Friday, September 30, 2011

Fondness of Friday Forever!

"A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon"
(My fortune cookie yesterday)


Forgive my poor attempt of being cute as my title.
But it is so corny I may keep rolling with it!
No Shame here as many of you know!!

Well, today I am ALL smiles!!
Even though my sleeping pattern is less than normal.
I feel great!!!

Work is going okay, have alot of stuff in the works..
As many sales people say!
And appreciate anything new I may be getting in these next couple of months.

Not to mention at work today I got surprised!
My manager and the girls up front got me cupcakes and a card for my Bday!
They even sang to me :)

Yes, that's right.. BIRTHDAY!
Not as excited as I have been in the past.
What are really supposed to do with turning 24?

However, I am excited to celebrate next weekend.
All my western KY girls are coming up! & Mixed with my girls here!
Everyone better strap in for this ride!!
Heading to the opening weekend of Keeneland
Going out that night for dinner and exploring the town.
And maybe a little more Keeneland Sunday?

Another major topic is my addiction of SHOPPING!
Thise close to my birthday, it makes no sense.
But I stopped and saw the Kardashian line and had to purchase!!
I have also been checking out some lines at Kohl's like Lauren Conrad and J. LO.
Craving some of it in my life very soon as well!!

This weekend I am helping my dear mommy move for the 1000000 time!
Then coming back Saturday for my bff's wedding!!
And then SUNDAY is the real BIRTHDAY!
But as previously discussed, no SUNDAY FUNDAY is in the works!

Have a blessed day!!
I will leave with this OLD song that I heard walking downtown last weekend!!
Best believe I had to stop and give a solo!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The last couple of weeks while in the process of finding myself, realizing who my friends are and organizing my priorities, I have also become so humble. The main reason I am not sure of, but I just feel like God is giving me a good shaking and showing me who is boss. Am I going through any major life trial? NO, but I am fighting demons of my own.

I have so MANY things to be thankful for. I am blessed beyond any measure and way more blessed than what I deserve. God's love is truly unconditional and forgiving. Just as discussed with the best friend, my life isn't great, I have family issues to work through, my mother and now my grandmother have a permanent illness, I come from a broken home and I am 23 and trying to make it on my own. My biggest fear is failure and as many times as I say it is not an option, it still haunts my mind. But I put my trust and belief in something much bigger than any broken home, illness or failure.

I attended the "Get Motivated" seminar today in downtown LEX. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. But I heard so many inspiring quotes and stories that not only did it bring me back to my knees and thank my good Lord but it also inspired me to make something with what I have. A couple of the quotes I want to share with you:
"Everyone needs four things in their life: Someone to LOVE, Something to HOPE for, Someone to BELIEVE in, and Something TO DO!"
"Don't let what you don't have stop you from using what you do have to make something happen"
"You have two choices in life: stay down when something knocks you down or get up and keep fighting!!"
"Isn't it crazy how people that were born with everything do nothing and people that were born nothing turn it into everything"
Just reading some of these again give me chills. Today they continually discussed the importance of knowing your goals and reaching for them. In order to maintain where you are it doesn't mean doing nothing because then you will fall back from where you currently are. You got to always strive for more. Successful people aren't always the smartest they just saw an opportunity and decided to take action and making something happen!!

I am not sure if it because I am in sales or what, but after today I am promising, envisioning and going to be better, at everything! I am going to give more of myself and worry less about me. This week with Junior League I had the opportunity to visit a volunteer space that we have. It is called MASH and if you are in the LEX area and not familiar, check it out. It is powerful! Youth today are tomorrows leaders! God placed me in that group on purpose. It humbled me, pushed me down to my level and made me want to start volunteering tomorrow. When God calls my number he will not even have to refresh his memory about what all I have done to show his Glory. I am getting busy today!

Hope all you readers realize how lucky YOU are!!
Have a blessed day tomorrow!!! XOXOXO

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To young to be feeling this OLD!!

