Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The last couple of weeks while in the process of finding myself, realizing who my friends are and organizing my priorities, I have also become so humble. The main reason I am not sure of, but I just feel like God is giving me a good shaking and showing me who is boss. Am I going through any major life trial? NO, but I am fighting demons of my own.

I have so MANY things to be thankful for. I am blessed beyond any measure and way more blessed than what I deserve. God's love is truly unconditional and forgiving. Just as discussed with the best friend, my life isn't great, I have family issues to work through, my mother and now my grandmother have a permanent illness, I come from a broken home and I am 23 and trying to make it on my own. My biggest fear is failure and as many times as I say it is not an option, it still haunts my mind. But I put my trust and belief in something much bigger than any broken home, illness or failure.

I attended the "Get Motivated" seminar today in downtown LEX. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. But I heard so many inspiring quotes and stories that not only did it bring me back to my knees and thank my good Lord but it also inspired me to make something with what I have. A couple of the quotes I want to share with you:
"Everyone needs four things in their life: Someone to LOVE, Something to HOPE for, Someone to BELIEVE in, and Something TO DO!"
"Don't let what you don't have stop you from using what you do have to make something happen"
"You have two choices in life: stay down when something knocks you down or get up and keep fighting!!"
"Isn't it crazy how people that were born with everything do nothing and people that were born nothing turn it into everything"
Just reading some of these again give me chills. Today they continually discussed the importance of knowing your goals and reaching for them. In order to maintain where you are it doesn't mean doing nothing because then you will fall back from where you currently are. You got to always strive for more. Successful people aren't always the smartest they just saw an opportunity and decided to take action and making something happen!!

I am not sure if it because I am in sales or what, but after today I am promising, envisioning and going to be better, at everything! I am going to give more of myself and worry less about me. This week with Junior League I had the opportunity to visit a volunteer space that we have. It is called MASH and if you are in the LEX area and not familiar, check it out. It is powerful! Youth today are tomorrows leaders! God placed me in that group on purpose. It humbled me, pushed me down to my level and made me want to start volunteering tomorrow. When God calls my number he will not even have to refresh his memory about what all I have done to show his Glory. I am getting busy today!

Hope all you readers realize how lucky YOU are!!
Have a blessed day tomorrow!!! XOXOXO

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