Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let me Just Tell You..

Well, Let me just tell ya...

I have gotten to accustomed to having a roommate.
I was literally SOO busy last week with meetings, the Horse Show, and etc. 
That I barely saw my pretty roommate. 
But this week, now that she has abandoned me..
{You know, like left me in lonely, sweltering LEXINGTON,
with no beach here, or water, besides the pool.. 
No seafood, no sand, no nothing.. 
to act how ever I want.. (lord help us all)}
I thought I would be semi productive, last night.
and try to tackle my laundry that has been
building up for weeks now.
Lord. That was a bad idea. 

I also bought some wine.. 
and thought how I was going to 
take a long bubble bath, with candles lit, soft music playing.
{if your envisioning this, like I am at the moment...
go far away from romantic bubble bath, to calm and relaxing..
even might find some cucumbers to put over 
my eyes, type of bubble bath}

INSTEAD. being the drunk crazy girl I am..
Drank the whole bottle of wine. 
While watching the Good Wife...
and then proceeded to facetime my parents.

Which went something like this. 
DAD: Why are your teeth so dark in the facetime?
ME: *while hiding my teeth* I don't know. Bad Lighting?
DAD: hmm. That's weird. Donna come look at how Megan's teeth and mouth look...
ME: well, I better go...
DAD: just wait.
DONNA: I'm pretty sure that's from wine.. 
How much red wine have you had?
Your teeth and mouth don't usually discolor.. 
ME: Def. time to go now.
DAD: oh lord, you're drinking at home.. by yourself..
ME: Well, Love ya. Gotta go.. 
DAD: yeah yeah, love you too..

It's a given folks.
My parents worry about me.
It was an accident. I'm so serious.
One minute. I was pouring my first glass.
The next I was throwing away the bottle with purple teeth.

The ending to this story is..
My roommate needs to come home.
I'm not buying any more wine till she does.
My head still hurts at 3:30 PM.
I slept A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 
But had no bubble bath. 
Maybe I'll do that tonight?

Until next time...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was as amazing as ever...
I took off Friday afternoon at 3 pm and went to the pool for a bit.
It has seriously stormed for 3 weeks here in KY 
and I was positive I was losing my tan.

After being at the pool, I took a two hour nap.
Folks, that just isn't me.
I seriously think I felt worse after it.

However, after pulling myself together,
I went downtown and met my brother and his friends for a couple hours.
They are seriously crazy and by the time I left my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. 
I wish I would have taken pictures but I forgot.. Imagine that.

Saturday I slept in.
Which was glorious in it's self.
And then headed to Nashville with Whit.
We, of course, had to stop halfway there for snacks.
which looked like this:
Cheetos, Budweiser, and Code Red Mountain Dew. 
photo 1.JPG

I know you are probably the least surprised. 
We got to our room, which was scary in it's self. 
and got ready to head downtown..
in which I took this amazing selfie..
photo 2.JPG

excuse me. Nice lazy eye and weird lip pose. 
Gross! Least I can laugh about it right?

we grabbed some food, vodka of course, and headed to the concert.
We were seriously so close!!! I was freaking out!!
The only bad parts were that my wedges KILLED my feet by the end of the show, and beers were TEN dollars. 
{um, excuse me, I'm ballin' on a budget here}
The concert however, WAS AMAZING!!
photo 5.PNG

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 4.PNG

{Sorry.. Totally had to steal those from @whitneybit 's instagram}

I seriously had the best time!!
But yet, just another sign I am getting old.. 
We didn't even go out that night. 
Whitney had to catch a plane for South Carolina 
and my OCD was in full effect about the hotel room.
So we decided for me to take Whitney on to the airport and for me to go ahead and drive back.
needless to say I didn't get back to lex till 7 am. 
But laying down in my CLEAN bed made it worth it to me! 

Yesterday, I slept from about 7 am, to 1. 
and then made it to the pool for a couple of hours.
I was beat so I came back to the house and watched 5 episodes of the good wife. (I'm obsessed)
and snuggled with this boy while his momma was gone.
photo 3.JPG
{excuse my appearance}

Needless to say, I'm still beat. 
And turned off all my alarms this morning.
But it was worth it!
Check out this video of B and look how close I was!!

Hope you have a great MONDAY!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

well.. Hello There.
Thought I would actually blog today.. 

