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25 Facts about ME!
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I usually blog at work. which may be bad but I don't take a lunch most days. Just so I can clear my head and get my thoughts out, and READ up on everyone I follow.
I really have to fight the urge to not post pics of my puppy all the time.
She is REALLY that CUTE!
Listening to people complain about all their problems really annoys me.
Unless we are friends, I don't need to know every time you get mad at your boyfriend.
Instead of calling my work, you should call a therapist.. just saying..
I have just started reading a devotional every day and I really do think it has helped my outlook on things. (despite #3 HAHA)
I really am addicted to shopping.
I can no longer "window shop" if I see it and want it. I get it.
Bad news for me and my bank account
I have no patience.
I Hate online shopping because I hate the delivery part of it.
I hate when people text me and then I text right back and they don't.
I hate sending mail because it takes so long to get there.
(get the picture :) )
I love playing kid games..
Gatti-town is amazing to me. (just wished they served beer)
Skeeball, dance athon, air hockey.. I'm there!!
I am obsessed with my cell phone.
I don't even carry it in my purse anymore, it is usually always in my hand!
 I am trying my hardest to thank God for what I have everyday.
I know I am lucky but I compare myself to others way to much!!
It really makes me mad when people compliment my vehicle but then don't respect the fact that I bought it all by myself. (go ahead, shrug your shoulders..)
I am SO PROUD of it!
I literally laugh out loud when reading/typing some texts.
People at Kroger, the tire place and work have all thought I was crazy numerous times over this!
Some weekends I have, are so crazy that I purposely leave out details so people can't judge my friends and I!
*your welcome girls!*
I REGRET anytime I go out and fail to take pictures!!
It might help piece things and make for great laughs later!
I love my family so much!! But holidays do stress me out.
I have a far distance to travel and then I slowly make my way back to LEX.
While making sure I spend adequate time with everyone.
Sometimes I would like to just be in one place and see everyone!!
I LOVE my niece and nephew so much!!
I wish they both lived in Lex, so I could play with them everyday!!
I really do WISH I could rap like Nicki Minaj
But I would probably quit talking and just go around having convo's in rhymes..
*no really.. haha*
When I get stressed out I go on long drives.
With my music blaring and usually singing!!
Reminds me of being in Western KY
I can't buy enough boots.
In the past two weeks I have bought 4 pairs.
(Gray, light brown, dark brown and UGGs)
I miss my best friend on the daily.
Which equals watching UK basketball on facetime and saying nothing except on commercials.
Facetiming when I get ready to go out, so she can approve my outfit.
Facetiming before bed during the week.
I LOVE facetime!!
Not to mention, pretty much begging her to come visit when I get close to Western KY for the holidays!
LOVE my LouLou
I HATE voicemail.
Please don't leave me one.
Just text me what you want me to know.
I have NEVER been to a Pro baseball game or NFL game.
Sad but true..
The past two years I can't get enough of Keeneland.
I love just sitting in the clubhouse having beverages, being dressed up and trying to bet.
I never win but I have fun anyway!
I have a list of about 10 dream vacations that I want to go on!
My BROTHER is my rock.
He seriously keeps me sane through work and family.
He is the only one who understands me inside and out and still loves me!!
I WANT/NEED a bucket list. I am going to work on it next!!

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  1. I know I am reading this like, a decade late, but I loved it! I can't believe you've never been to a pro baseball or football game! We'll have to get you out to Cali and change that! I also hate voicemails and have ZERO patience!




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