Friday, November 4, 2011

Are you out there?

Dear Mr. Right,
Are you alive? Are you lost? Are you somewhere close or are you far away?
(I hope you are going to be able to handle all these questions because I ask alot)

Mr. Right, I have really been thinking about you lately. I am not sure what the reason is, maybe it is because of all the weddings lately or the fact that most of my friends are now in a steady relationship. But either way, I wish you were around. Even if you were around and I hadn't realized who you were yet, it would still be nice to have you around to make me laugh. The laugh only Mr. Right could make me do.
I am writing you this letter to let you know that I am ready. Not really ready to get married yet, unless that just feels right. But ready for you to be in my life, to introduce you to all my wonderful friends and family, to have fun and laugh with you, to get those butterflies when I see you calling or to do those sweet little things for each other.
I am not sure why I am one of the unfortunate girls to still haven't met their Mr. Right but I hope the saying is right and everything worth having is worth waiting for because all I am doing is waiting. Waiting to meet someone worth knowing, waiting to meet someone who can handle me and everything that comes with me. So many lucky girls get to meet their Rights in High School or College but now I am finished with both and still no Mr. Right. I've met some Mr. Jokers, or Mr. Fakers, Or Mr. Crazies, Mr. Good Time, Mr. I hope I never see you again but no Mr. Rights. Mr. Rights are hard to come by these days.
I am not bitter though, know that. I am just excited and ready to meet you. I understand there are probably extenuating circumstances such as your lost and won't ask for directions, or maybe that you are enjoying too many happy hours, or maybe even busy getting your life together (which would be great for you, and me :) ) Either way just know I am here waiting and working my life away till you grace me with your presence.
So Mr. Right, just a couple words of advice (as your future wife, I feel more than obligated to tell you these things) first off, take care of yourself, (please), don't make to many mistakes (at least not ones that will haunt us) and love your family, friends and yourself because that is the key to happiness.

Love you already!


SHOUTOUT to my brother for telling me the perfect video to add at the end! :) enjoy bloggy friends

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