Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To young to be feeling this OLD!!

I know your thinking.. "too old?" She has no idea. but really I feel old!!! Maybe it is because my birthday is coming up but I have been reminded in a couple of ways lately..

*Sunday Fundays-- So I met Brandy at Drakes for some "quick" afternoon drinks.. 3 hours later we had picked up her Hubby and was heading out to meet more people. After 3 more hours I was completely inappropriate. Needless to say after eating almost nothing all day and then heading to McDonald's at 1:00 AM I was embarrassed of my self, and not to mention my diet torn to shreds and my calorie count shattered the glass of the tallest building! After waking up Monday and HATING myself, I have officially sworn off Sunday Fundays unless Monday is holiday!! For the simple fact that I am just too old!!

*Jackets-- This weekend it wasn't cold but it wasn't warm. This imposed a big problem when I was trying to get ready Friday night. The idea of wearing jeans and a tank top made me get chills all over. So I decided to wear a dress shirt with dark jeans instead. When walking out side, to head to the restaurant I got cold and the sun was still partially up. The younger me would have said oh well! but the OLD me said, OH NO! I have to get a jacket. So the whole night I carried around my zip up black jacket. I would take it off inside and put it on before we would  go outside. I don't think you readers understand how big of deal this is. When growing up that was the constant story from my parents, "where is your jacket" "in the car" "it's not keeping you warm there" and now I am lugging it around on a night out on the town. WOW. I could  blame it on the cold I already have but instead, I think it that I am just too old!!

*Sleeping In- Sleeping to me is a gift from Heaven. Cold Air blowing, cuddled up in a blanket with an extra firm pillow. I mean HELLO! A break from the world, and all the people I have to talk to everyday. Just time for me with the dog cuddled next to me. So you can already imagine when I was growing up "sleeping in" was till 1 at least. I used to say "this is backwards, you retire when your old and they don't ever sleep in". Well this weekend I realized, I am one of the backwards people at the little age of 23 (24 in 5 days) This weekend I was BEYOND excited to sleep in! Needless to say both days I woke up at 7:30, 9:30 and gave up at 11:30 and got up.. PITIFUL! I KNOW!! I realized I am just too old for sleeping in!

Are any of you guys feeling old in some ways? Let me know about it!!
Write to you soon!!

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  1. You are not old!! Although I totally agree w your outlook on Sunday funday, I overslept 45 min on Monday!! Next time Monday is a holiday I'm down. Pencil me in for MLK Jrs Birthday Eve;)




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