I know your thinking.. "too old?" She has no idea. but really I feel old!!! Maybe it is because my birthday is coming up but I have been reminded in a couple of ways lately..

*Sunday Fundays-- So I met Brandy at Drakes for some "quick" afternoon drinks.. 3 hours later we had picked up her Hubby and was heading out to meet more people. After 3 more hours I was completely inappropriate. Needless to say after eating almost nothing all day and then heading to McDonald's at 1:00 AM I was embarrassed of my self, and not to mention my diet torn to shreds and my calorie count shattered the glass of the tallest building! After waking up Monday and HATING myself, I have officially sworn off Sunday Fundays unless Monday is holiday!! For the simple fact that I am just too old!!

*Jackets-- This weekend it wasn't cold but it wasn't warm. This imposed a big problem when I was trying to get ready Friday night. The idea of wearing jeans and a tank top made me get chills all over. So I decided to wear a dress shirt with dark jeans instead. When walking out side, to head to the restaurant I got cold and the sun was still partially up. The younger me would have said oh well! but the OLD me said, OH NO! I have to get a jacket. So the whole night I carried around my zip up black jacket. I would take it off inside and put it on before we would  go outside. I don't think you readers understand how big of deal this is. When growing up that was the constant story from my parents, "where is your jacket" "in the car" "it's not keeping you warm there" and now I am lugging it around on a night out on the town. WOW. I could  blame it on the cold I already have but instead, I think it that I am just too old!!

*Sleeping In- Sleeping to me is a gift from Heaven. Cold Air blowing, cuddled up in a blanket with an extra firm pillow. I mean HELLO! A break from the world, and all the people I have to talk to everyday. Just time for me with the dog cuddled next to me. So you can already imagine when I was growing up "sleeping in" was till 1 at least. I used to say "this is backwards, you retire when your old and they don't ever sleep in". Well this weekend I realized, I am one of the backwards people at the little age of 23 (24 in 5 days) This weekend I was BEYOND excited to sleep in! Needless to say both days I woke up at 7:30, 9:30 and gave up at 11:30 and got up.. PITIFUL! I KNOW!! I realized I am just too old for sleeping in!

Are any of you guys feeling old in some ways? Let me know about it!!
Write to you soon!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I know.. Right? I should be soo ashamed of myself...
I failed to blog while I was in Florida due to the fact we had WiFi issues...
Looking back now I wish I would have!

So lets rewind life
and I will give you some short blurbs
about the recent events
I have incurred..

WILD is how I would sum it up!!
After blogging to you guys I got BUSY..
I packed, got ready and met Becca.
We stopped and got us some essentials (cooler, ice, vodka, beers)
and headed to tailgate!!
Since my brother and his friends had been tailgating since 8am for a 7pm tailgate
they were more than over joyed to see us!!
Becca and I made our rounds in seeing everyone and I managed to drink, alot!!
Some people went into the game but Becca and I stayed out and kept tailgaiting.
After that crowd died out we went to Shamrocks and "watched" the end of the game.
I don't think I really watched it, I was to busy being social!!
After the game was over we came to my house, changed and got ready for Round 2. (RALLY)
From this point on I can't tell you much..
But I do know we checked out a couple different places (the proof was the stamp book on my arm)
and I experienced Goodfellas for the first time.. (wish I remembered more about that)
Then my brother drove me home..
I woke up still out of it
  finished packing and headed to the airport!!

FLORIDA was amazing!!
The weather was nice,
 the drinks were cold
the live music at night was great!!
We actually stayed outside of Ft. Myers in Cape Coral
Layed by pool, went shopping, went to the beach and explored restaurants.
Just like previously discussed my step mom LOVED her Lilly present!!
Which made me very excited!!
For anyone heading that way check out the direct flight from LEX.
It was hassle free for sure!!
No lay overs.. left at decent times
Only runs on Sunday & Thursday though!!

