Friday, May 25, 2012

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry

This has literally became my favorite saying lately,
because most of the time, 
when I say something I shouldn't,
I am really not sorry. 

So here it goes...

Sorry I'm Not Sorry... 
that I literally did NOTHING 
last weekend but go to the pool
and lay on the couch.

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I read Fifty Shades of Grey
in literally 3 days.

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I often read text messages 
and decide not to answer.

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I NEVER listen to voice mails
unless it's for work. 

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I am ADDICTED to Mexican Food.
mmm.. queso, chicken fajitas...

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I drank a bottle of wine all by myself
one night this week. (or maybe two?)

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That even though I have been sick for two days,
but I want to go out tonight.
I may be hospitalized afterwards but I need some FUN

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I'm sick of people in my life that bring nothing to the table.
If you aren't part of the solution you are the problem.

I think that covers all the major points.
I decided to leave out the nasty comments that 
shouldn't be posted. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend..
I know I will!! It's a long one folks and I will be by the pool!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Well hello there?! Remember me!? haha

I actually have nothing to catch you all up on. 
Not much has changed.. 
Just Living Life! 
Therefore, I am just going to jump right in!


**Fifty Shades of Grey.. 
I did it.
I finally jumped on the bandwagon
and started reading it.
I 100% agree that it is a sexual book but it does hold your attention.
and for a single gal like me, what am I hurting? **

 **Usher pandora..
Hear it from me first,
I can't stop.
Something about listening to, 
"You got it bad"
"You remind me"
"Nice and Slow"
Just makes me in the best mood at the drive at 5!**

**Turkey Sandwiches..
Starting last Friday, 
I vowed to myself to STOP eating out so much.
Not only is it bad for me but it's bad for the bank account.
Therefore, I have been eating at home for every meal!!
Which has lead to Protein Shakes in the AM,
Turkey Sandwiches for lunch
Cooking something for dinner!
Wish me luck!! **

**This man!!.. 
Tomorrow is his Birthday! 
And since I am sure I won't make it then 
I better go ahead and do a shout out!
I seriously, have the best Daddy in the whole world.
He is ALWAYS there for me even when I don't deserve it!**

Allison Thurman
** This girl too!!
Tomorrow is her Birthday too!!
Allison puts up with me ALL the time.
She has helped me through heart breaks,
listened to crazy stories about my life
and HAS my back completely.
Love her!**

Voted 2011 Best Apartment Community in Lexington!
Last weekend, luckily
my pool opened.
I laid by there all weekend!!
Finally got some real sun 
and enjoyed catching up with some friends!**

Hope everyone is having a good week!
Keep smiling because it's hump day
and MONDAY is a holiday!!
(yeahhh no workie!!)


Monday, May 7, 2012

Best Friends

a friend.

The last two weekends have been amazing. 
I have seen all of my life long friends.
I can honestly say,
sometimes I want to CHOKE them,
sometimes I want to hold them while they are hurting,
sometimes I want to just sit and talk with them,
sometimes I question their decisions
but I love them ALL the time.

I have amazing friends through and through
but this certain small circle of girls 
have been around forever.
I don't know many people who can say they have been best friends since 2nd grade
but we all have. 

They know my every fault, (whether it's my lack of patience or getting too attached)
they know what I am thinking before I even say it.
And with that, I am truly blessed.
So here goes my last two weekends through pictures...

Love, Love Love!! 
Hope you all had a great weekend,
as well.
Now.. Back to Monday! *YUCK*

Best Friend quotes



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