Friday, November 11, 2011

let's see.. let's see...

This is going to be a random post if I have ever seen one..
I wish that they would play that song in my office over and over on Friday's (maybe I would get sick of it?)
But I don't feel like I would today!
So today, well I take that back, this week has been CRAZZY!!
Seriously. At this point, somehow my house is clean but my dog hates me because I haven't been home..
Like any.. well maybe, to put some food in her bowl and go to  bed (don't tell the puppy people.. I really do love her)
Work has been busy which is good, and all my organizations have been meeting
plus with friends, social time, workouts, errands, UK basketball, I mean come on.. you get the PICTURE!
I have been running a marathon..

So here it goes RANDOM THOUGHTS

1. It it 11/11/11 which means 2 things: 1 it is Veterans Day. I respect every THING about the troops (past and present) and appreciate EVERYTHING they do for us. But it is also my old roommates Birthday! You know the girl that I discussed here: roommate She has talked about this birthday. for like EVER
And I am so glad it is finally here and I get to celebrate with her. She is not the party type (which is hard to believe she put up with me) but she is a great time!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI BESS!

2. I heard on Millionaire Matchmaker (so it has to be true, right?) that 80% of people meet their significant other on their day to day routine. SOO. This week I have been inspired to look cute everyday. When anyone else asks me I tell them I am "dressing for success" baha.. That too but if the man of my dreams walks in wanting insurance, I won't  be sad. BELIEVE THAT!!
But yesterday, I got in a funk, it isn't just me. My girlfriends do it too and unless you are just some kind of crazy diva you do too. The day you wake up, when the week has hit you and you can't find anything you think looks good on you and you wish, just ONE day you could wear sweatpants to work??! (don't lie now)
YESTERDAY I WAS THE WINNER!! I tried on at least 10000 dresses or pants and about 300 shirts. (obviously sarcastic) but my closet looks like I did.. and I still came up with nothing..
So I wore the basic khaki pant, and a button up navy and white shirt that had some ruffles around the top. Sounds cute right? Well, NO! I've recently lost a little weight and this shirt must have been purchased on another bad day or when I was elephant size. Either way: it was large and loose and so were my pants.
I seriously looked like Rosie O'Donnell.. Totally not hating on her. But just saying, not typical for me.
I had to go home and change as soon as my appointment left before my meeting because I looked
RIDICULOUS and felt the same way!! WHATEVER
I made it up for it today with shorts and tights and boots! :) love this new thing!

3. Weekend plans? Why, Yes thank you for asking!! :)
As mentioned I am going to celebrate with the birthday girl at a early dinner (like 4:30 early) at Miyako (Japanese place here in LEX).
Then I will be heading downtown to work at the Junior League Annual Holly Day Market!!
COME OUT AND SHOP!! Everything looks so cute!!
I am taking advantage of my own tickets tomorrow and making it a family thing and going out there!!
I plan on buying some CUUUTTTEE stuff for my girls and getting that holiday shopping at least started..
After that I plan on watching the game with some beverages or going to meet back up with the birthday girl
(depending on what she does)
That's right, folks! No alarm. No phone. No nothing!
Can you tell I am excited? Because I am!!
Then the fam is coming into town. We are going to the Holly Day Market and shop around Lexington for awhile. I am sure we will celebrate happy hour and have dinner @ Nick Ryan's later in the night.
I am excited to see the fam. Spend some quality time with them!

4. WHY IS IT SO COLD? I mean seriously.. This morning I jumped up out of bed.. or how about,
"When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash"

HAHA No not exactly.. But I did hear a noise about 5 AM (PS> like my Christmas spirit?)
Once it woke me, I realized I needed to go to the restroom.
After laying back down for about 15 min I realized there was no hope for me going back to sleep
So I just got up! to Stay up!
I did some grooming things (as my brother calls them) like shower and all that..
Then I got on the couch and started to watch the CMA's.
I got so hooked that I decided to bring my straightener in the living room so I could get ready and watch (sing & dance).
Which was a BAD idea. Somehow, I got up 2 hours early and I was still almost LATE.
So I rushed out to my car to find my window FROSTED over..
Is this real? Like wasn't it 65 the other day? WOW!
Don't worry friends, I drove with it on there.

5. CRAZY- why are people so crazy? like seriously. Legit they are crazy.
It has been a full moon and every crazy person in the 300 mile radius of the office has called.
I mean that seriously too.
I see the crazy people at the gas station, or at the Walgreen's. everywhere!!
I am.. I know that . for werewolves. (that's for sure!!) HAHA

6. The one night I had free. My girls and I decided to go to the fireman reveal of their calender.
You bring a toy or 10 dollar donation and get in.
And then they have a little show, and then meet and greet.
It was a good time.
Sex and the City?
My friend Becca pointed it out and now I totally agree.
All four of us just sitting there, sipping on our drinks and judging all the meat around us.
Don't get to jealous though girls, the ratio of married to unmarried wasn't looking too good!
It was fun tho! and a good cause! 2 points for me!

7. Last night I went to the mall  for operation: get Ali a gift.
which I succeeded. No worries.
But when I have an operation that means that it is serious.
No browsing unless on target.
However, last night I got a text leaving my meeting that Forever 21 was opening and EVERYTHING was on sale. did you hear me? EVERYTHING!
I drove to the mall trying to talk myself into all the reasons that I SHOULD go look.
but guess what? I DIDN'T
I am proud. to say the least.
I have a serious shopping addiction. and last night I WON
Thank goodness.. because my parents might consider not having an intervention now..

Well that's it today guys.. sorry so random.. but that's me!!
Only one more appointment left. and ITS THE FREEAKING WEEKEND BABY!!
Ill leave you with that song. ENJOY

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