and the fact there are always beverages *adult* that is, waiting!

I am happy to be able to get away from work for a couple of days.
Spend time with people I LOVE. 
Tonight my girls are coming in and we are heading downtown to watch the game.
It will be different not being in LEX where everyone LOVES the CATS! 
But it will be so much fun!
I can't wait!!
I'll have picture and stories to come!
But as for now I will leave you with some pins!
Go out and be thankful though!
I know I sure am! 

LOVE MUSTARD! Actually wearing a mustard sweater today!

A real struggle

So true!! Love my little yorkie!

LOVE SHORTS with tights.. seriously my new fav! soo cute!! 

Dear Lord, Help me remember while at work!

EXACTLY everyone go out and be happy and thankful!!!! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

<< Facts >>

25 Facts about ME!
linked up with
Living in Yellow
Go check it out!

I usually blog at work. which may be bad but I don't take a lunch most days. Just so I can clear my head and get my thoughts out, and READ up on everyone I follow.
I really have to fight the urge to not post pics of my puppy all the time.
She is REALLY that CUTE!
Listening to people complain about all their problems really annoys me.
Unless we are friends, I don't need to know every time you get mad at your boyfriend.
Instead of calling my work, you should call a therapist.. just saying..
I have just started reading a devotional every day and I really do think it has helped my outlook on things. (despite #3 HAHA)
I really am addicted to shopping.
I can no longer "window shop" if I see it and want it. I get it.
Bad news for me and my bank account
I have no patience.
I Hate online shopping because I hate the delivery part of it.
I hate when people text me and then I text right back and they don't.
I hate sending mail because it takes so long to get there.
(get the picture :) )
I love playing kid games..
Gatti-town is amazing to me. (just wished they served beer)
Skeeball, dance athon, air hockey.. I'm there!!
I am obsessed with my cell phone.
I don't even carry it in my purse anymore, it is usually always in my hand!
 I am trying my hardest to thank God for what I have everyday.
I know I am lucky but I compare myself to others way to much!!
It really makes me mad when people compliment my vehicle but then don't respect the fact that I bought it all by myself. (go ahead, shrug your shoulders..)
I am SO PROUD of it!
I literally laugh out loud when reading/typing some texts.
People at Kroger, the tire place and work have all thought I was crazy numerous times over this!
Some weekends I have, are so crazy that I purposely leave out details so people can't judge my friends and I!
*your welcome girls!*
I REGRET anytime I go out and fail to take pictures!!
It might help piece things and make for great laughs later!
I love my family so much!! But holidays do stress me out.
I have a far distance to travel and then I slowly make my way back to LEX.
While making sure I spend adequate time with everyone.
Sometimes I would like to just be in one place and see everyone!!
I LOVE my niece and nephew so much!!
I wish they both lived in Lex, so I could play with them everyday!!
I really do WISH I could rap like Nicki Minaj
But I would probably quit talking and just go around having convo's in rhymes..
*no really.. haha*
When I get stressed out I go on long drives.
With my music blaring and usually singing!!
Reminds me of being in Western KY
I can't buy enough boots.
In the past two weeks I have bought 4 pairs.
(Gray, light brown, dark brown and UGGs)
I miss my best friend on the daily.
Which equals watching UK basketball on facetime and saying nothing except on commercials.
Facetiming when I get ready to go out, so she can approve my outfit.
Facetiming before bed during the week.
I LOVE facetime!!
Not to mention, pretty much begging her to come visit when I get close to Western KY for the holidays!
LOVE my LouLou
I HATE voicemail.
Please don't leave me one.
Just text me what you want me to know.
I have NEVER been to a Pro baseball game or NFL game.
Sad but true..
The past two years I can't get enough of Keeneland.
I love just sitting in the clubhouse having beverages, being dressed up and trying to bet.
I never win but I have fun anyway!
I have a list of about 10 dream vacations that I want to go on!
My BROTHER is my rock.
He seriously keeps me sane through work and family.
He is the only one who understands me inside and out and still loves me!!
I WANT/NEED a bucket list. I am going to work on it next!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Life Goes On..

Life Goes on..

