Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a Weekend..

It is Monday Night at 6:15 PM and I have just found my way to the shower and off of the couch that I have been on since I woke up at 11:30 AM. I think that burst of motivation came from the fact that I am supposed to meet my brother for dinner at 7:30. Luckily for me (and you guys) while blogging there isn't a camera because I am still in my towel from the shower. (I know, I am ridiculous with this amount of laziness)

Needless to say I had an AMAZING weekend. My friends are a good time and we rocked it out!! Friday after work I had a boy visitor stop by for some good Quality Time before I was heading out. Which totally made my day better because after work and other BS I was more than ready for a good time and the weekend. I headed out with Katie & Becca about 9:30 and headed to the Penguin. But not before I had my quality dinner!!

I know right, I am way to old to make a decision like that (everyone knows you need a good base) but I did! The Penguin was fun though. I focused my time on flirting with a guy that works there (until I stood up in my pumps and was towering over him) I quickly got distracted and decided to focus on my $2.00 flavored vodkas and sprites. Maybe it was the price but the group we were with just kept buying drinks for us all. Needless to say I had a good time there!!

Saturday I woke up and went to the pool. It was so hott outside that I couldn't imagine being any where else but splashing around in the water!! Surprisingly there was a good group of people out there (younger) and KT & Becca & I spent our time gossiping the afternoon away. I was over the pool about 4:30 and decided to head to Chic Filet for a 1/2 tea and a grilled chicken salad. I finally ordered and waited in line to open my purse and realize that I had left my debit card and all the cash I had in my jeans pocket from the night before. This was the first time in a long time I felt like I was the definition of FML.  Embarrassing enough at Chic Filet you can't just get out of line because of the curbs that surround the line, so I got to the window, begged the manager to take a check, or let me tell him my debit card number (I know, its scary I have it memorized..) Both options were denied and I was sent driving home without my tea or salad. EMBARRASSING to say the least.

Saturday night I went over to my brothers house to head out with his friends. I though it was only fitting to pick up a bottle of "Little Black Dress" wine for all the guys. Surprisingly enough they drank it before heading out! :) (or maybe my brother and I drank it) I had the slightest hesitance to head out with my brother and 3 of his best friends but I had a GREAT time!! We went to Tin Roof where I haven't been in awhile either. It was a good time with very nice scenery (ladies, you know what I'm talking about) Not to mention I found this while in the bathroom: (not sure why it is so blurry, it's not on my phone)

"If you can't keep him, you don't need him! and if I can't get my own I sure as hell don't need yours"

After Tin Roof we headed to the pavilion and ended up in Wildcat Saloon. Which for 1. why in the world is it soo hott in there? Crazy   2. What is the theme of it because I don't get it?
But yet another random event takes place where a guy calls me over and has a drink he bought for me. The conversation went like this. (and no I am not lying)
Me: Thanks for the drink!
Unknown: Your welcome! I just wanted you to know I bought this for you because you have beautiful eyes! What is your name?
Me: Megan and thank you! What is your name?
Unknown: It doesn't matter..
Me: ... okay? well what is this drink?
Unknown: That doesn't matter either... But have a good night Megan and take care of your self
(Unknown walks out of the door)

Totally Weird! and I know what you all are thinking.. Yes, I drank it. No, I don't think he slipped something in it but I don't know? haha! My brother thinks he might be trying to pull a "Hitch" or something but I have no idea either way his game was horrible and if I ever saw him again I would run the other way.
Sunday after swearing I wouldn't do anything Becca talked me into putting my party pants on for one more night and head to Suttons for some grub and then Grapevine (which I usually hate) Suttons was great as usual but we ran while we could when a party of 160 were about to walk in from K-State. Anyone who has worked in the Service Industry still cringes at that situation.

Grapevine was actually a good time!! Becca and I met KT and her roommates there. Suddenly by the end of the night we were having shots bought for us and getting to know everyone in the bar. Needless to say I think I could go there again after that experience. It was a good time and somehow we finally left about 3:30 AM... Ridiculous I know..

Which leaves me here today.. with no motivation barely making it off the couch! I am heading to dinner with my brother and after that I plan on getting ready for bed early and resting for my work week!! Wish I could leave with you some pictures but somewhere in the middle of all this I forgot to take any! (I know, I am working on that)
Hope everyone had a great weekend like me!!
(Sorry, last night somewhere in my haze I didn't hit the publish button!)

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