Here we go: 
I confess.. I haven't blogged in... oh approximately 3 freakin' months.. what the hayyy is wrong with me? 
I've just been so busy though.. yikes. 

I confess.. TOMORROW.. You heard.. ME! TOMORROW I'm going to see this bad bia below in Nashville. Ya'll don't know. I might cry, pass out, scream my head off, lose my mind at this concert.. She is my every single #womancrushwednesday and #thebaddestbiaAROUND and any other hashtagg necessary!! 

don't worry.. I've listened to Beyonce Pandora all week .. and any time I type her name with my phone it auto corrects to BEYONCE in all caps. Because my phone obviously knows me that well.. CAN"T> WAIT!

I confess.. I might really be enjoying these instagram videos.. If you don't follow me, you should! (meggie_1002) BUTTT  check out my
  'merica video <--- with my friends and I!!!!
I had such a good weekend last weekend. 
I took off Friday and even though I didn't make it to the pool at ALL. I still drank way to much and saw my brother and all my wonderful friends. Not to mention I spent the majority of the fourth at HOOTERS.. how much more American can ya get? 

I confess.. I've worked the Junior League Horse Show all week..
(Which is an AMAZING event!)
I'm wore slickkk out from work and then going there after!!
I'm ready to relax tonight before tomorrow!

I confess.. I just wanna show ya some pictures from lately!!
so enjoy! and XOXO

Talk to ya soon!! Have a good weekend!!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Heaven Is for Real

Have you read it?
If not, go now, RUN and download.
It's an easy, INTERESTING Read.

As many of you know, 
and as I wrote on here a couple of months ago.
This past year I lost my Nana.
Who was the strongest woman I know.

After her death, I REALLY struggled with the question 
of if I would ever see her again? Would we recongize people in heaven?
Was she up there all alone even though my pappaw was there?

So much that I interrogated every member of my family about it.
My dad emailed a local pastor who replied, with scripture, 
that answered my questions in a small way.
Yes, I realize how important scripture is but it didn't give me the peace I needed.

Now, I'll show you how my God is so patient with me.
I bought this book above LITERALLY 2 years ago.
I was 6 months into my job and wanted a good devotional to help with stress, and working etc.
When I went to the Christian Book Store (that I stumbled into after getting my eye brows waxed) I bought a devotional and this book, because it was all over the place and was at number 1. 
I read the first 15 pages and then put it down. 
Never to touch again.

Fast Forward to now.
When I moved AGAIN (March 1st) 
the book literally got STUCK in my nightstand.
After surfacing again, I kept thinking, MAN, I want to read that  book.
Well this week I am working up front at my office.
Which means I'm grounded here 8-5.
I decided to take a little break from my contract and just work up front.
(since I was constantly putting my stuff down to service people)
Today I wanted to start a good book on my iPad to entertain me between customers.
I downloaded this one.
and read it all today.

It's that good!
Needless to say, I had to come back to my office because at parts I was overwhelmed with tears, and thankfulness.
It is so amazing to serve a God like mine.
I now have this overbearing peace that my nana is okay.
And waiting to see me someday!!
She probably is her young, beautiful self. 
Before all the hurt and sickness was there.
She probably has her hair fixed to a T and is belting out that giggle that you could hear from the next room. 
So now I will say, God sure gained a wonderful Angel back.
I can only imagine how big her wings are!!! 

So take my advice.
Go. Read. It. Now.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

:: Friday Confessionals :: link-up

Obviously, I am a day late!
But.. Here goes nothing!!
I confess.. I haven't blogged in so long!!
And I miss it!!
I confess.. I went to Florida last week and it was so nice!
Instead of coming back feeling better,
I came back to full blown seasonal depression.
It's toooo cold for me!!
I confess.. I moved into a new place.
And I absolutely love it and my roomie.
Not to mention, I got new bedding inwhich I am in love with!
I confess.. I have a shopping problem.
I went to the same store three times last week and bought stuff every time!
I confess.. I finally cleaned out my dresser and chest.
Which took a while and ended up in almost two bags of clothes.
I confess.. boys hurt your feelings.
This whole dating thing is hard and stressful.
Yet again, I've decided that I may go on a break from it all.
(oh.. Did I mention that already?)
But seriously, pool days, margaritas, tans, sandals.
I want it all.
I confess.. It was so nice talking to you all again!
Let's do this again soon!!
Link Up Here: Confessional Friday

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year... New Me

I know starting off that way is so cliche but I really mean it.
Yes, I would thoroughly enjoy to loose weight, do something nice for someone and all those resolutions you see on TV that everyone in the world is making or has made.
But I'm looking completely past that
Let me explain...

