Thursday, August 16, 2012

You Think You Know Me??

I agree.. 
Most people who read this know me,
But not inside &out.
You know those unusual things
That I don't tell most people..
So here it goes.

I am seriously scared of Elephants & Cats.
It isn't a joke to me. 
I don't want them near me. 
I don't like the circus. 
I don't like going to houses with cats.
Cats are unpredictable. They are wildlife to me.
Elephants can kill you, with one step.
They are to  big to control and that doesn't need to be around me.

I am seriously so impatient it's scary.
If I text you, best believe I check my phone every 10 seconds to see a response.
If I order something online, I literally stalk it till it arrives.
I would rather fight the crowd, parking and all to leave with things that I want. (Even for Christmas shopping)
I don't even like to browse at stores, get in and get out.
It's horrible

I legit think a nap can cure everything.
{I think I got this from my mom}
Stress at work, a fight with a friend, a headache, being sad, 
my response to all these, go take a nap!!
haha. it's awful
My dad even said to me lately "Meg, a nap won't fix everything"
I strongly disagree.

I have a strong personality.
I think some people don't think I know.
But I do.
When people think of me I want them to think HONEST.
Because that's what I am.
I would NEVER intend to hurt anyone.
But I'm honest.
I like to be loud, and have fun.

I am still scared of the dark.
Do I think that something is going to get me, no!
But it makes me uneasy.
Not being able to see.
At night I sleep with the door open, with a lamp in the living room on
and with my tv on. I mute it but have it on.
It's weird.
And I can't help it! 

So now, you know.
talk to you soon!

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