Sunday, September 25, 2011


I know.. Right? I should be soo ashamed of myself...
I failed to blog while I was in Florida due to the fact we had WiFi issues...
Looking back now I wish I would have!

So lets rewind life
and I will give you some short blurbs
about the recent events
I have incurred..

WILD is how I would sum it up!!
After blogging to you guys I got BUSY..
I packed, got ready and met Becca.
We stopped and got us some essentials (cooler, ice, vodka, beers)
and headed to tailgate!!
Since my brother and his friends had been tailgating since 8am for a 7pm tailgate
they were more than over joyed to see us!!
Becca and I made our rounds in seeing everyone and I managed to drink, alot!!
Some people went into the game but Becca and I stayed out and kept tailgaiting.
After that crowd died out we went to Shamrocks and "watched" the end of the game.
I don't think I really watched it, I was to busy being social!!
After the game was over we came to my house, changed and got ready for Round 2. (RALLY)
From this point on I can't tell you much..
But I do know we checked out a couple different places (the proof was the stamp book on my arm)
and I experienced Goodfellas for the first time.. (wish I remembered more about that)
Then my brother drove me home..
I woke up still out of it
  finished packing and headed to the airport!!

FLORIDA was amazing!!
The weather was nice,
 the drinks were cold
the live music at night was great!!
We actually stayed outside of Ft. Myers in Cape Coral
Layed by pool, went shopping, went to the beach and explored restaurants.
Just like previously discussed my step mom LOVED her Lilly present!!
Which made me very excited!!
For anyone heading that way check out the direct flight from LEX.
It was hassle free for sure!!
No lay overs.. left at decent times
Only runs on Sunday & Thursday though!!

**With that being said, we arrive back Thursday Night**
Luckily, a friend picked up the pup for me so she would be waiting.
I headed home and crashed in my own bed!
Friday I got up and went to work!
Needless to say I had full intentions of blogging but work was CRAZY!

Friday after work I headed to the sex store to grab a present for the Bride!
Then rushed home and showered to meet everyone at Atomic at 7:30..
Of course, I didn't arrive till 8.
But luckily they had just got a table..
After penis name tags, penis straws and "team bride" bracelets we were ready to head out!
We went to the Penguin where they put her on the piano and sang to her!
We decided to make her a to do list which brought lots of laughs through the night!
Items such as: get a condom, get a man's boxers, rub a bald guys head, get a phone number from a guy for a last "fling", dance on the bar, etc.(you get the picture)
We had a couple more drinks and went to Wildcat Saloon (which is one of my new favs)
It was packed in there with Gators and Wildcats. Turns out a gator surrended his boxers though!!
Which brought lots of laughs!!
I hope she had an awesome time!!!

Yesterday was much calmer!!
I slept in, unpacked, and hung up clothes.
(which sounds easy but it was a BIG deal)
Then headed out to tailgate.
I went alone and just met my brother and his friends!
It was a nice spread with a TV, catered food and lots of cold drinks!
After they went into the game I met a friend at Tin Roof to watch the game!
Once the game started turning UGLY we all got our checks and left.
My plan was to come home and get ready and head downtown... but..
I got home sat on the couch and lost all motivation!
Around midnight my brother showed up here with Goodfella's.
So we just watched TV.

Well guys, you are all caught up!! For your sake I gave you the short version!
After these past couple of weeks I have realized a couple of things though:
My family keeps me going..
My friends are my life..
and blogging keeps me sane!

I am now forcing myself to get my house CLEAN.
and laundry almost FINISHED.
So wish me luck!!!

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