Monday, August 27, 2012

Moments in History

31 years ago...
My brother was born.
I posted for this a year ago. I am sure.
But I do want to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
He is my best friend, my teacher, and my psychologist.
I can't imagine life without him.
I hope his old bones are ready to go HARDD this weekend and head off to vaca as well!! 

Birthday Swag

1 year & 8 days ago..
(Yes, I accidentally missed it)
I was going through a hard time in my life.
When I would talk to my bloggy friends about it,
they would encourage me to start blogging.
They would say 
"It was something like that, that made me want to blog"
So one day.
Sitting in my office.
I decided to.

Looking back a year later.
I am GLAD I did it.
I NEVER thought so many people would come up to me and express how much they loved it.
Or how it helped them get through things.
Or asking me when I would be posting another blog. 
I appreciated all the support.

In the past year, I have had manyyy good times I am thankful for:
Halloween as Snooki and Pauly D with my brother!

Watching the CATS go all the way!!
My Birthday Celebration at Keeneland

and MANNYY crazy nights with these girls!! 

I am excited for another year of blogging.
Trying my best to keep up
keep you informed about my entertaining life 
and maybe make you laugh along the way! 

Thank you for all the support!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

You Think You Know Me??

I agree.. 
Most people who read this know me,
But not inside &out.
You know those unusual things
That I don't tell most people..
So here it goes.

I am seriously scared of Elephants & Cats.
It isn't a joke to me. 
I don't want them near me. 
I don't like the circus. 
I don't like going to houses with cats.
Cats are unpredictable. They are wildlife to me.
Elephants can kill you, with one step.
They are to  big to control and that doesn't need to be around me.

I am seriously so impatient it's scary.
If I text you, best believe I check my phone every 10 seconds to see a response.
If I order something online, I literally stalk it till it arrives.
I would rather fight the crowd, parking and all to leave with things that I want. (Even for Christmas shopping)
I don't even like to browse at stores, get in and get out.
It's horrible

I legit think a nap can cure everything.
{I think I got this from my mom}
Stress at work, a fight with a friend, a headache, being sad, 
my response to all these, go take a nap!!
haha. it's awful
My dad even said to me lately "Meg, a nap won't fix everything"
I strongly disagree.

I have a strong personality.
I think some people don't think I know.
But I do.
When people think of me I want them to think HONEST.
Because that's what I am.
I would NEVER intend to hurt anyone.
But I'm honest.
I like to be loud, and have fun.

I am still scared of the dark.
Do I think that something is going to get me, no!
But it makes me uneasy.
Not being able to see.
At night I sleep with the door open, with a lamp in the living room on
and with my tv on. I mute it but have it on.
It's weird.
And I can't help it! 

So now, you know.
talk to you soon!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Wordless Monday

My work load is high 
and my stress level is higher.
That is why today.
I am not going to say much.

Are the ones worth waiting for. :)
What I am waiting for. Don't Settle. Keep your Standards

love this
What I am trying to do!

Less Talk.. More Action

#love #relationship quotes-in-love
I'm hoping..

love this
LOVE this.


Can I save this on my phone? haha

strength within myself

Great quote!!
Love it.

The Will of God
Good To Remember

I am wore out.
Hope Monday didn't kick ya'll like it  did me!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Letter to Myself

Dear Adolescent Megan, (who thinks she know everything)

Even though right now you KNOW you have it all figured out, you DON'T!

{Looking back almost 25 years ago now}.. I honestly wouldn't change much! 
But here is the advice I WILL give you for throughout your teen years:

* DON'T perm your hair. It looks awful and you have enough curl/wave by it's self. *

* GO to those High School parties. Forgot about that loser boy and go HAVE FUN! Let loose. I promise, you won't regret it! *

* Quit wearing those tall socks, even though you think it makes you look darker, you don't play soccer. *

* Be thankful for those friends you have around you now. Those are the girls who loved you at your ugliest. Respect and Love them. *

* I promise, you don't have as much fashion sense as you think, give everyone a break!! *

* Take more pictures at PROM. Once you get older you will wish you had!

* Be proud of your self for getting most talkative. Don't take it bad. Be PROUD that people felt that comfortable around you and people WANTED to talk to you!

* BE THANKFUL for your mom. Once we got older we realized the "fun parents, are the bad parents"  Somehow we managed to get a mom right in the middle. Don't worry, she will loosen up some more and you will grow to best friends.

* STAY HOME MORE. One day you will look back from your one bedroom apartment and wish you had her and Randy there to talk to, and watch movies with. You will miss it!

Now let go of the expectations, enjoy college, love your brother (he takes good care of you), and talk nice to your daddy (you wouldn't be able to live like this without him)!!! PUT YOUR HANDS UP.. It's about to be a wild, fun ride!! 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

How I make that Money Honey! (Link-Up)

I am literally so excited for think Link up
because I seriously wonder sometimes,
What do some of these fabbb ladies do in their real life!!

So here is my story.. 
This girlll grew up in a smalll town in Western KY.
Where the population lingers around 7500 and the county is completely DRY.
We have a limited amount of stop lights,
and going to Wal Mart was our main entertainment.
Princeton, KY

Literally this is how it looks downtown!

I loved it!
But you can only imagine my excitement and shoockkk
when I moved to Lexington to attend
University of Kentucky Logo
my goodness.. my life went crazyyy
Read more about that HERE
It's a good one!

I graduated in May of 2010 with a degree in 
Hospitality Management.
I had full intentions of working on a cruise
or moving to the coast and working a hotel.
After doing a summer internship here in Lex though.
I decided that probably wasn't for me.
Not to sound snotty, but I like staying in hotels more than I liked working in them. 
My Momma, My Nana (miss her!!), Me and My Daddy!
I then decided to follow in my families foot steps and take a job
with a "Kentucky owned" insurance company.
My dad had been with them for 30 years 
and my brother going on 5. 
and they both LOVED it.. 

After getting school, getting licensed and going through training.
I was ready. 
I officially signed my contract November 1, 2010.
I signed over the next four years of my life 
where I am committed to making quotas or being on the chopping block to loose my job.
There is no forgiveness.

By God's grace I have made it almost two years.
It hasn't always been easy or fun. 
But I am making it!!
I am thankful and blessed to have this good of job out of college.
But I am ready for these two last years to flllyyy by!

and that Honey.. Is how I make my Money!




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