Friday, January 27, 2012

<< Friday, Friday Friday >>

To be honest.. 
I could almost starting singing that little annoying song
That goes something like this.. 
"It's Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on FridayEverybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekendFriday, Friday"
who am I?
let's act like I just didn't go there..  


now that I have embarrassed my self.. 
I just HAVE to tell you a couple of things...

this is a real conversation between my mother and I

Me: Mom, you know how people used to join book clubs?
Mom: Yes.. where they get a different book and read it every month?
Me: Yeah! Well, I didn't do that.. but instead I joined a SHOE club!
Mom: WHAT?
Me: Mom, a shoe club. It's fantastic. You pay a small fee every month and you pick out a different shoe EVERY MONTH

{obviously I am referring to shoe dazzle for all you lovely ladies.
but remember, this is my mom.. 
she just isn't aware}

Mom: that's just crazy to me. What in the world are you going to do with them all?

I hope you all think this is as funny as I do!
She then went on to say, 
"we will have to buy you some kind of organizer to hang on a spare wall just for shoes.."
{my reference.. Oh, kinda like a wine rack but for shoes?} 
(she loved that)
her next comment was:
"When your ready to buy a house, I think you should buy a 3 bedroom. 
one for you.
one for your guests.
and one for you clothes and shoes"
{sad part. I think that sounds like A GREAT idea!?}

But you all have to check out these bad boys I ordered from the ol' Shoe dazzle
(I wish when I typed that it instantly turned in a glitter font!)

like hurry up.. and get here
because I want to wear you!! 
{I'm hoping for good quality and for a little comfortableness}
I will let you all know!! 

Yesterday I also..   
slipped away from work on my lunch break
{usually I eat here. at the office. so I can be available}
to the nail salon with WHIT (just in case you wanna check her out)
we took the Pink Lou Lou's advice and went to Aphrodite.
{20% off.. hello?}
I must say. it was great.
I want to go back now and get a pedi!
Here is a pic below of how it turned out.
{yes my nails are nasty short}
but I wanted Shellac french tip. 
turned out great!!
photo 3.JPG

is finally Friday!
{oh yeah, we already talked about that}
I had to leave this little girl at home sleeping tight.. 
{her pretty pink bed}
photo 1.JPG

but about 10:45 I got this delivered to my back office

photo 2.JPG

{yepp,that's right, my friends}
jimmy johns
they opened a new one on Moore drive.
which is close to the office
so they brought samples by today!!
spreading that JJ love.

this afternoon I will be closing up the office
because everyone has a homecoming celebration for their kids.
and then I will be heading to etown to see mi madre 
in person.
I'll let you all know if there are any more convos you all need to hear!! 

have a good weekend!! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WILW {On a Real Wednesday}

if I'm not mistaken...
today is Wednesday.
and I am writing my post.
in the blog area today!!
so let's jump right in.. 

I am loving my sweet precious girl..
yes, this is her normal spot.
head on the pillow and all

I am loving... JUST DANCE on my wii..
**shake it baby shake it ** 

I am loving... SHOES
{for example}


I am loving... Pinterest!
I'm very thankful...

berenstain bears
{freaked out when I saw this.. 
Used to LOVE Berenstain Bears!}


{Story of my life!}

Keep calm and pin on

I am loving.. that I get to see my daddy Sunday 
because we have a business meeting Monday.
{at the galt house!}

Well.. I gotta goo.. 
Hope your loving some thing good on this Wednesday!! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"CATS" out of the bag...

So as most of you know.. 
{via facebook}

my best friend came in this weekennndd! 
it was some def. much needed girl time.
We surprised our other friend Ali Saturday before the game.
{via "cats" out of the bag}

{lou lou above}
we have been close since 2nd grade.
which was like years and years and years ago.
we don't always agree
she is literally the first person to call me out!!
but she is my SOUL SISTER
and I mean that!! 

{Lou Lou, me & ali}
this sums up the three of us!

Lou Lou secretly got in Friday night though.
so we had dinner with the brother and then hit up the liquor store
(for the first time that weekend.. 2 more trips to come)
we bought this below in the BIGGGG 50 something ounce bottle 
and some rosia for Lou

this is what I blame my downfall on all weekend.
well that, shots, vodka and beer 
oh lord.
here are the FEW pictures we have.
but it was seriously the best weekend I've had in awhile! 
not to mention Friday we spent a total of 40 bucks at Drakes
and total of 14.00 Saturday at harveys!
that's winning in my book any day of the week!! 
{thanks to all who apparently bought me and her drinks!}

{me and Lou}

{secretly out}

and uhh.. your welcome for the photo shoot pics!!
haha!! I kid, I kid, (kinda)

well folks.. I am going to run! 
Hope you all had a weekend as good as mine.
and remember your week will be way better than mine!!

