Friday, November 30, 2012

The Scoop.

The good news is, I am alive.
I haven't blogged in sometime but life has just been cray cray!! 

So here's to catch you up:

Has thankfully been steady.
November and December ALWAYS make me nervous,
people aren't focused on my industry as much,
and more on gifts, family and fun. (as they should be)
But sometimes this does worry me.
But, today is November 30, and I've hit my numbers!
Thankful to God for that one!! 
and a couple angels too, who sent me some business!!

I got to see all the fam..
Had tooo many drinks, even more food and lots of laughs!!
*Which has motivated me to workout every day this week*
(insert patting myself on the back)
I also took this dandy while home.

Yes, this is really from my Dad's back porch.
Now you know why I get homesick every now and then.
It was so warm! 
We sat on the back porch and had happy hour as soon as we got there!!
I also made it to moms after partying to hard with this pretty girl!
I thought this was the best picture out of 10.
Guess my vision was already blurry. haha!!
After getting to moms, I got to cuddle with my two favorite pups.
Yorkie Love!!
All in all, it was a great Thanksgiving!!
Not to mention I had spent the last 3 weekends with my mom,
and we didn't kill each other!!
I actually miss her already this weekend!!

Well first things first..
I got frisky and decided I needed a change!!
I needed to cleanse my self of somethings and some people.
So I did!
I have taken down photos, cleaned carpets and ...
changed my hair!!
Nothing crazy, just a little sassy-ness added.
I decided to go ombre'
Which I won't lie.. I LOVE!
I seriously love it slightly curled, straight, pulled up whatever.
It's always a little sassy. 
This picture also doesn't show you the full length of it.
She cut the minimal off but thinned it and gave me a couple shorter bangs in the front. 
I couldn't love it more.
Lex Ladies, if your interested:
go check out Ainslie Walton @ Darrell's Hair Salon.
She's fair priced, easy to work with, and I have NEVER been disappointed.

I also decided to put my Christmas Tree up.
Thankfully, Whitney came over and helped.
I think putting up a tree alone, is just sad!
Here is my finished product:

I'm one of those people who, lay around and stare at it. I must admit! 

I also have been obsessed with sayings and e cards lately.
If you follow me on instagram (meggie_1002) you have seen some of these.
If not, you will enjoy!!

Funny Workplace Ecard: I work so I can afford the amount of alcohol required to continue going to work.

Love all these!!!
Sorry about all the single ones,
but you have to admit it's hard to be single around the holidays.
Facebook, twitter, everywhere you look is consumed with happy relationship and people taking that extra step.
Sometimes I need to remind myself that even though it would be easy
to settle, you just can't allow yourself.

that's what's up with me.
I'll be heading to a Stella Dot Jewelry party,
(hopefully I won't go broke)
and then who knows what else my weekend holds for me.


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