**With that being said, we arrive back Thursday Night**
Luckily, a friend picked up the pup for me so she would be waiting.
I headed home and crashed in my own bed!
Friday I got up and went to work!
Needless to say I had full intentions of blogging but work was CRAZY!

Friday after work I headed to the sex store to grab a present for the Bride!
Then rushed home and showered to meet everyone at Atomic at 7:30..
Of course, I didn't arrive till 8.
But luckily they had just got a table..
After penis name tags, penis straws and "team bride" bracelets we were ready to head out!
We went to the Penguin where they put her on the piano and sang to her!
We decided to make her a to do list which brought lots of laughs through the night!
Items such as: get a condom, get a man's boxers, rub a bald guys head, get a phone number from a guy for a last "fling", dance on the bar, etc.(you get the picture)
We had a couple more drinks and went to Wildcat Saloon (which is one of my new favs)
It was packed in there with Gators and Wildcats. Turns out a gator surrended his boxers though!!
Which brought lots of laughs!!
I hope she had an awesome time!!!

Yesterday was much calmer!!
I slept in, unpacked, and hung up clothes.
(which sounds easy but it was a BIG deal)
Then headed out to tailgate.
I went alone and just met my brother and his friends!
It was a nice spread with a TV, catered food and lots of cold drinks!
After they went into the game I met a friend at Tin Roof to watch the game!
Once the game started turning UGLY we all got our checks and left.
My plan was to come home and get ready and head downtown... but..
I got home sat on the couch and lost all motivation!
Around midnight my brother showed up here with Goodfella's.
So we just watched TV.

Well guys, you are all caught up!! For your sake I gave you the short version!
After these past couple of weeks I have realized a couple of things though:
My family keeps me going..
My friends are my life..
and blogging keeps me sane!

I am now forcing myself to get my house CLEAN.
and laundry almost FINISHED.
So wish me luck!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Motivatoin.. I am Lacking

There is just something about Saturdays and me that don't = productive.
I am well aware of the fact that everyone is tailgating away 6 hours before the game
I however, ran my errands that were time sensitive and have now lost all motivation..

This morning I woke up with a CHARLEY HORSE in my leg.
 I went from dead sleep to screaming my head off!!
As much as I would like to play it off to my neighbors that I was woke up by the man of my dreams
To this minute I am still limping around looking crazy!!
Maybe that bottle of wine last night dehydrated me?
Oh well!! It was worth it.

Seems as if I have joined the rest of the KY population and my allergies have messed up.
I am snorting, sneezing and stopped up.
Miserable, I know!
Hoping some tailgating and vodka can make it pass!!
Or maybe some Florida weather since I am heading there tomorrow!!

I finally found my step mom the perfect gift from me and my brother!!
I got the cutest outfit from the Peppermint Palm.
It is Lilly P's fall line!!
It is so cute and I can't wait till she opens it!!
That place is so cute inside!

Well I got to go.. do all the things I have to do..
like PACK

Hope everyone is tailgating, going to or watching the game!! #BBN
I will have many more updates!!
From Florida :) and everything I get to see!!


PS Hope you LOVE the new layout as much as I DO!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fast Lane...

So.. Kinda hood today, I know? But Hey, this is exactly how I feel . I seriously can't remember the last day I just got to relax or do all the chores that a normal person should (clean the house, wash the clothes). My little fur ball has officially disowned me as her "mom" and I have turned into the woman that brings her food at midnight and passes out in the bed without even lifting a dog toy. (I know, don't turn me in. I promise to do better!!)

So the good news is I leave Sunday for some Florida action with the fam. My step-mom is having a birthday (I almost put it the number on here, but she may kill me!! Just know it is a big one!) so we are all taking a couple days off to go drinks lots of vino, eat as much seafood as allowed and try to grab some REAL sun before coming  back to KY. (Maybe those are just mine plans though :) ) Needless to say I am rushing around to meetings for business and for my networking duties this week.

