Sunday, December 11, 2011

--------> I Cherish...

I cherish.. you.
the readers I have.
the other bloggers who make me smile
 and encourage me.
sweet comments through texts and messages are amaze!

I cherish.. my family.
this weekend I got the chance to see my mom.
stepdad and nephew.
step brother and real brother with their sign. others.
and it was awesome.
I had one of those moments, looking around my apartment.
seeing everyone smiling and laughing.
and I realized again, how blessed I really am!

I cherish.. my friends.
I can't explain to you all how amazing they are.
I KNOW that I have about 8 friends I can call anytime
and they will do anything for me.
most people only have a couple good friends.
I thank GOD for blessing me with all of this.

I cherish.. my job.
even though it's hard.
time consuming.
I am still lucky to have it.
to be making a living.
to have a flexible schedule.
to be in charge of my own time.

I cherish.. good music.
Pandora and I met awhile back.
but lately, I have met my perfect channels.
and it makes me seriously happy!!

I cherish.. hot coffee on a cold day.
french vanilla creamer.
i'm in heaven.
I mean that.
after being cold all day it's all I can think about coming home too.

I cherish.. a good devotional.
one that hits home.
that makes me realize how important quite time with the maker is.
it gives me a positive outlook and patience that I'm lacking.

I cherish.. holidays
birthdays, halloween, Christmas.
love them all.
love the spirit, the excitement.
the chance to give back.

I cherish.. growing.
having the ability at all.
at whatever you are at fault of.
to realize where we need to grow, accept the challenge and take it head on.
without fear holding us back.

I cherish.. girlie ways.
fashion. makeup. hair.
playing with different ideas.
expressing your self for everyone to see.
the freedom to do whatever you like.
love it!

Here my friends.. are my top 10 cherished items.
feel free to link up and I will post your buttons under this.
Just let me know.

Have a GREAT Monday!
GO cherish something today!!


  1. Love all these things! Such a lovely it, love your blog, love love love!

  2. Accessory Swap is FO REALLLL happening over at my place.

  3. Found your blog through munchkin land designs... Very cute! Sweet post... It's a must to stop and remind ourselves all things important and cherished.




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