Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year... New Me

I know starting off that way is so cliche but I really mean it.
Yes, I would thoroughly enjoy to loose weight, do something nice for someone and all those resolutions you see on TV that everyone in the world is making or has made.
But I'm looking completely past that
Let me explain...

I'm wanting to look at the real me.
The one who one gets distracted too easy from work,
Who falls off in the middle of a text message Convo but will get super pissed if anyone else does.
The one who drinks more at one time than a normal person should.
Who gets amused by boys hitting on me but not impressed enough to actually date them.
Who wakes up every Sunday I don't attend church and regrets it.
Yes, this is the real me.
Overall I don't think I'm anything short than a good friend and family member.
But there are some things I would like to change...

-One thing this year has shown me is I'm way too trusting. To trusting of people in my life to not hurt me, to be there when I need them to be, like I try for them. Overall 2012 you humbled me. You showed me that everything that glitters isn't gold and that any person (man or woman) can say all the right things but have their own interest in mind. I need to work on that.

-You showed me that if I don't expect more out of people, I will never get it. 2012 showed me that when I demand so little, that's what I get. Yes, I'm mainly talking about men but its true. 2013 I hope you're ready because I'm expecting more out of every single person in my life or they will be kicked out!!!

-You showed me that I really do have to trust in The Lord with all my soul and with all my might. Otherwise I'm doomed for failure. He really is the way, the truth and the light. He will always be there and will never fail you. So 2013, be ready we are growing in The Lord.

What has the last year taught you guys?
PS. First post from iPad. Ahh




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