Lets REWIND so I can let everyone in on the events of this crazy week!!
Thursday- (Almost a week ago now, I know) After working ALL DAY I rushed to Zumba (which is a sore subject this week) and had a great workout! Since it was chilly and dark out side I had no temptation to go downtown for Thursday Night live. After Zumba I ran to the BB&B- Bed Bath and Beyond (more like Big, Bold, and Bad News) Don't get me wrong. I love the store! But it is so big and everything is so cute that I could seriously spend a million dollars and a million hours in there. So I only go for good reason, which was to purchase a gift for one of my dear friend's bridal shower. After becoming over whelmed, calling two different girlfriends about to have an anxiety attack (which I usually do not have) and sending my step mom a text that went like this:
Me: "IF I ever get married you are taking my fiance and registering for EVERYTHING. I am over whelmed and this gift isn't even for me. I hope you don't mind. Love you"
StepMom: I WOULD love that! Sounds like fun to me!

I finally pulled myself together and picked out some towels. (I know. I'm Lame! I promised her better for the bachelorette party)

Friday- After working ALL DAY. I was so ready for the weekend that I couldn't wait to get it started!
Preface:Little did Katie (characteristics including little shy, pretty quiet, lush (love that) and hilarious) know that Becca and her roommates had planned her a surprise birthday party. My job was to come get Katie at 6:30 and bring her to my house. While at my house, we were supposed to get ready, have some wine and not let her in on the fact that anything was going. Well, little did I know that it would turn into all it did!
I left work about 5:05 and was heading home when I got a text from my friend Allison that I wasn't expecting asking if I wanted to meet for a happy hour (if you know me, I can't usually turn them down) So I stopped at Ramseys (best happy hour in town!!) and had a "couple" drinks with Allison. I had talked to Katie on my way there and she was involved with leaving work late, heading to the mall for a new out fit and still needing to shower and get ready. I knew I had all the time in world!!
I left Ramseys and got ready myself. I heard from Katie about 7:00 (3o min after I was supposed to pick her up) and she said she was almost ready. I headed over there and nearly had to drag her out of the house. Needless to say, after a bottle of wine, her trying on  10000 outfits, then trying on 10000 pairs of shoes we finally headed to her house for the surprise at 9:00. Everyone there had waited an hour over schedule. She was excited though and then we decided to all head out. We went to Austin City.. and that is enough about that!! :)

Saturday- I woke up with  strongest urge to do nothing but I couldn't! I watched the first part of the game and then got ready for the shower. After finally getting ready I headed to my car to realize I didn't have any gas and I didn't have a gift bag. I headed to Shell and then to the family dollar to get a gift  bag. Just an FYI I wasn't trying to be cheap, I was just in a hurry and they are both by my house. Funny part is when I got in the Family Dollar they didn't have any bags big enough for my present except a BABY bag.. So, me, being that girl, bought it and took it to the shower. Everyone of course, thought it was funny and I know my friend expected nothing less!! :) HAHA!  After the shower me and the future bride headed to Fridays for some happy hour drinks and then I rushed home to get ready and meet the guys out. (the guys- my brother, and his friends, who I seem to go out with and have a great time!) I rushed to Sutton's had some grub and then headed out. Fast forward to 5:30 AM and I was just slowing down on the drinks at my brother's house. I guess after the bar closed, we all jumped in a cab and headed there to keep partying. Good times were had by all!! 

Sunday- I was dying. Period. All the lights off. Rested. Didn't accept phone calls. Slept most of the day and ate Mexican twice!! (Impressive, I know) A true way to honor 9/11 I think!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  WORK ALL DAY   Which included a different luncheon meeting every day and a different meeting at night. To some up all the events I had a NAWBO meeting, Junior League meeting, Women Leading KY meeting, a Farm Bureau Conference (day and night). The exciting parts of this was planning a new member luncheon, had a glass of vino at Wines on Vine, watched football at Drakes, Had some drinks at Tin Roof, and got to hear Jeff Shepard speak!! Pretty exciting!! Pretty Busy!! I miss Zumba though! I hope to head there tomorrow night!!!

