Saturday, December 31, 2011

::** 11 things in 2011 **::

2011 was quite a YEAR..
Let me just tell you!
Things changed for the good and for the bad.
Somethings I didn't expect.
But the good news is that I am happier than ever.
SOOO here we go...

1. I got a year under my belt with my job.
there were times I was so frustrated, worried and stress.
but the good news is I got a year finished.
and only 3 more till I am done.
Got to stay positive.

2. I bought my FIRST car.
technically, I did this at the end of last year but it just really hit me the responsibility of it all.
making sure the work is done on it.
and that it is taken care.
I absolutely love it though!
Not the best on gas (hopefully that price will go down in 2012)

3. I gave up the rental house I was renting and moved to an apartment.
It was a downgrade. a major downgrade. not how nice it is but the room.
my closet is now shoved into a little half walkin.
it's pretty rough. but other than that I love it.
I moved to a nicer area and I feel safer.
which ironically looks like this.

4. I loved and I lost.
as you all should know from the blog.
I thought I had the met one but after breaking up,
being knocked down, and trying to find my way I am now better
than EVER. I am happy and thankful for how things worked out.

5. I started this BLOG!
I never thought I would get so much feedback.
or people saying now they want to blog.
or I gave them strenght to make decisions in your life.
it's awesome and I never want to stop.

6. I've made some great memories with my friends!
It's amazing to me no matter how much time passes
where we all live
what we all go through.
our friendship never ends!

7. We made Ft. Myers/Naples area our new family spot.
For as long as I can remember we have went to Destin.
This year dad sold that condo and I sadly let it go.
We now have a condo in Ft. Myers and we took our first family trip there.
he is now looking at Naples and I'm excited to see what the future holds in that department.

8. I dyed my hair back natural
now I'm carefree without worrying about roots.
I'm getting used to it.

9. Kelsey May is still doing good.
sweet and adorable
cuddled up like always.
I am so thankful for her.
she's such good company

10. I've become addicted to music.
I have to have something playing all the time.
whether I'm in the shower, car or working out.
You should try it.
11. I am going out on New Year's Eve
First time in....Lexington.
can you believe that?
I've always been to house parties or with a boy who had to work.
this year should get interesting.
hold on to your party pants!
probably look something like this :)

but this is for you all!!!!!


Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Review

So, I have been reading, all of the amazing bloggers review of Christmas.
Of course, mine is a little late
But better late than never, right?

As we discussed my holidays are CRAY CRAY
(new word.. derived from the rap song "that shhttt cray") 
just FYI 

So I left out on Friday the 23rd. 
Heading to my dads in Henderson. 
(which is about 3 and half hours away from Lex)
Ended up dropping off my dog and my brothers car on the way there. 
When we got there my step mommy and dad were running around crazy.
Dad was going to get my Nana and the S.M (for short) was getting groceries and beverages for everyone (such a perfect host)
The bro. and I decided to stop at the world Famous Mr. B's (which is only in Henderson)
for some beer and wings to start of the holiday real healthy.
When walking in I forgot just how Western Ky is.
EVERYONE smiles, speaks and waves. 
It's a little touch that makes me miss back home.
But then there is the culture shock that makes me realize how accustomed to Lex I really am.
Such as, no beverage napkin with my beer.. Not a coaster, no nothing.
Just slap here is bud light draft.. 
I look over a the table next to us and there sits a PITCHER. yes a PITCHER of sweet tea for the table of two. I giggled. Not going to lie 
Not to mention I saw the  BEST comb over I have ever seen on a 60 year old man. Not only a comb-over but a BLOND comb over.
I was pretty impressed.
I even had to grab my brother and nod to him. 
(you know in the not so obvious way) 

When getting home.
the S. M. informed us that since Nana was coming all alcohol would be served at drink stations.
Yes, you heard me.
Now please don't get the wrong idea.
We aren't really raging  alcohies 
But we didn't want to upset or offend my nana.
and come on, it was the holidays!
S.M. told bro and I that our station was upstairs in his bedroom.
I even took a picture for you guys!
photo 1.JPG
On the table. Yes, that is my brother's bed.
Ice bucket, solo cups, a stirrer

photo 2.JPG
The options, sitting right below the desk

Honestly. It gives me a headache just looking at it.
I took WAY to much advantage of this the first night. 
Somehow I was in the vodka & wine. 
I really should be smarter than that by now. 

