Tuesday, November 29, 2011

**Thankful Thanksgiving **

So, friends..
I know. You probably thought I didn't make it through this Thanksgiving..
But I did! (Thank goodness)

So here a couple of MAIN entertaining things:

The home computer is officially DEAD.
I took it to my step dad who can usually bring any computer back to life but he called Wednesday night with the horrible news, that it has officially bit the dust. (RIP Dell) 
The hard drive went completely out on it. 
So yesterday he ordered me another one is going to replace it as soon as the part comes in. 
Too bad I lost ALL my music, photos and documents. WOW!

Life has been CRAZY.. getting ready to leave town was a struggle.
Between packing for me, the dog, and finishing up at work I was a crazy person.
I got it all done and left on time Wednesday with my numbers completed for the month!
I headed to Henderson (which is where my dad lives) to spend the first couple of days with them.
Wednesday the CATS! #BBN were playing so my girls came up and we all watched the game!!
It was SOO GOOD! to see them! We had a blast!! 

Me & Lauren.. LOVE HER!! 

Lauren, Me & Ali
Yes, Lauren and I are creepy after drinking..
She is fish facing it, and I am laughing at her!

My girls!!

The only real pictures I have from Thanksgiving with me are as follows: 
This is where Kelsey slept at night..
In my suitcase while managing to mess up all my folded clothes..
She's so cute though!

Yes, this is my brother. In my parents bathroom.
"we had to know how heavy it was to know how long it cook it"
Yes. By this time, I had 3 Bloody Marys and thought this was hilarious!

My daddy.. Excuse us. WE looks ROUGH
But it is us.
We were playing around the house and running errands
while Micah and my step mom were productive.
Now you now I why I am a daddy's girl! 
Before leaving Lex. I thought it would be wise to get my oil changed.
(even though I was ONLY over about 500 miles to get it done) oops.
I then received some unfaithful and untrue advice from the local place that my brakes were going out and I needed new tires. 
I immediately thought two things: 1. I don't want auto repairs for Christmas and 2. how am I going to afford presents for everyone else? 
Of course, I did what any girls does, I called my dad! 
He told me we would get it looked at when I got home for the holidays (sounded great to me)
Once getting home, I found out my brakes were fine but my tires did need attention.
After getting over the initial YOU LIED to an innocent girl tantrum.. I went around and got a few tire quotes.
That is about as far as I have gotten with that situation. 
More to come hopefully about that situation.. 

The last couple of weekends...
 well more than a couple, because I hear that only means (2) I have been going out.. ALOT..
I call it livin' life.
my friend,  WHIT , calls it "single ready to mingle" 
Speaking of Whit,
She has been my MAIN wing man for the last couple of weeks.. 
talk about SHENANIGANS 
Hello, we are the definition.. FOR REAL.. 
A few examples are as follows... 
Us @ Trust.. Yes, This is Whit's attempt to
crop out an older man..
But least were in VIP right? :)

This is a for real text convo later that night.. 
In a cab on our way down town.. 

This is our AMAZING #swagged out
prizes from Gattitown Sunday night..
Yes, we went there just us two.
Yes, we used all of our credits on Skeeball.
Whit = Skeeball Ninja  #justsaying
I mean, HELLO>> Is that enough proof? 
Well, I have MORE.. but it is better to be left unspoken of.. 

>>>>> NOWW>>>> we are all caught up and on the same page!!
Hope you have a good week and hopefully, I will be in touch soon!!

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