Tuesday, March 13, 2012

<< Fired >>

yes, I am fired.
at blogging.
at it all together.

I have seriously been so busy!
I can't seem to get ahead or really get my breath.
I haven't forgotten about you all though.
and I am pretty STOKED about being able to do it today!

So let's see ...
I have NO IDEA where to start.
pretty much though,
things have drastically changed with my nana.
While going through treatments for the lymphoma,
they noticed her acting different then she normally would.
forgetting things, loss of balance, etc.
So they took her to the doctor to get it checked out.
a safety precaution we thought.
Turns out they found a tumor on the left side of her brain that
was projected to grow rapidly.

She then made the decision to quit all treatment
and head home where she could be in the peace of her own home.
Since then I have been back forth pretty much every weekend I could.
As if that isn't enough on my plate ...

I also moved last weekend.
For all you Lex folk, remember last Thursday when it was raining ALL DAY
and miserable.
Yep, that's the day I moved.
Believe me, I was miserable!!
But with the help of a good friend I got everything in here.
Almsot set up and unpacked.
Things are finally coming together TODAY,
when I actually am getting TV AGAIN!
honestly, it makes me want to skip work and just lay in my bed and watch it
lazy bones. I know!
Don't worry, Mom, I am really not going to do that!

But this is pretty much me,
just stopping by to say HI
and I promise to update soon with
stories and pictures from this crazy life I have!!!

Peace out home fries!!
I'm excited to just watch the NEWS!!



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