Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fast Lane...

So.. Kinda hood today, I know? But Hey, this is exactly how I feel . I seriously can't remember the last day I just got to relax or do all the chores that a normal person should (clean the house, wash the clothes). My little fur ball has officially disowned me as her "mom" and I have turned into the woman that brings her food at midnight and passes out in the bed without even lifting a dog toy. (I know, don't turn me in. I promise to do better!!)

So the good news is I leave Sunday for some Florida action with the fam. My step-mom is having a birthday (I almost put it the number on here, but she may kill me!! Just know it is a big one!) so we are all taking a couple days off to go drinks lots of vino, eat as much seafood as allowed and try to grab some REAL sun before coming  back to KY. (Maybe those are just mine plans though :) ) Needless to say I am rushing around to meetings for business and for my networking duties this week.

Lets REWIND so I can let everyone in on the events of this crazy week!!
Thursday- (Almost a week ago now, I know) After working ALL DAY I rushed to Zumba (which is a sore subject this week) and had a great workout! Since it was chilly and dark out side I had no temptation to go downtown for Thursday Night live. After Zumba I ran to the BB&B- Bed Bath and Beyond (more like Big, Bold, and Bad News) Don't get me wrong. I love the store! But it is so big and everything is so cute that I could seriously spend a million dollars and a million hours in there. So I only go for good reason, which was to purchase a gift for one of my dear friend's bridal shower. After becoming over whelmed, calling two different girlfriends about to have an anxiety attack (which I usually do not have) and sending my step mom a text that went like this:
Me: "IF I ever get married you are taking my fiance and registering for EVERYTHING. I am over whelmed and this gift isn't even for me. I hope you don't mind. Love you"
StepMom: I WOULD love that! Sounds like fun to me!

I finally pulled myself together and picked out some towels. (I know. I'm Lame! I promised her better for the bachelorette party)

Friday- After working ALL DAY. I was so ready for the weekend that I couldn't wait to get it started!
Preface:Little did Katie (characteristics including little shy, pretty quiet, lush (love that) and hilarious) know that Becca and her roommates had planned her a surprise birthday party. My job was to come get Katie at 6:30 and bring her to my house. While at my house, we were supposed to get ready, have some wine and not let her in on the fact that anything was going. Well, little did I know that it would turn into all it did!
I left work about 5:05 and was heading home when I got a text from my friend Allison that I wasn't expecting asking if I wanted to meet for a happy hour (if you know me, I can't usually turn them down) So I stopped at Ramseys (best happy hour in town!!) and had a "couple" drinks with Allison. I had talked to Katie on my way there and she was involved with leaving work late, heading to the mall for a new out fit and still needing to shower and get ready. I knew I had all the time in world!!
I left Ramseys and got ready myself. I heard from Katie about 7:00 (3o min after I was supposed to pick her up) and she said she was almost ready. I headed over there and nearly had to drag her out of the house. Needless to say, after a bottle of wine, her trying on  10000 outfits, then trying on 10000 pairs of shoes we finally headed to her house for the surprise at 9:00. Everyone there had waited an hour over schedule. She was excited though and then we decided to all head out. We went to Austin City.. and that is enough about that!! :)

Saturday- I woke up with  strongest urge to do nothing but I couldn't! I watched the first part of the game and then got ready for the shower. After finally getting ready I headed to my car to realize I didn't have any gas and I didn't have a gift bag. I headed to Shell and then to the family dollar to get a gift  bag. Just an FYI I wasn't trying to be cheap, I was just in a hurry and they are both by my house. Funny part is when I got in the Family Dollar they didn't have any bags big enough for my present except a BABY bag.. So, me, being that girl, bought it and took it to the shower. Everyone of course, thought it was funny and I know my friend expected nothing less!! :) HAHA!  After the shower me and the future bride headed to Fridays for some happy hour drinks and then I rushed home to get ready and meet the guys out. (the guys- my brother, and his friends, who I seem to go out with and have a great time!) I rushed to Sutton's had some grub and then headed out. Fast forward to 5:30 AM and I was just slowing down on the drinks at my brother's house. I guess after the bar closed, we all jumped in a cab and headed there to keep partying. Good times were had by all!! 

Sunday- I was dying. Period. All the lights off. Rested. Didn't accept phone calls. Slept most of the day and ate Mexican twice!! (Impressive, I know) A true way to honor 9/11 I think!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  WORK ALL DAY   Which included a different luncheon meeting every day and a different meeting at night. To some up all the events I had a NAWBO meeting, Junior League meeting, Women Leading KY meeting, a Farm Bureau Conference (day and night). The exciting parts of this was planning a new member luncheon, had a glass of vino at Wines on Vine, watched football at Drakes, Had some drinks at Tin Roof, and got to hear Jeff Shepard speak!! Pretty exciting!! Pretty Busy!! I miss Zumba though! I hope to head there tomorrow night!!!

Coming up.. - WORK ALL WEEK with a little Zumba, shopping, packing and most importantly, TAILGATING!!!! before Florida Sunday!!!! Details to come!!

XOXO Hope you all have had as much fun as me!!

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