Thursday, April 4, 2013

Heaven Is for Real

Have you read it?
If not, go now, RUN and download.
It's an easy, INTERESTING Read.

As many of you know, 
and as I wrote on here a couple of months ago.
This past year I lost my Nana.
Who was the strongest woman I know.

After her death, I REALLY struggled with the question 
of if I would ever see her again? Would we recongize people in heaven?
Was she up there all alone even though my pappaw was there?

So much that I interrogated every member of my family about it.
My dad emailed a local pastor who replied, with scripture, 
that answered my questions in a small way.
Yes, I realize how important scripture is but it didn't give me the peace I needed.

Now, I'll show you how my God is so patient with me.
I bought this book above LITERALLY 2 years ago.
I was 6 months into my job and wanted a good devotional to help with stress, and working etc.
When I went to the Christian Book Store (that I stumbled into after getting my eye brows waxed) I bought a devotional and this book, because it was all over the place and was at number 1. 
I read the first 15 pages and then put it down. 
Never to touch again.

Fast Forward to now.
When I moved AGAIN (March 1st) 
the book literally got STUCK in my nightstand.
After surfacing again, I kept thinking, MAN, I want to read that  book.
Well this week I am working up front at my office.
Which means I'm grounded here 8-5.
I decided to take a little break from my contract and just work up front.
(since I was constantly putting my stuff down to service people)
Today I wanted to start a good book on my iPad to entertain me between customers.
I downloaded this one.
and read it all today.

It's that good!
Needless to say, I had to come back to my office because at parts I was overwhelmed with tears, and thankfulness.
It is so amazing to serve a God like mine.
I now have this overbearing peace that my nana is okay.
And waiting to see me someday!!
She probably is her young, beautiful self. 
Before all the hurt and sickness was there.
She probably has her hair fixed to a T and is belting out that giggle that you could hear from the next room. 
So now I will say, God sure gained a wonderful Angel back.
I can only imagine how big her wings are!!! 

So take my advice.
Go. Read. It. Now.




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