Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"CATS" out of the bag...

So as most of you know.. 
{via facebook}

my best friend came in this weekennndd! 
it was some def. much needed girl time.
We surprised our other friend Ali Saturday before the game.
{via "cats" out of the bag}

{lou lou above}
we have been close since 2nd grade.
which was like years and years and years ago.
we don't always agree
she is literally the first person to call me out!!
but she is my SOUL SISTER
and I mean that!! 

{Lou Lou, me & ali}
this sums up the three of us!

Lou Lou secretly got in Friday night though.
so we had dinner with the brother and then hit up the liquor store
(for the first time that weekend.. 2 more trips to come)
we bought this below in the BIGGGG 50 something ounce bottle 
and some rosia for Lou

this is what I blame my downfall on all weekend.
well that, shots, vodka and beer 
oh lord.
here are the FEW pictures we have.
but it was seriously the best weekend I've had in awhile! 
not to mention Friday we spent a total of 40 bucks at Drakes
and total of 14.00 Saturday at harveys!
that's winning in my book any day of the week!! 
{thanks to all who apparently bought me and her drinks!}

{me and Lou}

{secretly out}

and uhh.. your welcome for the photo shoot pics!!
haha!! I kid, I kid, (kinda)

well folks.. I am going to run! 
Hope you all had a weekend as good as mine.
and remember your week will be way better than mine!!

PS gooo cattsss!!!! *meow*

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  1. Hey there! Just came across your blog and noticed we are both Cats fans! I went to UK but graduated last December. It's a small world! Loved looking around your blog, I'm a new follower : ) Stop by and check out mine sometime!





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