Friday, September 30, 2011

Fondness of Friday Forever!

"A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon"
(My fortune cookie yesterday)


Forgive my poor attempt of being cute as my title.
But it is so corny I may keep rolling with it!
No Shame here as many of you know!!

Well, today I am ALL smiles!!
Even though my sleeping pattern is less than normal.
I feel great!!!

Work is going okay, have alot of stuff in the works..
As many sales people say!
And appreciate anything new I may be getting in these next couple of months.

Not to mention at work today I got surprised!
My manager and the girls up front got me cupcakes and a card for my Bday!
They even sang to me :)

Yes, that's right.. BIRTHDAY!
Not as excited as I have been in the past.
What are really supposed to do with turning 24?

However, I am excited to celebrate next weekend.
All my western KY girls are coming up! & Mixed with my girls here!
Everyone better strap in for this ride!!
Heading to the opening weekend of Keeneland
Going out that night for dinner and exploring the town.
And maybe a little more Keeneland Sunday?

Another major topic is my addiction of SHOPPING!
Thise close to my birthday, it makes no sense.
But I stopped and saw the Kardashian line and had to purchase!!
I have also been checking out some lines at Kohl's like Lauren Conrad and J. LO.
Craving some of it in my life very soon as well!!

This weekend I am helping my dear mommy move for the 1000000 time!
Then coming back Saturday for my bff's wedding!!
And then SUNDAY is the real BIRTHDAY!
But as previously discussed, no SUNDAY FUNDAY is in the works!

Have a blessed day!!
I will leave with this OLD song that I heard walking downtown last weekend!!
Best believe I had to stop and give a solo!!

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