Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was as amazing as ever...
I took off Friday afternoon at 3 pm and went to the pool for a bit.
It has seriously stormed for 3 weeks here in KY 
and I was positive I was losing my tan.

After being at the pool, I took a two hour nap.
Folks, that just isn't me.
I seriously think I felt worse after it.

However, after pulling myself together,
I went downtown and met my brother and his friends for a couple hours.
They are seriously crazy and by the time I left my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. 
I wish I would have taken pictures but I forgot.. Imagine that.

Saturday I slept in.
Which was glorious in it's self.
And then headed to Nashville with Whit.
We, of course, had to stop halfway there for snacks.
which looked like this:
Cheetos, Budweiser, and Code Red Mountain Dew. 
photo 1.JPG

I know you are probably the least surprised. 
We got to our room, which was scary in it's self. 
and got ready to head downtown..
in which I took this amazing selfie..
photo 2.JPG

excuse me. Nice lazy eye and weird lip pose. 
Gross! Least I can laugh about it right?

we grabbed some food, vodka of course, and headed to the concert.
We were seriously so close!!! I was freaking out!!
The only bad parts were that my wedges KILLED my feet by the end of the show, and beers were TEN dollars. 
{um, excuse me, I'm ballin' on a budget here}
The concert however, WAS AMAZING!!
photo 5.PNG

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 4.PNG

{Sorry.. Totally had to steal those from @whitneybit 's instagram}

I seriously had the best time!!
But yet, just another sign I am getting old.. 
We didn't even go out that night. 
Whitney had to catch a plane for South Carolina 
and my OCD was in full effect about the hotel room.
So we decided for me to take Whitney on to the airport and for me to go ahead and drive back.
needless to say I didn't get back to lex till 7 am. 
But laying down in my CLEAN bed made it worth it to me! 

Yesterday, I slept from about 7 am, to 1. 
and then made it to the pool for a couple of hours.
I was beat so I came back to the house and watched 5 episodes of the good wife. (I'm obsessed)
and snuggled with this boy while his momma was gone.
photo 3.JPG
{excuse my appearance}

Needless to say, I'm still beat. 
And turned off all my alarms this morning.
But it was worth it!
Check out this video of B and look how close I was!!

Hope you have a great MONDAY!!

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