Friday, July 20, 2012

I confess..

{Hope you can Handle this}


I confess.. that I am so glad it is ALMOST the weekend.
{Even thought, I have barely worked this week}

I confess.. I wear to much jewelry.
{Right now, it is 4 bracelets, earrings, and a necklace}

I confess.. I have no patience.
{This goes into text conversations, returned phone calls,
waiting for an apt, or even shipping after I purchase something}

I confess.. I hold grudges.
{Do I forgive? Yes. Will I ever forget? NO.}

I confess.. that I have recently cut down my circle of friends.
{Looking back over my blog I realize how many people I used to be close to}
Not so much anymore.
{The bad part, it is solely because I felt like they were bringing me down, at a time that I only need people around to make me feel better}

I confess.. that after driving my dads new explored the past couple days I wanted one.
{Then he told me the payment. after throwing up. 
I decided I'll keep my MKX}

I confess.. I don't trust anyone but my family
{It's seriously bad. 
 I don't even think I have a reason all the time}

I confess.. I don't want a boyfriend.
{for a couple reasons: I like being single, it's fun.
I like not having to worry about someone else's plans.
I like not having my feelings hurt by them}

I confess.. the tradegy that happened in Colorado makes me sick
{seriously, where do these people come from}

I confess.. I had the best time at King's Island Tuesday
{seeing my nephew light up makes my world!}

I confess.. that recently I've realized how much I want kids someday
{NOT NOW. breath Mom, I know you are reading this
but for real tho.}

I confess.. I'm sooo glad DirecTV settled.
{I can finally watch my trash again!}

What do you confess?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Random Finds.

SO I have been so good at blogging lately.
That I wanted to keep up the trend.
However, I am not ready to share my weekend.
I need a little more time for that.

So I am just going to share some finds.
Check out how CUTE these are.
All of these are a MUST 
for my wedding day. 
{whenever that will be in then next 20 years!!}

Yes, This HAS to happen.

So many cute ideas on the website

So True!

This is exactly how I feel. 

Nora Ephron - make some trouble

And my personal favorite.. e-cards


@Kristen Vieck :)))))
My girls!
So. True.

He told me I was crazy.. I have yet to go crazy
My motto.

If those don't make you laugh. You are crazy.
Happy Monday!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Favorites

Linking up again today!Because let us all be REALLL.I can talk about my favorites things anytime!! 

My Favorite Purchase this week...
(yes. I have a shopping problem)
But this was a necessity!

Seriously, as much as I wish I was.. I am by no means endorsed by them.
I have used Caress for as long as I can remember.
But this one, sweet heavenly father, takes the cake on smells!
And it lasts forever.
I can shower at night, sleep and be laying around the next day and still smell it. 
(I understand if you don't read the rest of this post, just so you can go get you some.
Seriously the shiiizzz is that good!!)

My Favorite Event this past week...
Was the Lexington Junior League Horse Show.
I LOVE seeing all the girls and helping out with such a big event. 
If you are from here and you haven't checked it out. You should!

They had Pink Ponies because it was Breast Cancer Survivor Night.
This is Paige, Sam and I setting up tables for the night.

My favorite Pandora Station this week... 
(yes this is a weekly thing) - I seriously CAN'T live without music
Mariah Carey 
I may or may not be taking the long way home just to bust out
"One Sweet Day" or "Always be my Baby"
Despite whatever Home Girl goes through these days..
She is a powerful singer.. 

My Favorite COUNTDOWN..
yes, you heard it.
Don't worry. 
It's not to my birthday,
or vacation,
or Christmas.
It's better than all that..

My Favorite Article of Clothing..
at this moment.
I COULD NOT live without my white jeans.
They are the perfect cross between skinny jeans and leggings,
making them jeggings (I know what you are thinking)
but  they are so much nicer than that.
I can wear them to work with heels, or out with my girls for happy hour or a night out on town.. 
love them!!
You can ALMOST see them here. LOL

My favorite picture.. 
Yep. You heard it.
This bad boy right here...

Do you not look at it and laugh.. 
I sure do!!
That me and my sister, Lauren.
Having a photo shoot. .
"not taking life to serious"

I will be back next week with pictures from this weekend in the Ville!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fortune.. Fortune..

So Friday night, I went out to dinner with some lovely ladies 
to the local PF Changs.
The waiter pretty much GAVE me my fortune cookie..
*meaning I didn't randomly pick from a pile*
Which in my mind, I think that is FATE working even harder 
forrr yourrr girlll!

You can only imagine my surprise when I READ this BELOW!

your girl is about to get a sign of "affection"
which could be a number of things:

1: In a dream world, a gorgeous STUD, sweeping me off my feet, and telling me how he is going to fly me all around the country on vacation.. 
{that's affection right? or maybe that is a grand gesture..}
I'll have to ask my mom.

2. In a perfect world, a handsome gentleman, taking me on a romantic dinner, to only surprise me, with a spa day planned for my girls and I the next day.
{Major Brownies Points.. I AM JUST SAYING!}
That is definitely affection.. right?