Coming up.. - WORK ALL WEEK with a little Zumba, shopping, packing and most importantly, TAILGATING!!!! before Florida Sunday!!!! Details to come!!

XOXO Hope you all have had as much fun as me!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Thoughts from a Hard Knock Day..

WELL.. It is Wednesday... Usually I am more than excited about today because the weekend is getting closer... but for whatever reason this week I am in a major FUNK!!!

  1. The weather- It's cold and I miss the sunshine already!
  2. I haven't been able to wear any cute shoes this week for the fact I will freeze or slip or fall down or get my feet wet (which I would rather NOT do any of those)
  3. Work has been slow.. I mean, not as slow as in awful but slow.
  4. My messed up sleep pattern (which I blame on my insane weekend) equals me tired during the day and lazy at night.
  5. Lack of entertainment (such a boring week!)

Let us move on to something a little more exciting...

I am alive.
I am curious.
I am judging.
I am blessed.

I pulled out the winter attire today (blk boots, long sleeve shirt with sweater)
Brave Action, I agree.
I miss my summer clothes already.
I have been stalking the weather channel hoping for SUN soon!

I am excited for the football season officially starting!
I didn't buy season tickets but I LOVE tailgating, and the atmosphere.
However, Saturday I will be at a Wedding shower for one of my dear friends!
But I am sure we will be keeping up with score. 

Something about this weather makes me wanna crank CHICK music.
For example, today it was Adele and Beyonce.
I just had to post Dear Annie at the top. (who doesn't love her though)
And I even started to follow Trina, Ciara and Britney Spears on Twitter.

Picked up Pad Thai for dinner.
It is also one of my new obsessions!
If you haven't already, try it!
Lit some candles and had an early dinner.

Settled on the couch & cuddling with the dog.
Going to send a few texts.
While watching Madea goes to jail.
Bed soon!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a Weekend..

It is Monday Night at 6:15 PM and I have just found my way to the shower and off of the couch that I have been on since I woke up at 11:30 AM. I think that burst of motivation came from the fact that I am supposed to meet my brother for dinner at 7:30. Luckily for me (and you guys) while blogging there isn't a camera because I am still in my towel from the shower. (I know, I am ridiculous with this amount of laziness)

Needless to say I had an AMAZING weekend. My friends are a good time and we rocked it out!! Friday after work I had a boy visitor stop by for some good Quality Time before I was heading out. Which totally made my day better because after work and other BS I was more than ready for a good time and the weekend. I headed out with Katie & Becca about 9:30 and headed to the Penguin. But not before I had my quality dinner!!

I know right, I am way to old to make a decision like that (everyone knows you need a good base) but I did! The Penguin was fun though. I focused my time on flirting with a guy that works there (until I stood up in my pumps and was towering over him) I quickly got distracted and decided to focus on my $2.00 flavored vodkas and sprites. Maybe it was the price but the group we were with just kept buying drinks for us all. Needless to say I had a good time there!!

Saturday I woke up and went to the pool. It was so hott outside that I couldn't imagine being any where else but splashing around in the water!! Surprisingly there was a good group of people out there (younger) and KT & Becca & I spent our time gossiping the afternoon away. I was over the pool about 4:30 and decided to head to Chic Filet for a 1/2 tea and a grilled chicken salad. I finally ordered and waited in line to open my purse and realize that I had left my debit card and all the cash I had in my jeans pocket from the night before. This was the first time in a long time I felt like I was the definition of FML.  Embarrassing enough at Chic Filet you can't just get out of line because of the curbs that surround the line, so I got to the window, begged the manager to take a check, or let me tell him my debit card number (I know, its scary I have it memorized..) Both options were denied and I was sent driving home without my tea or salad. EMBARRASSING to say the least.

