Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Thoughts from a Hard Knock Day..

WELL.. It is Wednesday... Usually I am more than excited about today because the weekend is getting closer... but for whatever reason this week I am in a major FUNK!!!

  1. The weather- It's cold and I miss the sunshine already!
  2. I haven't been able to wear any cute shoes this week for the fact I will freeze or slip or fall down or get my feet wet (which I would rather NOT do any of those)
  3. Work has been slow.. I mean, not as slow as in awful but slow.
  4. My messed up sleep pattern (which I blame on my insane weekend) equals me tired during the day and lazy at night.
  5. Lack of entertainment (such a boring week!)

Let us move on to something a little more exciting...

I am alive.
I am curious.
I am judging.
I am blessed.

I pulled out the winter attire today (blk boots, long sleeve shirt with sweater)
Brave Action, I agree.
I miss my summer clothes already.
I have been stalking the weather channel hoping for SUN soon!

I am excited for the football season officially starting!
I didn't buy season tickets but I LOVE tailgating, and the atmosphere.
However, Saturday I will be at a Wedding shower for one of my dear friends!
But I am sure we will be keeping up with score. 

Something about this weather makes me wanna crank CHICK music.
For example, today it was Adele and Beyonce.
I just had to post Dear Annie at the top. (who doesn't love her though)
And I even started to follow Trina, Ciara and Britney Spears on Twitter.

Picked up Pad Thai for dinner.
It is also one of my new obsessions!
If you haven't already, try it!
Lit some candles and had an early dinner.

Settled on the couch & cuddling with the dog.
Going to send a few texts.
While watching Madea goes to jail.
Bed soon!

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