Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yes, I am alive!!

I know, Right? IM FIRED.
In all seriousness though.. I have been crazy crazy busy!!
I wrote to you all last time from the iPad on the beach..
Turns out that later in the week we left the iPad with my step mom so she would have some entertainment.
Therefore, I never got to type to you all again.. or lay out! (sad, I know)

Well lets see.. just a quick over view..
The week in Florida was great!
I was one of the few girls but all the guys took care of me!
I had a blast..
We stayed in a really nice 3 bedroom Condo at Sandestin.
Our balcony looked over through the bay and faced the sunset.
We all had our own bathrooms which is really important when you room with your brother and your dad.
I would get pampered by day at the spa and then meet for the hospitality drinks at 6 and then have dinner.
Later everyone would meet at the local bar and have drinks and talk about things together.
It was nice. Getting to know everyone. Listening to how they deal with certain situations.

I also met up with my stepmom throughout the week.
Whether it would be a quick drink, or dinner or out shopping.
Which  I shopped three days in a row. (please lock me up)
My bank account is slowly drifting away and I still have two weeks before pay day!!
AHH! I know!!
Can we say addiction?? I can!

Friday morning my brother and I loaded up the car and headed back to the KY.
We stopped in Nashville to see my Nana who is staying with my aunt.
It felt good to see her and listen to her talk.
Luckily, her mind is all there it is just her body that is falling apart.
She is on oxygen and still receiving treatments.
She is hopeful though, and a fighter.
PRAYERS go out everyday and we as the family, are taking it one day at a time.

After leaving Nashville we headed to Elizabethtown where my car was at my moms house.
We got there about 10:30 PM and I hugged everyone and ran out.
I still had to drive 2 hours to Western KY for my best friends bday weekend!!
After two full throttles I finally arrived and I was BEYOND Excited!!

As soon as I got there we carried my stuff in and I grabbed a few bites of a salad I made her get me (from my favorite place)
and we headed to Wal Mart. (small town? can't you tell)

Operation Costume started!!:
After trying on a WHOOPIE CUSHION outfit (my favorite).. a pirate (that looked like I was off of River Dance), Lauren refusing to let me know try on Marge (from the Simpsons) we finally found me a flapper costume!..
It was cute and I knew that way I could fix my hair and do my makeup as I pleased.
(please keep in mind this whole time, my best friend, Lauren is driving around a motorized wheel chair buggie) Too funny!!
As stated this a small town everyone left in Wal Mart at 12:45 AM knew her and knew she wasn't handicapped... (well not physically anyway!)
After finding the costume we headed towards Lauren's house and some friends came over..
Believe it or not. We stayed up till 5:30 AM.

I just love her  company. She gets me. We laugh, laugh really hard.
She completes me as a person. She never lets me give up.
She tells me when I am being a brat or butthead.
She just gets me.
Maybe it is because we have known each other FOREVER but really I think it is that we finally found our girlfriend sole mate. The one that accepts you, good and bad and never walks out. I don't know what I would do without her. That is for sure!!

Lauren and I laid around the house. It felt amazing to just be lazy with her.
We watched our shows and laughed and talked and sat outside just enjoying the weather.
About 3:00 Lauren fell asleep on the couch and I watched "Just Go With It".. It was super cute!
I showered and then laid right back down.
Lauren got up and we got ready (in our costumes) to meet the other girls and go out.
The set time was 8.. We all finally left about 8:45 and headed to Paducah.
It hit me in the car riding there that we have all been through so much.
I can remember countless nights I ran around town with Rachel or Stayed the night at Haileys house (even on school nights.. haha) These group of girls know my secrets and my fault and love me anyway.
That in itself is amazing to me.
Yeah, We fight.. fight alot.
but they are still there. and that makes me smile inside.

Unfortunately I had to leave my girls behind..
Got in the car and started heading back to LEX.
Sad moment. had to fight the tears!

I rolled into Lex about 6:30.. picked up the dog and decided to head to a costume party.
I rushed home, got ready and picked up my friend Katie about 7:45 and we headed over there.
I was dressed as Snookie. Honestly, it was so much fun!!!
Everyone wanted pictures. and I got to act CRAZY and no one could say anything.
After the party my brother, his friend, and I went downtown. (Pauly D, Snookie and a Mime) haha
Downtown was busier than I thought it would be and more pictures were taken. HAHA hillarious!

Now.. it is back to reality.
Work. Work. Work
Calls. Appointments. Calls.
I miss vacation and Lauren already!!
Hope you all had a good Halloween as well!!!
Here are some pictures thrown together.

Hope to talk to you soon.. but my computer at home is broke so it may be awhile :(
But here is a joke for you (my dad kept telling me this)

Why didn't the witch have sex with the scarecrow?
-Because he had a hollow weenie .. (halloweenie.. haha)

Jennifer, Lauren and Me Saturday Night!

Me and Hailey

Me and Rachel!

Pauly D and Snookie

Willie and Me! (my other  brother)

Destin Beach.. Where we chatted last time!

Down by Seaside, Florida! Perfect Dream Place!
View of the Bay from our Balcony
Other side of Balcony. Beautiful!


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