Friday, December 2, 2011

# I confess

<<Let's be honest this Friday...>> 
I can always take time out and do that.
So here. we. go.

# I confess.. that this week at work I have been useless. no really.. 
I find myself thinking about all the things I SHOULD be doing..
and not really doing them..
I find myself making faces like this to entertain myself..

I haven't really thought of a name yet..
Either way.. It's entertaining!
And faces like this when someone walks by..
Such a FAKE smile.. wouldn't you agree??!!!

# I confess... that I literally text WHIT 
10000 times a day..
most of the time.. about nothing..
But most of the time.. she has me LAUGHING OUT LOUD 
in this office with all white walls!! 
For example: 
Which was supposed to be a serious
discussion about how my black dell laptop
got fixed  with a new hard drive!
All thanks to my step dad!!

# I confess... that I HATE the cold.
Not just a little bit, but a whole lot.
I think I would forgive it a little bit if it wouldn't spit white stuff all over my window EVERY MORNING!!!
( I have left a guy for less than that...) 
WOW.. Sorry close to the line of inappropriate. 
I agree.. I will clean this up.. 
But this is what I have been dealing with..
My SUV.. which is really EXACTLY like this..

Turning into this.. where I can't see anything out of the window..
Don't worry.. I still drive like this.. 
# I confess... The other reason I hate the COLD is
 because fashion is so much harder!!
I wish I could find outfits like these..
But I need to buy Christmas gifts instead..
But here is my dream wardrobe!

# I confess... This weekend I am refraining from doing much.
Tonight I plan on going to dinner with some girls and then relaxing at home
a night filled with laundry and DVR!
Tomorrow I am going to a Christmas Party and then out!
Which should be interesting!
I'll try and take pictures! *wink wink*
Sunday I am cooking with Alison for our Sunday tradition.
(tradition of four of us getting together, cooking, laying around, football)
But I usually do not cook.
I usually try to JUST lay around and watch football.
But not this time.
**wish me luck **
no matter how the food turns out though. 
I will still be CHEERING for my team!! 
Saints!! HELLO?!!
# I confess.. that watching the UK game last night..
I seriously, got a RUSH!
No really!! 
So excited to see the game Saturday!!
All cats everything!! 


XOXO Everyone have a great weekend!!!! 

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  1. Just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! :)

    Those faces you make at work- priceless. I feel like I do the exact same thing on the clock.

    And I also DESPISE the cold because of having to defrost my windows. I never have the patience to wait until I can actually see... I'm surprised I haven't wrecked yet. *knock on wood*




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