Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fortune.. Fortune..

So Friday night, I went out to dinner with some lovely ladies 
to the local PF Changs.
The waiter pretty much GAVE me my fortune cookie..
*meaning I didn't randomly pick from a pile*
Which in my mind, I think that is FATE working even harder 
forrr yourrr girlll!

You can only imagine my surprise when I READ this BELOW!

your girl is about to get a sign of "affection"
which could be a number of things:

1: In a dream world, a gorgeous STUD, sweeping me off my feet, and telling me how he is going to fly me all around the country on vacation.. 
{that's affection right? or maybe that is a grand gesture..}
I'll have to ask my mom.

2. In a perfect world, a handsome gentleman, taking me on a romantic dinner, to only surprise me, with a spa day planned for my girls and I the next day.
{Major Brownies Points.. I AM JUST SAYING!}
That is definitely affection.. right?

3. In the real word, a cute guy, will suddenly making himself known and taking me on a romantic date and then to see a movie.
**hopefully to Movie Tavern.. Your girlll likes to drinkkkk**
{sorry Mom. I know your Shaking Your head}

4. In MY WORLD, no man will appear. 
In some twisted way the Chinese Fortune cookie tellers are playing a sick joke on me.
And I will be at Gattitown with Whitney.. 
Because let us all be real..
[That has happened this week so far]
I will be at the movies with my girlfriends.
dreaming of Magic Mike actors.
Wishing they were my secret admirers. 

Either way.. affection is always accepted. 
wish me luck!

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  1. haha! good luck doll!


    have a good night!




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