*Even when you fight with one of your best friends. Even if it takes a couple of days for you to realize how mean you can be to each other sometimes.. It's okay.. Life is Short and It goes on..

*Even when an appointment doesn't show up. Yes, it is rude and inconsiderate. But you can't dwell on.
Life doesn't always show you respect but it goes on..

*Even when you miss your one and only nephews birthday and still haven't sent out the gift. (Yes, you are a horrible aunt) 
But Life is about love and it goes on. (hopefully he will still love me)

*Even though holidays stress me out. I am thankful that I have a wonderful family to see.
Life is about family and it goes on..

*Even when you see sickness and sadness all around you. It breaks my heart.
Life isn't always healthy though and it goes on.

*Even when you miss someone so much you cry. 
Life isn't always about here in the present and it goes on.

*Even when you get your heart broke and you don't think you will ever be the same. YOU WILL
Life isn't always what you expect, you just deal because it goes on.

*Even when you think you know who your friends are and then one comes out of the wood work to make you laugh. Life is a good time and it goes on!

*Even when you loose a childhood friend. It's hard and you know you will never forget them.
Life is about memories and it goes on.


Friday, November 11, 2011

let's see.. let's see...

This is going to be a random post if I have ever seen one..
I wish that they would play that song in my office over and over on Friday's (maybe I would get sick of it?)
But I don't feel like I would today!
So today, well I take that back, this week has been CRAZZY!!
Seriously. At this point, somehow my house is clean but my dog hates me because I haven't been home..
Like any.. well maybe, to put some food in her bowl and go to  bed (don't tell the puppy people.. I really do love her)
Work has been busy which is good, and all my organizations have been meeting
plus with friends, social time, workouts, errands, UK basketball, I mean come on.. you get the PICTURE!
I have been running a marathon..

So here it goes RANDOM THOUGHTS

1. It it 11/11/11 which means 2 things: 1 it is Veterans Day. I respect every THING about the troops (past and present) and appreciate EVERYTHING they do for us. But it is also my old roommates Birthday! You know the girl that I discussed here: roommate She has talked about this birthday. for like EVER
And I am so glad it is finally here and I get to celebrate with her. She is not the party type (which is hard to believe she put up with me) but she is a great time!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI BESS!

2. I heard on Millionaire Matchmaker (so it has to be true, right?) that 80% of people meet their significant other on their day to day routine. SOO. This week I have been inspired to look cute everyday. When anyone else asks me I tell them I am "dressing for success" baha.. That too but if the man of my dreams walks in wanting insurance, I won't  be sad. BELIEVE THAT!!
But yesterday, I got in a funk, it isn't just me. My girlfriends do it too and unless you are just some kind of crazy diva you do too. The day you wake up, when the week has hit you and you can't find anything you think looks good on you and you wish, just ONE day you could wear sweatpants to work??! (don't lie now)
YESTERDAY I WAS THE WINNER!! I tried on at least 10000 dresses or pants and about 300 shirts. (obviously sarcastic) but my closet looks like I did.. and I still came up with nothing..
So I wore the basic khaki pant, and a button up navy and white shirt that had some ruffles around the top. Sounds cute right? Well, NO! I've recently lost a little weight and this shirt must have been purchased on another bad day or when I was elephant size. Either way: it was large and loose and so were my pants.
I seriously looked like Rosie O'Donnell.. Totally not hating on her. But just saying, not typical for me.
I had to go home and change as soon as my appointment left before my meeting because I looked
RIDICULOUS and felt the same way!! WHATEVER
I made it up for it today with shorts and tights and boots! :) love this new thing!

3. Weekend plans? Why, Yes thank you for asking!! :)
As mentioned I am going to celebrate with the birthday girl at a early dinner (like 4:30 early) at Miyako (Japanese place here in LEX).
Then I will be heading downtown to work at the Junior League Annual Holly Day Market!!
COME OUT AND SHOP!! Everything looks so cute!!
I am taking advantage of my own tickets tomorrow and making it a family thing and going out there!!
I plan on buying some CUUUTTTEE stuff for my girls and getting that holiday shopping at least started..
After that I plan on watching the game with some beverages or going to meet back up with the birthday girl
(depending on what she does)
That's right, folks! No alarm. No phone. No nothing!
Can you tell I am excited? Because I am!!
Then the fam is coming into town. We are going to the Holly Day Market and shop around Lexington for awhile. I am sure we will celebrate happy hour and have dinner @ Nick Ryan's later in the night.
I am excited to see the fam. Spend some quality time with them!

