Saturday, September 3, 2011

To My Readers...

So lately there has been alot of buzz about my blog and I want EVERYONE to know I appreciate it all!!! To all of you that have texted me, stopped me in person or wrote on my facebook wall praising my blog and letting me know how much you enjoy reading it, Thank you for reading and your positive feedback. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!

But I guess with the good comes the bad. I have heard (only because no one can say it directly to me) that some have question why I started it? Why I wrote about my ex? Why I continue to mention him?
Those questions, (even if they are unintelligent and disrespectful) have answers that I am about to expose but first I want to make some other things clear about my blog.

This blog is for ME. No one else! This blog's link is posted on my facebook wall which is private to anyone on the Internet that is not my friend. I post the link on MY facebook wall so my friends who wonder what's going on in my life can read, for those who can relate to my life and for those (of my friends) who just want to read. But when you click on my blog you are ultimately making that decision to read it. If you don't like me, what my blog says or what it is about, I can't wrap my head around why you are reading it in the first place. If my blog is the center of your relationship, conversation or daily hating moment then please, do us all a favor and rearrange your priorities!!

Please do not take your insecurities of your self, friendship or relationships out on me or about my blog. I feel as if I have been over respectful for those friends and non friends mentioned in my blog. I have never mentioned any names, incriminating details, or any degrading characteristics that could have been easily exposed. I, being the mature, respectful ADULT I am, chose to take the high road, express my feelings and only discuss the situation as a whole. I am sorry that insecure, disrespectful people read this and got another idea.

Now for the questions, I started a blog because I would read others and be so caught up in reading that it made me want to start one. Blogging is away to express your feelings, thoughts, funny stories and anything else. Blogging is a personal space and personal outlet that immature people that can't think out side of the box could never understand.

As far as the topics I discuss- friends and family because they are my world. Now and in the future I will be wishing Happy Birthdays and discussing any fun/ crazy nights we may have!! As far the past blogs, I have mentioned my ex because: NEWSFLASH we were together over 2 years. We were SERIOUS. It wasn't just a fling or a rebound or something to pass the time, it was serious. We spent holidays, days off, vacations and every other event together. We have been broke up for a couple of months now, if you don't think that any normal PERSON doesn't have feelings left then the "haters" obviously don't understand love, or a serious relationship.

So in conclusion to all my positive readers, THANK YOU!!! Seriously, keep reading and I will keep discussing!! Soon I hope to get some pictures up of some crazy nights I have had lately and discuss some of my new boy action that I have been keeping away from you all!!! It's fun and juicy! *huge smile!*

To all the negative people (making comments to others or facebook posts) please get off my blog and focus on your self. Please don't question my intregity or my "awesome place" If you really had a comment you would message me or call me directly but I have yet to hear anything. Please keep your insecurities, negative attitude and your disrespectful remarks away from me and my blog because you can't even fool yourself to think that you are a happy person!

Happy Saturday to everyone!! I am heading to the pool with the girls then out tonight!! So I will type soon with a MUCH better topic!!

Keeping it classy San Fransico!

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