Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I am LOVING!!

Well. Hello everyone.
I am doing good this week.
Super Proud of myself.

What this girllll is lovvvvvinggg on this FABBBBB Wednesday is the following:

*I am loving weekends at the pool with my ladies!
Floating around, gossiping, and listening to MUSSSICCC
{In which, we may have had tooo many adulttt bevvviees 
and had a cannon ball contest like we were kids again}*

*I am loving our weekly hacienda nights.
Where my girlfriends and I get together..
to indulge in too many Margaritas and too much queso!
To complain discuss what's going in our lives
what  boy has our heart at the time!*

* I am loving that it is HUMP DAY!
I am so looking forward to this weekend.
I am taking a break from Ol' Lex' Vegas and heading to "the Ville".
(to catch up with an old friend who is getting married!
to party on 4th Street with another dear friend!!)
Check out these hotttt ladies below!*
This Beautiful Girl!!
This is us like 1000 years ago!!
Sneaking into the bar.
It's seriously crazy how much we have been through.
So excited to see her get married next year!!
And this Sexy Lady!!
Ups and Downs.
The only person who can handle my family.
Ready to have a good night with her!!

*I am loving uplifting quotes from Pinterest! 

So much better :D
:) Live. Love. Laugh

So true. yup.
Seriously. True!
Hell yeahhh
I think I just said this.. yesterday?! 

*and of course, I am loving you!!*

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  1. You are too cute!! I too love pool weekends- hope you have a great week and get to enjoy the weekend!




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