4. WHY IS IT SO COLD? I mean seriously.. This morning I jumped up out of bed.. or how about,
"When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash"

HAHA No not exactly.. But I did hear a noise about 5 AM (PS> like my Christmas spirit?)
Once it woke me, I realized I needed to go to the restroom.
After laying back down for about 15 min I realized there was no hope for me going back to sleep
So I just got up! to Stay up!
I did some grooming things (as my brother calls them) like shower and all that..
Then I got on the couch and started to watch the CMA's.
I got so hooked that I decided to bring my straightener in the living room so I could get ready and watch (sing & dance).
Which was a BAD idea. Somehow, I got up 2 hours early and I was still almost LATE.
So I rushed out to my car to find my window FROSTED over..
Is this real? Like wasn't it 65 the other day? WOW!
Don't worry friends, I drove with it on there.

5. CRAZY- why are people so crazy? like seriously. Legit they are crazy.
It has been a full moon and every crazy person in the 300 mile radius of the office has called.
I mean that seriously too.
I see the crazy people at the gas station, or at the Walgreen's. everywhere!!
I am.. I know that . for werewolves. (that's for sure!!) HAHA

6. The one night I had free. My girls and I decided to go to the fireman reveal of their calender.
You bring a toy or 10 dollar donation and get in.
And then they have a little show, and then meet and greet.
It was a good time.
Sex and the City?
My friend Becca pointed it out and now I totally agree.
All four of us just sitting there, sipping on our drinks and judging all the meat around us.
Don't get to jealous though girls, the ratio of married to unmarried wasn't looking too good!
It was fun tho! and a good cause! 2 points for me!

7. Last night I went to the mall  for operation: get Ali a gift.
which I succeeded. No worries.
But when I have an operation that means that it is serious.
No browsing unless on target.
However, last night I got a text leaving my meeting that Forever 21 was opening and EVERYTHING was on sale. did you hear me? EVERYTHING!
I drove to the mall trying to talk myself into all the reasons that I SHOULD go look.
but guess what? I DIDN'T
I am proud. to say the least.
I have a serious shopping addiction. and last night I WON
Thank goodness.. because my parents might consider not having an intervention now..

Well that's it today guys.. sorry so random.. but that's me!!
Only one more appointment left. and ITS THE FREEAKING WEEKEND BABY!!
Ill leave you with that song. ENJOY

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feeling the LOVE!

So in the middle of getting ready for my trip, being gone and coming home to a DEAD computer, I got a SWWWEEEEEEETTT award from one my FAV. bloggy friends.
She is absolutely the cutest and sweetest girl EVER!!
Not to mention she has a job I DROOL over!!
I def. want to visit someday!

Here are the rules for the award:
the Liebster Award is apparently given to up and coming blogs who have less than 200 followers to help bring some love to their blog.

The Rules are as follows:

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog
2. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you
3. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
4. Hope that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers

Now it is my turn to pass it on to some of my new blog buddies! I would like to share this honor with some of my favorite up and coming blogs, and hope that you go pay them a visit!


#I Confess

A couple of my fellow bloggers have done this and it has me encouraged to do it as well.
So here it goes.. (NO JUDGING PLEASE)

I confess..I am seriously BROKE until pay day NEXT week and I bought a pair of $30.00 boots yesterday because they were sooo CUTE!! I seriously have a problem.

I confess.. That with my computer being BROKE at home I have been reading every one's blogs from iPhone and it causes me to get the WORST headaches but I just keep doing it!!

I confess.. That on the way home yesterday I was screaming Adele and dancing when a guy walking down the street started clapping and cheering me on.. (WOW)

I confess.. That the holidays actually STRESS me out because I get so busy and have so much to do.

I confess.. I already looked to see what day my birthday is on next year even though it is 11 months away!!

