Thursday, August 2, 2012

How I make that Money Honey! (Link-Up)

I am literally so excited for think Link up
because I seriously wonder sometimes,
What do some of these fabbb ladies do in their real life!!

So here is my story.. 
This girlll grew up in a smalll town in Western KY.
Where the population lingers around 7500 and the county is completely DRY.
We have a limited amount of stop lights,
and going to Wal Mart was our main entertainment.
Princeton, KY

Literally this is how it looks downtown!

I loved it!
But you can only imagine my excitement and shoockkk
when I moved to Lexington to attend
University of Kentucky Logo
my goodness.. my life went crazyyy
Read more about that HERE
It's a good one!

I graduated in May of 2010 with a degree in 
Hospitality Management.
I had full intentions of working on a cruise
or moving to the coast and working a hotel.
After doing a summer internship here in Lex though.
I decided that probably wasn't for me.
Not to sound snotty, but I like staying in hotels more than I liked working in them. 
My Momma, My Nana (miss her!!), Me and My Daddy!
I then decided to follow in my families foot steps and take a job
with a "Kentucky owned" insurance company.
My dad had been with them for 30 years 
and my brother going on 5. 
and they both LOVED it.. 

After getting school, getting licensed and going through training.
I was ready. 
I officially signed my contract November 1, 2010.
I signed over the next four years of my life 
where I am committed to making quotas or being on the chopping block to loose my job.
There is no forgiveness.

By God's grace I have made it almost two years.
It hasn't always been easy or fun. 
But I am making it!!
I am thankful and blessed to have this good of job out of college.
But I am ready for these two last years to flllyyy by!

and that Honey.. Is how I make my Money!


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