Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Seriously guy.. Get real

so I've only shared this story with maybe 2 people
and each time, I get the same reaction.
"UGGHH.. seriously?"

so here it goes.
Friday night Whit and I went to Drakes.
I seriously hadn't been out in Lex in forever
and I just had to! 
{so I thought}
this is one of those nights everything was just off.
right before going out I realized, 
I would be completely satisfied staying home.
But I pulled it together 
{wore my hott new red heels} 
and we headed out.

The last two times I've been to drakes I've seen everyone I didn't want to.
No really!
this used to happen to me when I was in college at Two Keys.
You know the same people who always see you not at your best 
who know way to much about you
and could potentially black mail you at any time.
well yepp, that is the crew I saw
{ol' small town Lex}

But this night. 
guys had the strangest approach on hitting on me.
I am not sure if the heels were screaming something I didn't know 
or what..
but listen to these stories:

situation #1:
guy: Hey girl! how you dooooinnnG?
me: i'm okay.. (slowly)
guy: are you wearing flower bomb?
me: yes
guy: are your shoes new?
me: yes.
guy: is that a Michael Kors watch?
me: yes
guy: can I guess your bra size?
me: umm. I guess {intrigued to be honest}
guy: 34 B.
me: NOPE

*that was the end of the conversation.
He was so off from my bra size it makes me feel
half way good and half way bad.
I really didn't get puzzled about this till the next morning? 
what the hell?*

situation #2:
{I'm standing at the bar. talking to a friend}
guy: hey girl.. will u order me a Hennessy and coke?
me: NO. 
guy: why? I'd pay you for it..
me: not the point. the bar is right there. 
guy: (smiles.) I'd rather you do it

*what the hell? can you not order your own drink now?
I don't know you from adam and you want me to order you drink? 
not to mention the whole time he has is arm around a girl.
why can't she order you a drink?*

situation #3:
{as I am walking out}
guy: hey girl.. 
me: hello
guy: where you and your red heels sleeping tonight?
me: you can't be serious..

*what the hell? that's all I can say.
where these dudes come from?
I will never know*

so this a post dedicated to all you bachelors out there.
classy girls don't fall for this business and if they do.
then you don't want them 
because they probably aren't on the classy side.

Hope you all had a good weekend and Monday!!
I will be heading to watch the 


  1. What ever happened to chivalry? Gah, I hate guys sometimes.

  2. I haven't been hit on in forever! 1) I spent most of the last year preggo 2) my husband is always with me. Good to hear I'm not missing out on much. By the way... we need to see these red heels! :)

  3. How ridiculous! What has gotten into the "men" in this world these days?? It's so funny to hear you talk about Two Keys and Drakes. Two Keys brings back college memories and we go to Drakes in Louisville pretty much every weekend! Wonder if we've ever been in the same place, same time lol!

  4. You need to borrow my line, "THIS is why men like you are single" haha NO, actually don't say that...it doesn't get a good response, but so true, yes!? haha I love Drakes! So much fun...Always nice to find a fellow Kentucky girl!




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