I confess... that I had the craziest experience Friday Night. Now, please keep in mind that I do not usually go out on Fridays (unless it is somewhere chill and just catching up with my girls)
Which is what I thought this would be. But... after a bottle of wine, Harry's (which you have to be from Lex to know) and then heading... downtown (I know right?) to Hugo's. It turned out to be anything BUT calm. To save you from the LONNGGG story let me give you the details. After 2 drinks (I don't remember a thing) No, really! Not just saying that!!! This is the first time in my life that I honestly think I was drugged!!
Let's just say that I met a guy from Western KY (where I grew up as well) and I have this problem with thinking that everyone from there is trust worthy. Which is by far, NEVER the case! I can honestly say now that I don't think one thing he said was true.. By the end of the night me and my girlfriend ended up back at his house.. Where he tells me that he is like the characters from the movie TWILIGHT and he turns into a werewolf.. (I couldn't make this up if I tried).. Randomly through the night he would start breathing hard and have to "hold" himself back from changing over.. (STRANGE) Not only this but he made me promise to never leave him and leave the other werewolves alone..  After this "episode" he tells me how he runs some operation over seas and how he will always protect me if I stay with him.
Needless to say I got out of there!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Soo.. I didn't really have much to say but I wanted to share these with you..
We will talk soon!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Are you out there?

Dear Mr. Right,
Are you alive? Are you lost? Are you somewhere close or are you far away?
(I hope you are going to be able to handle all these questions because I ask alot)

Mr. Right, I have really been thinking about you lately. I am not sure what the reason is, maybe it is because of all the weddings lately or the fact that most of my friends are now in a steady relationship. But either way, I wish you were around. Even if you were around and I hadn't realized who you were yet, it would still be nice to have you around to make me laugh. The laugh only Mr. Right could make me do.
I am writing you this letter to let you know that I am ready. Not really ready to get married yet, unless that just feels right. But ready for you to be in my life, to introduce you to all my wonderful friends and family, to have fun and laugh with you, to get those butterflies when I see you calling or to do those sweet little things for each other.
I am not sure why I am one of the unfortunate girls to still haven't met their Mr. Right but I hope the saying is right and everything worth having is worth waiting for because all I am doing is waiting. Waiting to meet someone worth knowing, waiting to meet someone who can handle me and everything that comes with me. So many lucky girls get to meet their Rights in High School or College but now I am finished with both and still no Mr. Right. I've met some Mr. Jokers, or Mr. Fakers, Or Mr. Crazies, Mr. Good Time, Mr. I hope I never see you again but no Mr. Rights. Mr. Rights are hard to come by these days.
I am not bitter though, know that. I am just excited and ready to meet you. I understand there are probably extenuating circumstances such as your lost and won't ask for directions, or maybe that you are enjoying too many happy hours, or maybe even busy getting your life together (which would be great for you, and me :) ) Either way just know I am here waiting and working my life away till you grace me with your presence.
So Mr. Right, just a couple words of advice (as your future wife, I feel more than obligated to tell you these things) first off, take care of yourself, (please), don't make to many mistakes (at least not ones that will haunt us) and love your family, friends and yourself because that is the key to happiness.

Love you already!


SHOUTOUT to my brother for telling me the perfect video to add at the end! :) enjoy bloggy friends

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yes, I am alive!!

I know, Right? IM FIRED.
In all seriousness though.. I have been crazy crazy busy!!
I wrote to you all last time from the iPad on the beach..
Turns out that later in the week we left the iPad with my step mom so she would have some entertainment.
Therefore, I never got to type to you all again.. or lay out! (sad, I know)

Well lets see.. just a quick over view..
The week in Florida was great!
I was one of the few girls but all the guys took care of me!
I had a blast..
We stayed in a really nice 3 bedroom Condo at Sandestin.
Our balcony looked over through the bay and faced the sunset.
We all had our own bathrooms which is really important when you room with your brother and your dad.
I would get pampered by day at the spa and then meet for the hospitality drinks at 6 and then have dinner.
Later everyone would meet at the local bar and have drinks and talk about things together.
It was nice. Getting to know everyone. Listening to how they deal with certain situations.