Saturday night I went over to my brothers house to head out with his friends. I though it was only fitting to pick up a bottle of "Little Black Dress" wine for all the guys. Surprisingly enough they drank it before heading out! :) (or maybe my brother and I drank it) I had the slightest hesitance to head out with my brother and 3 of his best friends but I had a GREAT time!! We went to Tin Roof where I haven't been in awhile either. It was a good time with very nice scenery (ladies, you know what I'm talking about) Not to mention I found this while in the bathroom: (not sure why it is so blurry, it's not on my phone)

"If you can't keep him, you don't need him! and if I can't get my own I sure as hell don't need yours"

After Tin Roof we headed to the pavilion and ended up in Wildcat Saloon. Which for 1. why in the world is it soo hott in there? Crazy   2. What is the theme of it because I don't get it?
But yet another random event takes place where a guy calls me over and has a drink he bought for me. The conversation went like this. (and no I am not lying)
Me: Thanks for the drink!
Unknown: Your welcome! I just wanted you to know I bought this for you because you have beautiful eyes! What is your name?
Me: Megan and thank you! What is your name?
Unknown: It doesn't matter..
Me: ... okay? well what is this drink?
Unknown: That doesn't matter either... But have a good night Megan and take care of your self
(Unknown walks out of the door)

Totally Weird! and I know what you all are thinking.. Yes, I drank it. No, I don't think he slipped something in it but I don't know? haha! My brother thinks he might be trying to pull a "Hitch" or something but I have no idea either way his game was horrible and if I ever saw him again I would run the other way.
Sunday after swearing I wouldn't do anything Becca talked me into putting my party pants on for one more night and head to Suttons for some grub and then Grapevine (which I usually hate) Suttons was great as usual but we ran while we could when a party of 160 were about to walk in from K-State. Anyone who has worked in the Service Industry still cringes at that situation.

Grapevine was actually a good time!! Becca and I met KT and her roommates there. Suddenly by the end of the night we were having shots bought for us and getting to know everyone in the bar. Needless to say I think I could go there again after that experience. It was a good time and somehow we finally left about 3:30 AM... Ridiculous I know..

Which leaves me here today.. with no motivation barely making it off the couch! I am heading to dinner with my brother and after that I plan on getting ready for bed early and resting for my work week!! Wish I could leave with you some pictures but somewhere in the middle of all this I forgot to take any! (I know, I am working on that)
Hope everyone had a great weekend like me!!
(Sorry, last night somewhere in my haze I didn't hit the publish button!)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

To My Readers...

So lately there has been alot of buzz about my blog and I want EVERYONE to know I appreciate it all!!! To all of you that have texted me, stopped me in person or wrote on my facebook wall praising my blog and letting me know how much you enjoy reading it, Thank you for reading and your positive feedback. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!

But I guess with the good comes the bad. I have heard (only because no one can say it directly to me) that some have question why I started it? Why I wrote about my ex? Why I continue to mention him?
Those questions, (even if they are unintelligent and disrespectful) have answers that I am about to expose but first I want to make some other things clear about my blog.

This blog is for ME. No one else! This blog's link is posted on my facebook wall which is private to anyone on the Internet that is not my friend. I post the link on MY facebook wall so my friends who wonder what's going on in my life can read, for those who can relate to my life and for those (of my friends) who just want to read. But when you click on my blog you are ultimately making that decision to read it. If you don't like me, what my blog says or what it is about, I can't wrap my head around why you are reading it in the first place. If my blog is the center of your relationship, conversation or daily hating moment then please, do us all a favor and rearrange your priorities!!

Please do not take your insecurities of your self, friendship or relationships out on me or about my blog. I feel as if I have been over respectful for those friends and non friends mentioned in my blog. I have never mentioned any names, incriminating details, or any degrading characteristics that could have been easily exposed. I, being the mature, respectful ADULT I am, chose to take the high road, express my feelings and only discuss the situation as a whole. I am sorry that insecure, disrespectful people read this and got another idea.