Moving on.. 
the S. M had set up two big Christmas trees as always.
the first one in the living room and spinning!!
She set up a village of people all through the fireplace 
and built in bookshelves.
It was really pretty and I was so impressed.
the other tree was in their bedroom, which has a full sitting area in it.
It has white lights and what looked like snow on the limbs. 
it was precious.
pictures below to see for your self.
photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

Christmas eve morning we all got up and went to brunch.
I in true nature, was the slightest hungover.
and had to get at least 3 pep talks from the bro. to even get ready that morning.
he realized that I secretly was wishing he was a girl, so he could do my hair and makeup. 
as bad as I was feeling I thought about letting him try anyway but I knew he would refuse. 
he's a funny guy. 
so we all loaded up my dads explorer 
(dad, S.M., bro, nana, and daisy (step aunt) and me!)
(of course by then I had one bloody mary getting ready and had to "to go go" which is what my S.M. calls a road drink)
and headed to Owensboro to the Campbell house
which is like a Country Club with no course or pool 
just a really NEAT and nice place to eat. 
after eating I started feeling better.
unfortantutely my nana started feeling bad.
we finished brunch and took a family photo in front of the tree and headed out.
It turned out pretty well. 
photo 5.PNG
That's us!
bro, me, nana, daisy, S.M., Daddy
(and no we didn't plan the red) 

I'm glad we took the photo though.
I will cherish it forever. 
I absolutely love it. 
if anyone wants to frame it and send it to me in a frame for my office,
it would be greatly appreciated #just saying

Christmas Eve night after long naps, getting ready again
and my step mom cooking we had dinner.
beef tenderloin to be specific.
my S.M. tried new recipes for corn, and potatoes, and it was 
along with green beans and bread.
I was literally stuffed!! 
and couldn't stand it anymore,
I just wanted to open presents!!
we cleaned up and then got in there for the business.

As I previously mentioned. I got everyone some
"real nice stuff" ^insert Uncle Eddy Voice from Christmas Vacation
For example:
the brother is a music/Itunes crazy insane person 
so I got him an Ihome for his house.
My S.M is a Lilly lover so I got her a shirt from there and a VS sweatshirt
We got got Dad a Garmin (that he requested) and then  I had him a calendar made from snap fish with pictures of us growing up and different trips we had taken. 
But luckkkky for me.
my fam is just as thoughtful.
two of the fav I got was.. 
photo 1.JPG
@snookie house shoes.
so comfy!
which also happens to me be my loving pet name around my fam.

photo 2.JPG
LV. what more can a girl want?
I literally teared up.

Christmas morning we headed over to my moms house.
which is nice. relaxing and fun
seeing my nephew go on about everything he got.
opening gifts again
its amazing
my "elfster" which turned out to be my mom.
and she tricked me. 
got me this amazing hair dryer I wanted by hot tools.
not only is it cheetah print but it dries my hair soo fast
it's amazing how a hair dryer can change your life.
It also came with a baddd boootttty curling iron.
I obviously had to use it the first day which turned out like this.
Love it! 
we watched endless movies, I ate to much food (like two boxes of dressing. YIKES ), and rested up!
 I had to drag myself away from her house
lucky for me.
I  get to see them again today as my cousin is getting married tonight.
I plan on returning soon this time
to discuss new years and reflect back on it.
but if I don't get the chance.
peace out
happy new years!!!
be safe and have a blast
>>I know I am going too!<<

Thursday, December 22, 2011

** Christmas Connection **

It's Almost CHRISTMAS!! 
Honestly, I wish it was here now.. right now.
Almost though. 

I must say so myself, that I got everyone some PRETTY amazing gifts this year.
I can't wait to share with you all some of my favorites.
Because let me just tell you. they are pretty good.
Yep, everyone in my family is prettttyy luckky this year.

I've really caught myself getting SO excited though.
It's Thursday night now and I am done with that thing called,
Yuck, I know!!
If only now I can get up from this couch, quit looking at my Christmas tree
and get up and PACK. Things would be easier.
But since I still have no motivation,
let me fill you in on my Christmas plans.

Last night was my second Christmas party with friends.
The first one was in the WKY and it was so chill and amazing!
We filled up on Mexican, came back and watched the CATS game and then opened presents.
It's amazing how thoughtful my friends are!
My gifts were wonderful.

Last night got a little {WILD}
Someone,  ME, thought it was a good idea to have it a restaurant.
Not just any restaurant, but the one that has HALF priced bottles of wine.
Yeah.. needless to say to many bottles of vino later....
Anyway, my head still hurts and its 11:00 pm..
WOW. Got to love those girls those and I got some prettttyy amazing jewerly.

NEXT up. Family Christmas starting. umm tomorrow!!

But here are a little answers to some questions..

