Friday, May 25, 2012

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry

This has literally became my favorite saying lately,
because most of the time, 
when I say something I shouldn't,
I am really not sorry. 

So here it goes...

Sorry I'm Not Sorry... 
that I literally did NOTHING 
last weekend but go to the pool
and lay on the couch.

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I read Fifty Shades of Grey
in literally 3 days.

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I often read text messages 
and decide not to answer.

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I NEVER listen to voice mails
unless it's for work. 

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I am ADDICTED to Mexican Food.
mmm.. queso, chicken fajitas...

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I drank a bottle of wine all by myself
one night this week. (or maybe two?)

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That even though I have been sick for two days,
but I want to go out tonight.
I may be hospitalized afterwards but I need some FUN

Sorry I'm Not Sorry...
That I'm sick of people in my life that bring nothing to the table.
If you aren't part of the solution you are the problem.

I think that covers all the major points.
I decided to leave out the nasty comments that 
shouldn't be posted. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend..
I know I will!! It's a long one folks and I will be by the pool!

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