Monday, May 7, 2012

Best Friends

a friend.

The last two weekends have been amazing. 
I have seen all of my life long friends.
I can honestly say,
sometimes I want to CHOKE them,
sometimes I want to hold them while they are hurting,
sometimes I want to just sit and talk with them,
sometimes I question their decisions
but I love them ALL the time.

I have amazing friends through and through
but this certain small circle of girls 
have been around forever.
I don't know many people who can say they have been best friends since 2nd grade
but we all have. 

They know my every fault, (whether it's my lack of patience or getting too attached)
they know what I am thinking before I even say it.
And with that, I am truly blessed.
So here goes my last two weekends through pictures...

Love, Love Love!! 
Hope you all had a great weekend,
as well.
Now.. Back to Monday! *YUCK*

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  1. Seeing old friends again would be wonderful <3 Want to follow each other?? let me know!!

    Belle De Jour




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