Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Currently.. I am.. {Borrowed}

HELLO ALL!! How is your Tuesday going!? Mine is as good as,
 Starbucks when it's freezing out side.. Oh hello, like today!! :) 
I borrowed this little number from the beautiful Keep Calm and Carry On because I SERIOUSLLLLLY had writers block today!!
 Not to mention, my new goal is to blog as often and as much as possible!!!
So after you get done, go on and check hers out too!! 

Reading: *a million emails from work. Being out all week is never fun, especially when you forget to set up your "Out of Office" and everyone thinks you are ignoring them!! *Buttttt, in my spare time I am seriously reading every trashy novel I can get my hands on.. (well that my Kindle can download) 50 shades as turned me into a monster. There is my confession for today as well!

Watching: Let me tell you, currently I am not only obsessed with the Voice (#teamBlake. #futureHubby) but I have really gotten into "Guys with Kids" It seriously makes me laugh and is such a nice break from the reality TV. Plus all my regulars (Greys Anatomy, Real Housewives of Atlanta (#teamCRAY), Jersey Shore..) I'm a little embarrassed now.. 

Thinking About: My devotional this morning. I bought this new app of Daily Devotionals for Women and I seriously, can't get enough!! It is the first thing I do in the morning, (even before social media, now) Here is just a snap shop from it. Hope it touches someone like it did me!! 

Loving: My arm candy. Now here is the story, I would always see on Pinterest and Instagram everyone's amazing bracelets and I would want them so bad!! In the last couple of months tho, I finally got it how I wanted and have some flexibility with it. I really do love the new "stacking" thing though!! (FYI my stepmom told me that was the "thing" back when she was young, and now its  back) --->either way, me likeyyy!!

Looking Forward To: The weekend!!! (Yes, I'm aware it's only Tuesday) BUT it's my nephew's birthday celebration and you know his Auntie Meg has to always have the best gift!! We have a full day of laser tag, football game and maybe ice skating ahead!!! Seriously, love spending time with my family!! I am so blessed.. A little sad though, my boy is going to be 10 years old!! AHH.. Guessing I'm heading to Toy-r-US to buy some "Skylanders" (I've bought so many, they send me exclusive coupons for them..#bestauntie!)

Wondering: How many people read my blog!! I seriously love every text, email and comment I get though!! For the couple of months I barely blogged, I would always get the question why I had stopped. Time is scarce these days, and the out of all the positive feedback I have gotten, the negativity is there too!

Cooking/Baking: Umm.... I'm lacking, let's be honest. I am a single gal, it's very seldom I cook anything more than some grilled chicken and mash potatoes! Dinner consists of leftovers, turkey sandwiches or a lean cuisine. I like to think I'm enjoying not cooking now, so someday when I'm married I won't mind it as much!! haha! :) 

Disliking: the cold weather. What happened to fall? I mean last week it's 70 degrees, this week it is in the low 40's. What in the world. I would love to not have to wear a jacket EVERYWHERE just yet. 

Making Me Happy: my wonderful friends!! I seriously, have the best group of girls in my life. When I had my surgery, I had countless texts, cards and visitors. I had friends bringing stuff by my house and running errands for me. I am honestly at a point in my life when I would rather have 5 or 6 GREAT friends then a bunch of shady ones. I'm thankful for the good ones and saying goodbye to the bad ones. God has definitely shaken me till I got the message. 
Wishing you and reminding you: Be thankful always!! It's so easy to focus on the stress, the busy schedule, the bills that are due or the boy that didn't call (or the husband getting on your nerves) but stop, take a second and remember what you do have!! 


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  1. Aw thank you for the shoutout girl! :) Loved your post as well!! my friends make me happy too!




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