Now for the questions, I started a blog because I would read others and be so caught up in reading that it made me want to start one. Blogging is away to express your feelings, thoughts, funny stories and anything else. Blogging is a personal space and personal outlet that immature people that can't think out side of the box could never understand.

As far as the topics I discuss- friends and family because they are my world. Now and in the future I will be wishing Happy Birthdays and discussing any fun/ crazy nights we may have!! As far the past blogs, I have mentioned my ex because: NEWSFLASH we were together over 2 years. We were SERIOUS. It wasn't just a fling or a rebound or something to pass the time, it was serious. We spent holidays, days off, vacations and every other event together. We have been broke up for a couple of months now, if you don't think that any normal PERSON doesn't have feelings left then the "haters" obviously don't understand love, or a serious relationship.

So in conclusion to all my positive readers, THANK YOU!!! Seriously, keep reading and I will keep discussing!! Soon I hope to get some pictures up of some crazy nights I have had lately and discuss some of my new boy action that I have been keeping away from you all!!! It's fun and juicy! *huge smile!*

To all the negative people (making comments to others or facebook posts) please get off my blog and focus on your self. Please don't question my intregity or my "awesome place" If you really had a comment you would message me or call me directly but I have yet to hear anything. Please keep your insecurities, negative attitude and your disrespectful remarks away from me and my blog because you can't even fool yourself to think that you are a happy person!

Happy Saturday to everyone!! I am heading to the pool with the girls then out tonight!! So I will type soon with a MUCH better topic!!

Keeping it classy San Fransico!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

...and you heard I'm doing better

Forgive and forget, bitch I already forgot
I'm over the bitch, and she over the top
They say love is the key, somebody changed the lock
Well, and I wish I never met ya
And I heard you're doing you, and you heard I'm doing better
And all I had to do was put two and two together
But that just makes four, but not four-ever, ....
So much for being the perfect couple
I put in overtime, I was working doubles
I wish you the best, good luck boo
Weezy F, for ....

Yes, that is the quote I wanted to start today with. To be honest, Weezy took the words right out of my mouth. In my opinion, the Carter IV landed at the perfect time for me. Well, mainly this song. I am hoping that Nicki Minaj or someone comes out with a girls version that is a little more dagger to the heart. If that happens that is all I will be listening too!!

So as many of you can tell I have a little anger built up today, not sure if I should go ahead to Zumba as planned or maybe take a detour downtown, nothing like having some drinks to make this day better.

Honestly though, today has been really good. Work has been busy, and I have caught up with a few old friends, I saw my stats for this blog and about 50 people are reading everyone of them. (that makes me feel AMAZING!!) I also found out we are taking a family vacation to Fort Myers in two weeks for my step moms birthday. My dad just bought property down there so I am excited to check out that situation and the night life!! Who knows, maybe I will meet some sweet eye candy to play with while I am down there. (a girl can always hope, right?)

The past couple of days have been pretty quite. Normal routine of work, zumba, TV, playtime with the dog, and bed. (not to mention, I am officially sleep deprived) Not sure what the reason but I can never put in over 4 straight hours!! Needless to say I am looking forward to Saturday where I can sleep in!!

Last night the ex reactivated his facebook and deleted me off the friends list. Not much I can say, we aren't friends so I expected that move when I saw he had reactivated. The only thing I am wondering is why he is reactivating now? Also makes me wonder if someone has mentioned this blog to him,  but either way, it is what it is. I have never said anything on here that I wouldn't say to his face. I try to keep it very mature at all times!! (**Enough about That**)

The main highlight is the CATS play tonight!! I am a little bummed, I am not down there cheering them on in person and then checking out the night life with the rest of the Big Blue Nation but hey, everyone has to grow up sometime?? However, I think I may treat myself to a little Thursday Night live, and then watch the game out somewhere. I don't know though, the boring me says I should just go to Zumba and then head home!! I guess we will see!!

Hope everyone has had a good Thursday!!
Cheer on the CATS tonight!! #BBN

(Sorry, I don't know how to get it on the blog) But checkout the song!!



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