Thursday, August 9, 2012

Letter to Myself

Dear Adolescent Megan, (who thinks she know everything)

Even though right now you KNOW you have it all figured out, you DON'T!

{Looking back almost 25 years ago now}.. I honestly wouldn't change much! 
But here is the advice I WILL give you for throughout your teen years:

* DON'T perm your hair. It looks awful and you have enough curl/wave by it's self. *

* GO to those High School parties. Forgot about that loser boy and go HAVE FUN! Let loose. I promise, you won't regret it! *

* Quit wearing those tall socks, even though you think it makes you look darker, you don't play soccer. *

* Be thankful for those friends you have around you now. Those are the girls who loved you at your ugliest. Respect and Love them. *

* I promise, you don't have as much fashion sense as you think, give everyone a break!! *

* Take more pictures at PROM. Once you get older you will wish you had!

* Be proud of your self for getting most talkative. Don't take it bad. Be PROUD that people felt that comfortable around you and people WANTED to talk to you!

* BE THANKFUL for your mom. Once we got older we realized the "fun parents, are the bad parents"  Somehow we managed to get a mom right in the middle. Don't worry, she will loosen up some more and you will grow to best friends.

* STAY HOME MORE. One day you will look back from your one bedroom apartment and wish you had her and Randy there to talk to, and watch movies with. You will miss it!

Now let go of the expectations, enjoy college, love your brother (he takes good care of you), and talk nice to your daddy (you wouldn't be able to live like this without him)!!! PUT YOUR HANDS UP.. It's about to be a wild, fun ride!! 


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  1. I love this post. It's amazing how we look back at things now and wish we would have done things differently. Usually it is appreciating the people that are closest to us.




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