3. In the real word, a cute guy, will suddenly making himself known and taking me on a romantic date and then to see a movie.
**hopefully to Movie Tavern.. Your girlll likes to drinkkkk**
{sorry Mom. I know your Shaking Your head}

4. In MY WORLD, no man will appear. 
In some twisted way the Chinese Fortune cookie tellers are playing a sick joke on me.
And I will be at Gattitown with Whitney.. 
Because let us all be real..
[That has happened this week so far]
I will be at the movies with my girlfriends.
dreaming of Magic Mike actors.
Wishing they were my secret admirers. 

Either way.. affection is always accepted. 
wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I am LOVING!!

Well. Hello everyone.
I am doing good this week.
Super Proud of myself.

What this girllll is lovvvvvinggg on this FABBBBB Wednesday is the following:

*I am loving weekends at the pool with my ladies!
Floating around, gossiping, and listening to MUSSSICCC
{In which, we may have had tooo many adulttt bevvviees 
and had a cannon ball contest like we were kids again}*

*I am loving our weekly hacienda nights.
Where my girlfriends and I get together..
to indulge in too many Margaritas and too much queso!
To complain discuss what's going in our lives
what  boy has our heart at the time!*

* I am loving that it is HUMP DAY!
I am so looking forward to this weekend.
I am taking a break from Ol' Lex' Vegas and heading to "the Ville".
(to catch up with an old friend who is getting married!
to party on 4th Street with another dear friend!!)
Check out these hotttt ladies below!*
This Beautiful Girl!!
This is us like 1000 years ago!!
Sneaking into the bar.
It's seriously crazy how much we have been through.
So excited to see her get married next year!!
And this Sexy Lady!!
Ups and Downs.
The only person who can handle my family.
Ready to have a good night with her!!

*I am loving uplifting quotes from Pinterest! 

So much better :D
:) Live. Love. Laugh

So true. yup.
Seriously. True!
Hell yeahhh
I think I just said this.. yesterday?! 

*and of course, I am loving you!!*

Monday, July 9, 2012

Life.. Love.. and Wrong Directions

Have you ever noticed how backwards life and love is?
I am by no means, an expert.
To be honest, you can ask any of my friends and they will tell you
I am a lost duck. Out in this world.. 
But let me say, being single is hard sometimes.
Yes. I am completely comfortable with my self.
I know what I like and don't.
I thoroughly enjoy spending every weekend with my girls causing ruckus 
but sometimes, (which is rare) my mind wonders.

"Am I READY to start settling down?"
"How would my life change if I did have someone special in my life""Will I ever find someone where it will be easy.. without the excess baggage""Could someone really put up with me, bad moods and all??"
{please don't hold those thoughts against me.. I am a girl!! :) }

The part that really confuses me.. is everything seems backwards.
Always a change in direction.
Always a game to play.
*wondering who is going to make the first move and who is going to ride it out and play like they don't care the longest*
For example:

** Why is it we always want the ones who don't want us.
We could careless about the ones who do**
I am seriously so guilty of this.
I have been like this for as long as I can remember.
I've never wanted the guy who pours his heart out to me,
or the guy who I know would do anything for me.
I'm always attracted the jerk guys who could care less if it worked out.
Is it me? or is that how reality is?

**Why is it a girl becomes interested when a guy shows attention.. and  a guy becomes interested when a girl ignores them**
You know it's true.
But please don't get it twisted,
the guy has to show the right amount of attention 
(or she will get turned off)
and the girl has to ignore him only to a certain extent
(or he will think she is uninterested)
No. Wonder. I. Am. Still. Single.

In conclusion.
It seems to me this love and life game is one big balancing act.
Based upon a game no one knows rules to
with too many players
and not enough one man shows.
(There are some metaphors for your aasssssss) :)
So take that Steve Harvey.
So the only I advice I WILL take (most of the time)
to continue to sit over HERE and
"Act Like a Lady"
"Think Like a Man"
"Work like a Boss"
"Party like a Rockstar"

{I know one more.. that also has "star" in it
but with an action my mother would not approve of.
So I'll Refrain.

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hello ALL! 
How you been? Long time no see.. 
Today I will be linking up with the The Bargain Blonde to link up

So here we go!!.. 

This holiday week was definitely a favorite
I LOVE fireworks and
 I think there is nothing more romantic
{to bad} I traded in the man part and just watched 
with my girlfriends at the bigg blue martini..
(in which I paid like 8.50 for an absolute vodka & soda)

My favorite show.. is definitely a HARD one.
but here is definitely the MIX.
RANDOM. REALITY. to sum it up!

My favorite drink.. 
A VODKA SODA with a LIME. Duh?!
My favorite quote concerning this
would come my FAVORITE bad girl:



partygirl,maneater,social media whore.i like vodka soda's & your boyfriend likes me. 

My favorite e-card:

My favorite new hair tool:
the bombshell
which makes my hair look like this:
(Well, usually curlier.. but this was after 1000 degrees down in the pavilion!)
and these pretty girls, (kellie, me and becca!)

My favorite App:
*I'm pretty sure I'm the last person to find out.. 
but if you haven't go GET IT NOW!*
it makes it where I can make fun collages like these:
Photo: Great Night

and my ABSOLUTE favorite thing is
have a good weekend everyone!!



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