Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I am loving?? Thursday

So I realize that I am SUPPOSED to do this on 
but Wednesday and I battled.
Pretty much all day.
and by last night. 
I was exhausted and defeated. 
I gave up. 
had some dinner and went to bed. 
To let you know how bad the day I was, I had vodka with dinner
something I never do!! 

So here goes
"what I am loving Wednesday Thursday!"

1. I am loving how FAST this week is going by! 
Granted work has been slow but I am beyond excited 
that the weekend is close! 
and this weekend is going to be fun and exciting.
*(pictures and explanation to come later)*

2. I am loving that I purchased some NEW amazing makeup
(thanks for the help, Katie J) who literally had to walk me through things.
I got this primer from Mac. 
Which I am now obsessed with.
It makes my foundation go on soo smooth!! 

I also got this paint pot from Mac.
that I use on my eyes before any eye shadow.
Not only did it keep it on their yesterday for 10 hours but it looked amazing! 
and felt amazing!! 

I also got this finishing spray.
Doesn't that name just make you want to run out and buy it!! well it did me!!
**girls if you are in the Lex area it's only at Ideal Skin on Euclid!
Make sure you told them I sent you!**

Seriously girls.. 
makeup was still looking good at 9 pm last night. 
which was over 12 hours.

3. I am loving eating healthier!
Now, I am not the best at NY resolutions
but I just wanted to feel and look better.
It's amazing how eating lighter and better 
can help your WHOLE day!!
This all started because I bought this book below 
and it changed my life.
I should have listened to my brother along time ago! 
and this one!
Some days I am stuck at the office so I use the first one to get something better from me at fast food that the office picks up for me.
and then I grocery shop with the second one and cook at home most nights.
Maybe even some recipes to come?
Which I know you never would have thought to hear from!! 

4. I am loving this OPI nail polish.
(San Tan Tonio)
I have been rocking it for about 2 or 3 weeks now.
(I know. Almost ready for a change but I can't let it go!)
I have been getting so many compliments!

5. I am loving how I finally got my fireplace working.
lets be honest.
I have lived there for 10 months and just now am using it.
But I was scared to light the pilot.
I mean I use A TON of hair product.
I would go up in flames for sure!! 
But they came and did it for me. 
and I am in heaven.
I might not leave the house anymore!
**(below is not mine. but looks VERY similar!!**

Well that's it !
Hope you all have a great weekend!
and let's talk soon!!

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