Friday, November 16, 2012

Confessional Friday: {Link-UP}

  • I confess- I'm literally so excited I'm finally having a good hair day.
  • I confess- My patience has been on zero all week. I know it's bad but people are just really rubbing me the wrong way.
  • I confess- Maybe I am in an all out bad mood. 
  • I confess- I spent way to much money at Toys R Us for my nephews birthday. I am so excited for him to open his presents.
  • I confess- I'm only working two days next week. FAMILY time, finally!
  • I confess- Today I'm finally getting to watch Twilight and then rushing to meet some more friends to watch the game!!
  • I confess- I haven't done laundry or went to the grocery all week. #SorryI'mNOTSorry
  • I confess- One of my LEX besties is going to be staying 15 min. away from my dads house over the holidays!!! and we are going to get willlddd Wednesday night. Couldn't be more excited!!
  • I confess- I love this link up with Leslie! so get on over there and check her out!!! 

Well I G2G.. Try and improve this mood!
Looks like day #2 at the mall for me!!

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