Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let me Just Tell You..

Well, Let me just tell ya...

I have gotten to accustomed to having a roommate.
I was literally SOO busy last week with meetings, the Horse Show, and etc. 
That I barely saw my pretty roommate. 
But this week, now that she has abandoned me..
{You know, like left me in lonely, sweltering LEXINGTON,
with no beach here, or water, besides the pool.. 
No seafood, no sand, no nothing.. 
to act how ever I want.. (lord help us all)}
I thought I would be semi productive, last night.
and try to tackle my laundry that has been
building up for weeks now.
Lord. That was a bad idea. 

I also bought some wine.. 
and thought how I was going to 
take a long bubble bath, with candles lit, soft music playing.
{if your envisioning this, like I am at the moment...
go far away from romantic bubble bath, to calm and relaxing..
even might find some cucumbers to put over 
my eyes, type of bubble bath}

INSTEAD. being the drunk crazy girl I am..
Drank the whole bottle of wine. 
While watching the Good Wife...
and then proceeded to facetime my parents.

Which went something like this. 
DAD: Why are your teeth so dark in the facetime?
ME: *while hiding my teeth* I don't know. Bad Lighting?
DAD: hmm. That's weird. Donna come look at how Megan's teeth and mouth look...
ME: well, I better go...
DAD: just wait.
DONNA: I'm pretty sure that's from wine.. 
How much red wine have you had?
Your teeth and mouth don't usually discolor.. 
ME: Def. time to go now.
DAD: oh lord, you're drinking at home.. by yourself..
ME: Well, Love ya. Gotta go.. 
DAD: yeah yeah, love you too..

It's a given folks.
My parents worry about me.
It was an accident. I'm so serious.
One minute. I was pouring my first glass.
The next I was throwing away the bottle with purple teeth.

The ending to this story is..
My roommate needs to come home.
I'm not buying any more wine till she does.
My head still hurts at 3:30 PM.
I slept A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 
But had no bubble bath. 
Maybe I'll do that tonight?

Until next time...

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