Saturday, September 17, 2011

Motivatoin.. I am Lacking

There is just something about Saturdays and me that don't = productive.
I am well aware of the fact that everyone is tailgating away 6 hours before the game
I however, ran my errands that were time sensitive and have now lost all motivation..

This morning I woke up with a CHARLEY HORSE in my leg.
 I went from dead sleep to screaming my head off!!
As much as I would like to play it off to my neighbors that I was woke up by the man of my dreams
To this minute I am still limping around looking crazy!!
Maybe that bottle of wine last night dehydrated me?
Oh well!! It was worth it.

Seems as if I have joined the rest of the KY population and my allergies have messed up.
I am snorting, sneezing and stopped up.
Miserable, I know!
Hoping some tailgating and vodka can make it pass!!
Or maybe some Florida weather since I am heading there tomorrow!!

I finally found my step mom the perfect gift from me and my brother!!
I got the cutest outfit from the Peppermint Palm.
It is Lilly P's fall line!!
It is so cute and I can't wait till she opens it!!
That place is so cute inside!

Well I got to go.. do all the things I have to do..
like PACK

Hope everyone is tailgating, going to or watching the game!! #BBN
I will have many more updates!!
From Florida :) and everything I get to see!!


PS Hope you LOVE the new layout as much as I DO!!!

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