Monday, November 12, 2012

God is Great. Beer is Good. People are Crazy

God is Great. 

Beer is Good. 

People are Crazy.

No, but really!
Flipping through Satelite Radio this song was playing 
and it seriously explains my life right now.
Let me explain.

God is Great

Seriously. He IS! 
When I sit back and think about it, it literally BLOWS my mind.
How he could sacrifice his son for us.
While knowing our hearts, our flaws 
and how many times we would disappoint him.
He loves us more than I could ever imagine.
Living Christ-like is hard.
So many temptations and there are so many ways I fail him.
All I can say is he knows my heart, and I am forever grateful.

Beer is Good.

Yes, I do feel a little hypocritical writing about this one right after another,
but I didn't write the song, blame it on Billy.
Like I said, God knows my heart.. 
(but my mom is going to be disappointed still)
Side note:
Here is Billy, for all you Ladies viewing pleasure..

You're welcome.
my goodnessss!!!
(I might put that as my desktop picture.. but then I may not get any work done!!)
Last week I had "minor" oral surgery.
Minor which turned MAJOR.
I literally was out of work all week.
Dying, and on Narcotics for pain. (prescribed of course :) )
Due to the medicine, I couldn't drink.
Now this girl is one who appreciates a glass bottle of wine after work
or a couple 5 beers with friends.
Now, I'll be honest, so I don't start getting emails telling me to go to AA.
The first 3 or 4 days while I felt so bad I didn't care.
Honestly, I didn't even think about it.
But over the weekend while I was on a smaller dosage of pain meds
and feeling like my self again, I MISSED IT.
I mean, eating Mexican food without at LEAST a beer? 
*where do they do that at?*
Yes, maybe I slipped a couple. I won't lie.
But NOW,
I'm back!!!!!!!
I might have some beers after work. 
I'll leave it up to your imagination! 

People are Crazy.

Tell me if you disagree.
Nope, I didn't think so!
You want an example?
------>Here I am sitting in the Panera drive thru TODAY..
when I look behind me and there is a lady.
Bundled up in a coat.
Smoking a cig.
In the Rain.
While ordering. 
Then proceeds, to walk slowly behind my car.
Yes, my friends she WALKED through the Panera drive thru.
I  couldn't decide if I wanted to ask her if she wanted to get in my car,
or tell her to get her priorities in line.
In reality, I did nothing. 
I got my soup and salad and drove off
(but not before watching her pay, and the look on the girl's face)

Well I gotta goooo!! 
Hope you all survived Monday!! 
I'm playing catch up..
and that's never fun! 


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