Friday, July 20, 2012

I confess..

{Hope you can Handle this}


I confess.. that I am so glad it is ALMOST the weekend.
{Even thought, I have barely worked this week}

I confess.. I wear to much jewelry.
{Right now, it is 4 bracelets, earrings, and a necklace}

I confess.. I have no patience.
{This goes into text conversations, returned phone calls,
waiting for an apt, or even shipping after I purchase something}

I confess.. I hold grudges.
{Do I forgive? Yes. Will I ever forget? NO.}

I confess.. that I have recently cut down my circle of friends.
{Looking back over my blog I realize how many people I used to be close to}
Not so much anymore.
{The bad part, it is solely because I felt like they were bringing me down, at a time that I only need people around to make me feel better}

I confess.. that after driving my dads new explored the past couple days I wanted one.
{Then he told me the payment. after throwing up. 
I decided I'll keep my MKX}

I confess.. I don't trust anyone but my family
{It's seriously bad. 
 I don't even think I have a reason all the time}

I confess.. I don't want a boyfriend.
{for a couple reasons: I like being single, it's fun.
I like not having to worry about someone else's plans.
I like not having my feelings hurt by them}

I confess.. the tradegy that happened in Colorado makes me sick
{seriously, where do these people come from}

I confess.. I had the best time at King's Island Tuesday
{seeing my nephew light up makes my world!}

I confess.. that recently I've realized how much I want kids someday
{NOT NOW. breath Mom, I know you are reading this
but for real tho.}

I confess.. I'm sooo glad DirecTV settled.
{I can finally watch my trash again!}

What do you confess?

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