I also met up with my stepmom throughout the week.
Whether it would be a quick drink, or dinner or out shopping.
Which  I shopped three days in a row. (please lock me up)
My bank account is slowly drifting away and I still have two weeks before pay day!!
AHH! I know!!
Can we say addiction?? I can!

Friday morning my brother and I loaded up the car and headed back to the KY.
We stopped in Nashville to see my Nana who is staying with my aunt.
It felt good to see her and listen to her talk.
Luckily, her mind is all there it is just her body that is falling apart.
She is on oxygen and still receiving treatments.
She is hopeful though, and a fighter.
PRAYERS go out everyday and we as the family, are taking it one day at a time.

After leaving Nashville we headed to Elizabethtown where my car was at my moms house.
We got there about 10:30 PM and I hugged everyone and ran out.
I still had to drive 2 hours to Western KY for my best friends bday weekend!!
After two full throttles I finally arrived and I was BEYOND Excited!!

As soon as I got there we carried my stuff in and I grabbed a few bites of a salad I made her get me (from my favorite place)
and we headed to Wal Mart. (small town? can't you tell)

Operation Costume started!!:
After trying on a WHOOPIE CUSHION outfit (my favorite).. a pirate (that looked like I was off of River Dance), Lauren refusing to let me know try on Marge (from the Simpsons) we finally found me a flapper costume!..
It was cute and I knew that way I could fix my hair and do my makeup as I pleased.
(please keep in mind this whole time, my best friend, Lauren is driving around a motorized wheel chair buggie) Too funny!!
As stated this a small town everyone left in Wal Mart at 12:45 AM knew her and knew she wasn't handicapped... (well not physically anyway!)
After finding the costume we headed towards Lauren's house and some friends came over..
Believe it or not. We stayed up till 5:30 AM.

I just love her  company. She gets me. We laugh, laugh really hard.
She completes me as a person. She never lets me give up.
She tells me when I am being a brat or butthead.
She just gets me.
Maybe it is because we have known each other FOREVER but really I think it is that we finally found our girlfriend sole mate. The one that accepts you, good and bad and never walks out. I don't know what I would do without her. That is for sure!!

Lauren and I laid around the house. It felt amazing to just be lazy with her.
We watched our shows and laughed and talked and sat outside just enjoying the weather.
About 3:00 Lauren fell asleep on the couch and I watched "Just Go With It".. It was super cute!
I showered and then laid right back down.
Lauren got up and we got ready (in our costumes) to meet the other girls and go out.
The set time was 8.. We all finally left about 8:45 and headed to Paducah.
It hit me in the car riding there that we have all been through so much.
I can remember countless nights I ran around town with Rachel or Stayed the night at Haileys house (even on school nights.. haha) These group of girls know my secrets and my fault and love me anyway.
That in itself is amazing to me.
Yeah, We fight.. fight alot.
but they are still there. and that makes me smile inside.

Unfortunately I had to leave my girls behind..
Got in the car and started heading back to LEX.
Sad moment. had to fight the tears!

I rolled into Lex about 6:30.. picked up the dog and decided to head to a costume party.
I rushed home, got ready and picked up my friend Katie about 7:45 and we headed over there.
I was dressed as Snookie. Honestly, it was so much fun!!!
Everyone wanted pictures. and I got to act CRAZY and no one could say anything.
After the party my brother, his friend, and I went downtown. (Pauly D, Snookie and a Mime) haha
Downtown was busier than I thought it would be and more pictures were taken. HAHA hillarious!

Now.. it is back to reality.
Work. Work. Work
Calls. Appointments. Calls.
I miss vacation and Lauren already!!
Hope you all had a good Halloween as well!!!
Here are some pictures thrown together.

Hope to talk to you soon.. but my computer at home is broke so it may be awhile :(
But here is a joke for you (my dad kept telling me this)

Why didn't the witch have sex with the scarecrow?
-Because he had a hollow weenie .. (halloweenie.. haha)

Jennifer, Lauren and Me Saturday Night!

Me and Hailey

Me and Rachel!

Pauly D and Snookie

Willie and Me! (my other  brother)

Destin Beach.. Where we chatted last time!

Down by Seaside, Florida! Perfect Dream Place!
View of the Bay from our Balcony
Other side of Balcony. Beautiful!




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