Saturday, December 31, 2011

::** 11 things in 2011 **::

2011 was quite a YEAR..
Let me just tell you!
Things changed for the good and for the bad.
Somethings I didn't expect.
But the good news is that I am happier than ever.
SOOO here we go...

1. I got a year under my belt with my job.
there were times I was so frustrated, worried and stress.
but the good news is I got a year finished.
and only 3 more till I am done.
Got to stay positive.

2. I bought my FIRST car.
technically, I did this at the end of last year but it just really hit me the responsibility of it all.
making sure the work is done on it.
and that it is taken care.
I absolutely love it though!
Not the best on gas (hopefully that price will go down in 2012)

3. I gave up the rental house I was renting and moved to an apartment.
It was a downgrade. a major downgrade. not how nice it is but the room.
my closet is now shoved into a little half walkin.
it's pretty rough. but other than that I love it.
I moved to a nicer area and I feel safer.
which ironically looks like this.

4. I loved and I lost.
as you all should know from the blog.
I thought I had the met one but after breaking up,
being knocked down, and trying to find my way I am now better
than EVER. I am happy and thankful for how things worked out.

5. I started this BLOG!
I never thought I would get so much feedback.
or people saying now they want to blog.
or I gave them strenght to make decisions in your life.
it's awesome and I never want to stop.

6. I've made some great memories with my friends!
It's amazing to me no matter how much time passes
where we all live
what we all go through.
our friendship never ends!

7. We made Ft. Myers/Naples area our new family spot.
For as long as I can remember we have went to Destin.
This year dad sold that condo and I sadly let it go.
We now have a condo in Ft. Myers and we took our first family trip there.
he is now looking at Naples and I'm excited to see what the future holds in that department.

8. I dyed my hair back natural
now I'm carefree without worrying about roots.
I'm getting used to it.

9. Kelsey May is still doing good.
sweet and adorable
cuddled up like always.
I am so thankful for her.
she's such good company

10. I've become addicted to music.
I have to have something playing all the time.
whether I'm in the shower, car or working out.
You should try it.
11. I am going out on New Year's Eve
First time in....Lexington.
can you believe that?
I've always been to house parties or with a boy who had to work.
this year should get interesting.
hold on to your party pants!
probably look something like this :)

but this is for you all!!!!!



  1. my year was definitely a rollercoaster ride as well, but it's nice that at the end of the day we can still find the positive things in everything, huh? :)

    i wish you a wonderful 2012!!!

    <3, Mimi

  2. You did so much in 2011! I think blogging is a great way to have a handle on everything you've done, to document it all! Happy 2012, girl!




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