I'm wanting to look at the real me.
The one who one gets distracted too easy from work,
Who falls off in the middle of a text message Convo but will get super pissed if anyone else does.
The one who drinks more at one time than a normal person should.
Who gets amused by boys hitting on me but not impressed enough to actually date them.
Who wakes up every Sunday I don't attend church and regrets it.
Yes, this is the real me.
Overall I don't think I'm anything short than a good friend and family member.
But there are some things I would like to change...

-One thing this year has shown me is I'm way too trusting. To trusting of people in my life to not hurt me, to be there when I need them to be, like I try for them. Overall 2012 you humbled me. You showed me that everything that glitters isn't gold and that any person (man or woman) can say all the right things but have their own interest in mind. I need to work on that.

-You showed me that if I don't expect more out of people, I will never get it. 2012 showed me that when I demand so little, that's what I get. Yes, I'm mainly talking about men but its true. 2013 I hope you're ready because I'm expecting more out of every single person in my life or they will be kicked out!!!

-You showed me that I really do have to trust in The Lord with all my soul and with all my might. Otherwise I'm doomed for failure. He really is the way, the truth and the light. He will always be there and will never fail you. So 2013, be ready we are growing in The Lord.

What has the last year taught you guys?
PS. First post from iPad. Ahh


Friday, November 30, 2012

The Scoop.

The good news is, I am alive.
I haven't blogged in sometime but life has just been cray cray!! 

So here's to catch you up:

Has thankfully been steady.
November and December ALWAYS make me nervous,
people aren't focused on my industry as much,
and more on gifts, family and fun. (as they should be)
But sometimes this does worry me.
But, today is November 30, and I've hit my numbers!
Thankful to God for that one!! 
and a couple angels too, who sent me some business!!

I got to see all the fam..
Had tooo many drinks, even more food and lots of laughs!!
*Which has motivated me to workout every day this week*
(insert patting myself on the back)
I also took this dandy while home.

Yes, this is really from my Dad's back porch.
Now you know why I get homesick every now and then.
It was so warm! 
We sat on the back porch and had happy hour as soon as we got there!!
I also made it to moms after partying to hard with this pretty girl!
I thought this was the best picture out of 10.
Guess my vision was already blurry. haha!!
After getting to moms, I got to cuddle with my two favorite pups.
Yorkie Love!!
All in all, it was a great Thanksgiving!!
Not to mention I had spent the last 3 weekends with my mom,
and we didn't kill each other!!
I actually miss her already this weekend!!

Well first things first..
I got frisky and decided I needed a change!!
I needed to cleanse my self of somethings and some people.
So I did!
I have taken down photos, cleaned carpets and ...
changed my hair!!
Nothing crazy, just a little sassy-ness added.
I decided to go ombre'
Which I won't lie.. I LOVE!
I seriously love it slightly curled, straight, pulled up whatever.
It's always a little sassy. 
This picture also doesn't show you the full length of it.
She cut the minimal off but thinned it and gave me a couple shorter bangs in the front. 
I couldn't love it more.
Lex Ladies, if your interested:
go check out Ainslie Walton @ Darrell's Hair Salon.
She's fair priced, easy to work with, and I have NEVER been disappointed.

I also decided to put my Christmas Tree up.
Thankfully, Whitney came over and helped.
I think putting up a tree alone, is just sad!
Here is my finished product:

I'm one of those people who, lay around and stare at it. I must admit! 

I also have been obsessed with sayings and e cards lately.
If you follow me on instagram (meggie_1002) you have seen some of these.
If not, you will enjoy!!

Funny Workplace Ecard: I work so I can afford the amount of alcohol required to continue going to work.

Love all these!!!
Sorry about all the single ones,
but you have to admit it's hard to be single around the holidays.
Facebook, twitter, everywhere you look is consumed with happy relationship and people taking that extra step.
Sometimes I need to remind myself that even though it would be easy
to settle, you just can't allow yourself.

that's what's up with me.
I'll be heading to a Stella Dot Jewelry party,
(hopefully I won't go broke)
and then who knows what else my weekend holds for me.




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