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Well, the Family has egg nog. My step granny loves it but I always pass.
2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Santa wraps at my dads but sits them under the tree at moms. Mom used to tell me that she told Santa that was okay. She didn't want to over work the elves. She's precious!
3. Colored lights on tree/house or white?  White is all we have now. But I remember growing up and my mom always had colored on the tree. We would always decorate the tree together. I miss it now!
My mom's house decorated
4. Do you hang mistletoe? Personally, NO! But my mom does at her house. It's a tradition she started after I turned 16 (I'm the youngest)
5. When do you put your decorations up? After Thanksgiving ALWAYS. Usually after the first week in December or when I can find the time.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? WOW. I can't even tell you! I love my Mom's homemade dressing. Doesn't matter what meat it is with. I also love Ham. Snacking on it through the next couple days especially.

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child? WOW! I have so many!!! Seriously. But probably most of all waking up at my moms house and RUNNING into the living room and finding all the gifts laid out for us to find.
 I LOVE my stocking!!
Mom's house this year with all of our stockings!!!

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I remember I found a receipt for a gift that "Santa" bought me on my mom's desk at home. I demanded the truth!
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Usually I do! My brother and I are usually switching from my dads to my moms on Christmas day. So we usually open everything up on Christmas Eve.
10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Growing up my mom always had the sentimental ornaments, that she still has. Love her heart! I go back to childhood as soon as I see her tree every year. I still love walking around her tree and talking about all the ornaments. At my house, I just have red and gold ones. That will change once I have a family and kids though!
Mom and my nephew decorating her tree this year!
11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? I LOVE snow! If it's going to be that COLD I would rather snow be everywhere!! But I kinda like the fact it was 60 today in KY. 

12. Can you ice skate? NO! ... I wish I could. They just opened a new outdoor Ice Skating Rink here in Lex. So I hope to learn! 

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? It changes every year. Seriously! But this year so far my picture blanket from Ali! It is so warm and I feel so loved every time I see it!
14. What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you?  Spending time with family, laughing and enjoying each others company. Remembering the reason for the season and being thankful for all the blessing. And being lazy at my mom's house. (what I am looking forward to this year)
15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Easy, My Nana's coconut pie or my mom's iced sugar cookies!! MMM!! 
16. What is your favorite holiday traditionDriving around looking  at Christmas Lights at my mom's house. We all pile up in the car and ride around all over the city. We listen to Christmas music and my brother always gets car sick. 
17. What tops your tree? A star
18. Which do you prefer: giving or receiving? BOTH! I LOVE giving. I get excited and it's really hard for me not tell people what I got them. Because I am so EXCITED for them to open it. I also love opening gifts and being surprised.
19. Candy Canes: Yuck or Yum? Just okay..

20. Favorite Christmas show? Christmas Vacation (tradition to watch) && Elf! && the Grinch
  21. Saddest Christmas Song? Mariah Carey.. All I want for Christmas is you! Refuse to listen to it now. Personal reasons but pretty much it lost it's meaning.

22. What is your favorite Christmas song?  Wonderful Christmastime or Where are you Christmas?!!

Well I am getting off here!
Maybe I will pack.. but I will probably go to bed!
Be safe!!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

--------> I Cherish...

I cherish.. you.
the readers I have.
the other bloggers who make me smile
 and encourage me.
sweet comments through texts and messages are amaze!

I cherish.. my family.
this weekend I got the chance to see my mom.
stepdad and nephew.
step brother and real brother with their sign. others.
and it was awesome.
I had one of those moments, looking around my apartment.
seeing everyone smiling and laughing.
and I realized again, how blessed I really am!

I cherish.. my friends.
I can't explain to you all how amazing they are.
I KNOW that I have about 8 friends I can call anytime
and they will do anything for me.
most people only have a couple good friends.
I thank GOD for blessing me with all of this.

I cherish.. my job.
even though it's hard.
time consuming.
I am still lucky to have it.
to be making a living.
to have a flexible schedule.
to be in charge of my own time.

I cherish.. good music.
Pandora and I met awhile back.
but lately, I have met my perfect channels.
and it makes me seriously happy!!

I cherish.. hot coffee on a cold day.
french vanilla creamer.
i'm in heaven.
I mean that.
after being cold all day it's all I can think about coming home too.

I cherish.. a good devotional.
one that hits home.
that makes me realize how important quite time with the maker is.
it gives me a positive outlook and patience that I'm lacking.

I cherish.. holidays
birthdays, halloween, Christmas.
love them all.
love the spirit, the excitement.
the chance to give back.

I cherish.. growing.
having the ability at all.
at whatever you are at fault of.
to realize where we need to grow, accept the challenge and take it head on.
without fear holding us back.

