Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15

Well. It's January 15 and I have wrote like 2 blogs?
What in the world?
Where have I been?
I have been sick though for about a week and half.
Sinus infection and laryngitis.

Nothing is really new.
I cracked my iPhone. (amazing)
getting out of the car in a parking garage.

I haven't been out in like.. weeks!!
because I'm either sick or its freezing or both
which makes me miserable just thinkging about it.
Literally. Last time I was out was NYE.
I need to fix that.

I have no real good stories to share though.
Wish I did.
That's for sure.

But I will keep you updated!!
Everyone take care.
I'll be in the house till this snow finally decides to melt!!!

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