Friday, July 12, 2013

well.. Hello There.
Thought I would actually blog today.. 

Here we go: 
I confess.. I haven't blogged in... oh approximately 3 freakin' months.. what the hayyy is wrong with me? 
I've just been so busy though.. yikes. 

I confess.. TOMORROW.. You heard.. ME! TOMORROW I'm going to see this bad bia below in Nashville. Ya'll don't know. I might cry, pass out, scream my head off, lose my mind at this concert.. She is my every single #womancrushwednesday and #thebaddestbiaAROUND and any other hashtagg necessary!! 

don't worry.. I've listened to Beyonce Pandora all week .. and any time I type her name with my phone it auto corrects to BEYONCE in all caps. Because my phone obviously knows me that well.. CAN"T> WAIT!

I confess.. I might really be enjoying these instagram videos.. If you don't follow me, you should! (meggie_1002) BUTTT  check out my
  'merica video <--- with my friends and I!!!!
I had such a good weekend last weekend. 
I took off Friday and even though I didn't make it to the pool at ALL. I still drank way to much and saw my brother and all my wonderful friends. Not to mention I spent the majority of the fourth at HOOTERS.. how much more American can ya get? 

I confess.. I've worked the Junior League Horse Show all week..
(Which is an AMAZING event!)
I'm wore slickkk out from work and then going there after!!
I'm ready to relax tonight before tomorrow!

I confess.. I just wanna show ya some pictures from lately!!
so enjoy! and XOXO

Talk to ya soon!! Have a good weekend!!!!

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