PS gooo cattsss!!!! *meow*

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I am loving?? Thursday

So I realize that I am SUPPOSED to do this on 
but Wednesday and I battled.
Pretty much all day.
and by last night. 
I was exhausted and defeated. 
I gave up. 
had some dinner and went to bed. 
To let you know how bad the day I was, I had vodka with dinner
something I never do!! 

So here goes
"what I am loving Wednesday Thursday!"

1. I am loving how FAST this week is going by! 
Granted work has been slow but I am beyond excited 
that the weekend is close! 
and this weekend is going to be fun and exciting.
*(pictures and explanation to come later)*

2. I am loving that I purchased some NEW amazing makeup
(thanks for the help, Katie J) who literally had to walk me through things.
I got this primer from Mac. 
Which I am now obsessed with.
It makes my foundation go on soo smooth!! 

I also got this paint pot from Mac.
that I use on my eyes before any eye shadow.
Not only did it keep it on their yesterday for 10 hours but it looked amazing! 
and felt amazing!! 

I also got this finishing spray.
Doesn't that name just make you want to run out and buy it!! well it did me!!
**girls if you are in the Lex area it's only at Ideal Skin on Euclid!
Make sure you told them I sent you!**

Seriously girls.. 
makeup was still looking good at 9 pm last night. 
which was over 12 hours.

3. I am loving eating healthier!
Now, I am not the best at NY resolutions
but I just wanted to feel and look better.
It's amazing how eating lighter and better 
can help your WHOLE day!!
This all started because I bought this book below 
and it changed my life.
I should have listened to my brother along time ago! 
and this one!
Some days I am stuck at the office so I use the first one to get something better from me at fast food that the office picks up for me.
and then I grocery shop with the second one and cook at home most nights.
Maybe even some recipes to come?
Which I know you never would have thought to hear from!! 

4. I am loving this OPI nail polish.
(San Tan Tonio)
I have been rocking it for about 2 or 3 weeks now.
(I know. Almost ready for a change but I can't let it go!)
I have been getting so many compliments!

5. I am loving how I finally got my fireplace working.
lets be honest.
I have lived there for 10 months and just now am using it.
But I was scared to light the pilot.
I mean I use A TON of hair product.
I would go up in flames for sure!! 
But they came and did it for me. 
and I am in heaven.
I might not leave the house anymore!
**(below is not mine. but looks VERY similar!!**

Well that's it !
Hope you all have a great weekend!
and let's talk soon!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15

Well. It's January 15 and I have wrote like 2 blogs?
What in the world?
Where have I been?
I have been sick though for about a week and half.
Sinus infection and laryngitis.

Nothing is really new.
I cracked my iPhone. (amazing)
getting out of the car in a parking garage.

I haven't been out in like.. weeks!!
because I'm either sick or its freezing or both
which makes me miserable just thinkging about it.
Literally. Last time I was out was NYE.
I need to fix that.

I have no real good stories to share though.
Wish I did.
That's for sure.

But I will keep you updated!!
Everyone take care.
I'll be in the house till this snow finally decides to melt!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am loving.. That today is Wednesday and closer to the weekend..

I am loving.. that I am moving into a bigger apartment with a much bigger closet.
Hoping to make it look something like this..

I am loving.. that me and my friend Rachel got tickets for Drake in Nashville to celebrate my bff Natalie graduating!! HURRY UP FEBRUARY!

I am loving.. basketball right now. love watching my cats! #BBN
#MKG have you seen this machine?

I am loving.. all my shows being back on TV..
Honestly, I have a few more but It's ridiculous  
My favorite show to watch with my best friend <3

I am loving..  pinterest
This is too cute, I want a love like this

If a woman...

Jimmy Choo $1,695

So true :)
Makes me think of my new friend.. :)

Pinned Image

I am loving.. Dreaming over my future DREAM home.

Covered porch + outdoor fireplace


epic closet


Be Sure to link up over with Jamie

I couldn't tell you...

Because I couldn't tell you anything better than this.
Live life.
Be happy. 
Be Thankful.

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