Monday, June 18, 2012

blogger.. maybe?

Well.. I am really starting to wonder if I was meant for this blogging thing.
I seriously just can't find the time most days.
So I apologize.
Between seeing people out and them asking 
and receiving the texts, like 
"WOMMANNN, why aren't you bloggging"
I have really started to feel bad.. 

But there are a couple of MAIN reasons I'm such a slacker. 
NUMERO UNO: Whit keeps me pretty busy with shenanigans.
She's pretty much my entertainment 

NUMERO DOS:  When I started this blog, I knew people would read it.
But I didn't realize HOW many people would.
People that I would rather not know about my weekend excitement like:

*arguing with a cab driver because I left my phone in his cab.
not to mention he answered it and refused to bring it back to me!
Luckily I have amazing friends like Bec, that called everyone in LEX to find him*

*partying at Drake's with my girls, when literally 3 of the male species from the past showed up.
what a nightmare..
{You can only imagine how much I drank that night}*

*Meeting a dude at Trust whose breath smelt like something died in his mouth.
Instead of walking away like a normal person I whisper to Whit for a 911 piece of gum.
I then proceed to hand it to him, and smile and say "you needed this"
(I bet he would Thank me if he saw me again)*

SEEE my friends.
I wasn't REAL sure how I felt about people asking me about these things.
Especially when you are at a business lunch at Sal's
and someone walks by and says,
"I read your blog.. the Twilight guy story is hilarious" 
{Yeah, I didn't feel very professional}
when your mother says..
"Well, I am having to read your blog to keep up with you these days.."
{as she gives me those judging eyes}
when you go to lunch with a friend 
and she says.. 
"with all the awkward moments you deal with. your blog could be full"
She's right.

SOO... my friends, I am not putting my resignation in yet
but I am trying to figure out what exactly I want to write about,
where I maybe won't be as embarrassed. 
Please realize the above stories are the nicest ones I could tell. 
AHH . maybe that says something about me though?
I'm off to get my life together.
Happy Monday!



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