Monday, July 9, 2012

Life.. Love.. and Wrong Directions

Have you ever noticed how backwards life and love is?
I am by no means, an expert.
To be honest, you can ask any of my friends and they will tell you
I am a lost duck. Out in this world.. 
But let me say, being single is hard sometimes.
Yes. I am completely comfortable with my self.
I know what I like and don't.
I thoroughly enjoy spending every weekend with my girls causing ruckus 
but sometimes, (which is rare) my mind wonders.

"Am I READY to start settling down?"
"How would my life change if I did have someone special in my life""Will I ever find someone where it will be easy.. without the excess baggage""Could someone really put up with me, bad moods and all??"
{please don't hold those thoughts against me.. I am a girl!! :) }

The part that really confuses me.. is everything seems backwards.
Always a change in direction.
Always a game to play.
*wondering who is going to make the first move and who is going to ride it out and play like they don't care the longest*
For example:

** Why is it we always want the ones who don't want us.
We could careless about the ones who do**
I am seriously so guilty of this.
I have been like this for as long as I can remember.
I've never wanted the guy who pours his heart out to me,
or the guy who I know would do anything for me.
I'm always attracted the jerk guys who could care less if it worked out.
Is it me? or is that how reality is?

**Why is it a girl becomes interested when a guy shows attention.. and  a guy becomes interested when a girl ignores them**
You know it's true.
But please don't get it twisted,
the guy has to show the right amount of attention 
(or she will get turned off)
and the girl has to ignore him only to a certain extent
(or he will think she is uninterested)
No. Wonder. I. Am. Still. Single.

In conclusion.
It seems to me this love and life game is one big balancing act.
Based upon a game no one knows rules to
with too many players
and not enough one man shows.
(There are some metaphors for your aasssssss) :)
So take that Steve Harvey.
So the only I advice I WILL take (most of the time)
to continue to sit over HERE and
"Act Like a Lady"
"Think Like a Man"
"Work like a Boss"
"Party like a Rockstar"

{I know one more.. that also has "star" in it
but with an action my mother would not approve of.
So I'll Refrain.

Happy Monday!

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