I cherish.. girlie ways.
fashion. makeup. hair.
playing with different ideas.
expressing your self for everyone to see.
the freedom to do whatever you like.
love it!

Here my friends.. are my top 10 cherished items.
feel free to link up and I will post your buttons under this.
Just let me know.

Have a GREAT Monday!
GO cherish something today!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

<< PIN, PIN, PIN! >>

I have SERIOUSLY arrived at a point where if someone says they don't know about pinterest, or they aren't on it. I JUDGE.. and I mean I JUDGE HARD!
A couple questions for the lost souls  ..  I mean confused child.. 
Why aren't you?
Do you not know it is ALMOST as helpful as Google?
 Areas of perfection include: solving fashion problems, decorating dilemmas, not to mention the motivational line you NEED to read. 
Not to mention it is seriously addicting 
Anyway, if any of you out there are reading this and haven't figured it out yet..
Email me.. I will invite you. 
and you will be addicted.
and thank me later.

here are my recent finds i LOVE

Most Importantly

Pinned Image
Love JT.. Maybe this is why! :)
Dream Homes!
Trying to Make Now!
Perfect outfit.. 
Love this dress!!

Yes please. I'd love that.

So. Seriously.. Go check it out!!
Love these ideas!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

<< What I'm Loving Wednesday >>

 I absolutely LOVE reading every one's WILW
so I am not sure why I am just now linking up.
But I am more than excited about it.
In case you are interested click HERE

I am loving... that Christmas is coming up.
Even though this year is the first time I haven't been CRAZY excited.
I still am, I am ready to get a break.
Spend time with family.
And of course give presents..

I am loving.. that I finally decorated my house and tree.
Keep in mind I do have an apartment but here are some pictures..
Mantle.. Yes, that is my dogs stocking!
Santa comes to see her too!

Bakers Rack and little tree!
disregard the books.
Tree!! I know. I know.
I need a tree skirt.
It's in the process

I am loving.. all the girl time I've had lately.
We've had dinners, girls night in with movies and of course, going out!!
Girl Time is Great Time in my eyes.
LOVE this picture.
Becca, KT, me, Whit

Cansas, Natalie and me

Whit & me

Lauren, Me, Ali

I am loving.. my must have Ulta products..
It's a 10, two faced bronzer and my colossal mascara.

I am loving.. this puppy!

I am loving.. I finally got my computer back!
Working. Like New.
and it feels great to be sitting on the couch, and blogging!


Friday, December 2, 2011

# I confess

<<Let's be honest this Friday...>> 
I can always take time out and do that.
So here. we. go.

# I confess.. that this week at work I have been useless. no really.. 
I find myself thinking about all the things I SHOULD be doing..
and not really doing them..
I find myself making faces like this to entertain myself..

I haven't really thought of a name yet..
Either way.. It's entertaining!
And faces like this when someone walks by..
Such a FAKE smile.. wouldn't you agree??!!!

# I confess... that I literally text WHIT 
10000 times a day..
most of the time.. about nothing..
But most of the time.. she has me LAUGHING OUT LOUD 
in this office with all white walls!! 
For example: 
Which was supposed to be a serious
discussion about how my black dell laptop
got fixed  with a new hard drive!
All thanks to my step dad!!

# I confess... that I HATE the cold.
Not just a little bit, but a whole lot.
I think I would forgive it a little bit if it wouldn't spit white stuff all over my window EVERY MORNING!!!
( I have left a guy for less than that...) 
WOW.. Sorry close to the line of inappropriate. 
I agree.. I will clean this up.. 
But this is what I have been dealing with..
My SUV.. which is really EXACTLY like this..

Turning into this.. where I can't see anything out of the window..
Don't worry.. I still drive like this.. 
# I confess... The other reason I hate the COLD is
 because fashion is so much harder!!
I wish I could find outfits like these..
But I need to buy Christmas gifts instead..
But here is my dream wardrobe!

# I confess... This weekend I am refraining from doing much.
Tonight I plan on going to dinner with some girls and then relaxing at home
a night filled with laundry and DVR!
Tomorrow I am going to a Christmas Party and then out!
Which should be interesting!
I'll try and take pictures! *wink wink*
Sunday I am cooking with Alison for our Sunday tradition.
(tradition of four of us getting together, cooking, laying around, football)
But I usually do not cook.
I usually try to JUST lay around and watch football.
But not this time.
**wish me luck **
no matter how the food turns out though. 
I will still be CHEERING for my team!! 
Saints!! HELLO?!!
# I confess.. that watching the UK game last night..
I seriously, got a RUSH!
No really!! 
So excited to see the game Saturday!!
All cats everything!! 


XOXO Everyone have a great weekend!!!! 



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